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[VIDEO] 42min Fench and US SF fighting in A'stan

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Here is another TV show about the French OMLT in A'stan (I posted one a few month ago) 42min long in French but some talk are in english from US SF. We follow them during the training of the ANA, the fight against talibans and life in Forward Operations Base.

Some really interesting and intense combat footage in part 2 and 3...

very nice example of true allies working together smile_o.gif

part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/cluster....de_news





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nice, great vid


try learn french, its easy whistle.gif

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It looks interesting, but if only I understood.

Beginning of part 1 is an introduction... they explain that both French and US soldiers share the FOB called "AIRBORNE". Their role is to support the ANA.

Middle of part 1, the US leave on patrol with HMMW. They get ambushed, and call the French. The french go to reinforce them. 1 US soldier is wounded. 7 Talibans prisonners.

1 HMMW got a RPG in the window. The wouned got MEDEVAC.

Sargent Chuck. Nickname John Wayne is a Pastor in civil life.

THen they talk about the ANA... Used to war but not real soldiers... They can't hit the target at 25 meters says the french instructor.


"No way they can lead an assault... THe main objective is safety... Making sure they don't hit us or themselves... they are not battle ready yet."

THen they meet with afghani chiefs. Why are they against the Taliban... why some afghanis choose the Taliban side etc...

3 days later, Talibans attacked a FUEL convoy. French and ANA counter attack.

Like always they fight against an almost invisible enemy that disappear real fast in the mountains.


I'll summarize the other parts later on as I need to do it on the fly while watching the video.

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=Part 2=

3 Talibans are dead, but they win the psychological war: Coalition and Afghan army are restlessly attacked and line of supply often cut off.

Then enemy never attack heads on... they always try to take the allies by surprise and squirmish type of combat. Combats never last very long. It is a guerilla.

The guy on the phone learns that he just became a dad. He didnt have much time to talk and don't know the size or weight of the kid. He will have to call back later. They joke saying he should call the kid Massoud.

Then the speaker say 14 of these US soldiers (the ones in digicam) got badly injured in an ambush a couple days later.

5 month later the journalist are at Tagab, Pakistani border (they show the map).

Different FOB, different soldiers but same invisible enemy. The enemy is constantly recruiting and is on the move all the time therefore you can not say "over there in the mountain" it is a taliban zone... but you can say over there in the mountain there are talibans... (kinda weird I know...)

Pascal ( the bearded french guy) meets with the Afhan army commander. They prepare an operation. They talk about the plan in english. 18 RPG attacks in the past 20 days in this zone. Again the ANA is not autonomous, everyday the foreign troops teach them something new.

At night in the FOB, Pascal shows the operation details and satellite imagery of the area on a laptop when all of sudden there is a mortar attack against the FOB!

He checks with the guys... thinks it is over, get back on the lap top, but then US troops spotted the enemy and engage. (Kinda weird that the journalist runs around the base with the big flashlight on his camera... not very safe IMHO crazy_o.gif )

The taliban have low technology so they often hit nearby villages.

The counter attack is massive to dissuade them from doing it again. Next morning, decision is made to go after the local Taliban leaders.

Claude is Medic legionaire.

They show how taliban ambushed and killed several ANA soldiers in the same area. One soldier got a RPG in his face.

The afghan commander do not trust his men too much: He didn't gave the details (location/time) of the operation until the very last minute.

(About the three afghan soldier)

Why are you not with Talibans?

We were with Taliban before, but all they bought was bad and negative...

Nowadays most of taliban come from pakistan

(Weird to see the guy with a FAMAS with optics)

When we have peace here, we will go fight them in pakistan

There is some kind of pakisani mafia that give Bonuses to talibans who kill. There are specific price for ANA soldiers, Nato soldier or Afghan government official they kill.

Pakistani also provide weapon and cars to talibans.

The operation in the village begins.

THey look for weapons caches and three local taliban leaders.

(those who launched the attack against the FOB yesterday)

French and ANA circle the village.

US and Afghan police enter houses to look for the weapons and leaders.

The tension is exteme. Any villager is a potential taliban.

Claude explain despite civilians all over the place, taliban won't hesitate to attack.

All of sudden, bad news on the radio. Operation command inform them that enemy with RPG are closing in right in their back!

A UAV is dispatched to help them to spot enemy who try to ambush them.

A sniper is shooting at them.

=End part 2

last part sometime monday evening (eastern US time) or tuesday...

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