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RN Malboeuf

|ACS| Always Open

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|ACS|-Armed Combat Services: (scroll down for Joint Ops)

Website: link removed

Gaming Servers:

- America's Army

- Armed Assault (Coop Missions Mainly)

- Battlefield 2

- Call of Duty 4

- Swat 4

** Games supported besides above:

- Counter Strike Source

- Operation Flashpoint

|ACS| Info:

On Nov 23, 2007, EagleStar formed a new gaming group along with the help of D@wg called the Armed Combat Service. As of today the Armed Combat Service has taken off in the right direction featuring 6 game servers & 30 plus members. Many old faces are here as well and the future is very bright so make sure to wear shades. So far the clan has assembled an excellent swat4 team along with ArmA, AA, & the new COD4 game.

|ACS| ranks are based off of the Army structure. We are a para-military group. We use actual tactics that the U.S. and other allied nations use. This is ensured by about 5 or 6 guys with past and present experience in the Armed Forces. We use Fire teams to complete missions.

In the ArmA department we are about 15 members strong, with about 10 truly active members.

So, if you are a mature person that is patient enough for tactics look us up. You must have Team Speak and strongly encouraged to have a microphone.


|ACS| is also interested in gaming with other clans that demand there members to be mature and are interested in using actual military tactics. Let us know if you are interested by visiting our ArmA section of our forums. (you can get to that by our website up top)

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Link to the website removed and closing this thread due to the fact that the website provides illegal content (NoCD crack for SWAT4).

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