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Add On Compilation for more Realism and Immersion

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<span style='color:grey'><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>--- first post ---</span></span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>0) Introduction and Basic Settings</span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>1) Mandatory Add Ons (@General)</span>

1.1) Gameplay & Graphics Tweaks

1.2) High Quality Weapons & Character Files

1.3) Supplementary (yet mandatory!)

<span style='color:grey'><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>--- second post ---</span></span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>2) Replacement Files (@Replacement)</span>

2.1) Realistic Designation

2.2) Infantry Weapon Replacements

2.3) Soldier Replacements

2.4) Vehicle Replacements

2.5) Sound Replacements

2.6) Texture Replacements

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>3) Enhanced Configuration System (@ECS)</span>

3.1) Quick Introduction to ECS

3.2) Proper Implementation of ECS in the context of this Add On Compilation

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>4) Disabled or Optional Add Ons & Compatibility Issues</span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>5) Thank you, Community!</span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>0) Introduction and Basic Settings</span>

Hello there, BIS Community!

We are a tiny squad called "Virtual Warfare" centered around CoOp missions and small PvP skirmishes. Many of us were huge fans of Operation Flashpoint and we try to bring to Armed Assault the realism and its unique immersing tension that OFP was able to confer.

None of us are particularly skilled in creating add ons for this game (with the exception of Ryan) but this great community provided us with almost everything we needed!

We want to share this add on compilation with you. If you can be bothered please read this rough suggestive guideline on how to turn Armed Assault into something else. Something we greatly enjoy playing. Mostly without the frustration that the vanilla game and its missing features (don't feel bad now, BIS) brought. Hours and hours of nerve-twisting battle tension that gets as close to realism as it can get; without forgetting the fact that in the end it's still a game (and thank goodness for that!).

All add ons in question have been tested with Armed Assault version <span style='color:green'>1.15b</span>

<span style='color:grey'><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>--- Advanced Combat Environment ---</span></span>

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Important notice:

Not all of the add ons discussed here are compatible with and/or superseded by the Advanced Combat Environment modification.</span>

If you are new to Armed Assault, my suggestion would be to try the complete A.C.E. package before reading on.

Decide for yourself what could then be changed (sound mods, alternative UIs, further AI enhancements) additionaly, but I highly recommend trying out and using A.C.E. first,

as one of the mod's chief endeavours is to create a multiplayer-compatible, common custom add on base for everyone.

These guys worked very hard and did a hell of a job. Please support them!

<span style='color:grey'><span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>--- Important notice ---</span></span>

Alright, now without further ado:

- We shall start off with some very basic settings:

We are going to put all of the following relevant add ons into two "modfolders":

"@General\AddOns" which will hold the gameplay tweaks and model files and "@Replacement\Addons" which will make sure the new content is used instead of the original vanilla ArmA one.

This separation is quite arbitrary, it just seemed like a good way to me to keep some basic overview.

For those of you who would like to run a dedicated server make a third folder which we happen to name "@Server". "@Server\AddOns" will hold all of the server-sided add ons. Files in question have been marked accordingly. For more details see below just before the beginning of chapter 1)!

In case you'd like to use this structure adjust the game's short cut accordingly:

Quote[/b] ]"...\Armed Assault\arma.exe" -nosplash -profiles=Profiles -mod=DBE1;<span style='color:blue'>@General;@Replacements</span>

And for the dedicated server:

Quote[/b] ]"...\Armed Assault\arma_server.exe" -config=server.cfg -profiles=Profiles -ranking=ranking.txt -netlog -port=7777 -mod=DBE1;<span style='color:blue'>@Server</span>

For more shortcut options refer to the Biki

- Adjusting difficulty settings via "...\Profiles\yourprofilename.ArmAProfile":

Open your profile with any text editor ("Notepad" will do) and search for "class Difficulties" - replace them the following settings:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class Difficulties


class regular


class Flags































class veteran


class Flags
































Don't forget to make a backup of the original file before you save it.

What it does:

This procedure will set the game to higher standards regarding its internal difficulty options:

Rather tough yet clumsy AI in regular mode, quite good (but "fair") AI in Veteran Mode (As long as you make use of SIX's ai tweaks, see 1.1).

3rd person should now be disabled (Good bye, "console pilots") and - most importantly - there will be no more cross hair* (I don't understand why so many players use cross hairs - arguably, it defeats the sheer purpose of OFP/ArmA's style of game play, doesn't it?)

There is no scoreboard in Veteran Mode to encourage squad behaviour but to also prevent players from "peaking" after a kill cannot instantly be confirmed.

These settings are just what we found to be quite playable after several months of coop gaming with friends and acquaintances - it is naturally subjective so go ahead and play with the values as you like, especially "skillEnemy=" and "precisionEnemy="

*consider using the "Truemod Veteran Crosshair Add On" as an alternative - see 1.1)

One quick side note before we get to the add ons:

Add Ons known to be signed have been tagged "<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>",

Add Ons currently not signed are marked as "<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unigned]</span></span>",

Add Ons that, in addition, should be loaded by the dedicated server in order to improve stability and/or guarantee a consistent gameplay have been tagged "<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>".

For purely server-sided add ons, take a look at Dwarden's Server Side Add Ons thread! They combine very well with the discussed content in this list!

Now let us take a look at the files:

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>1) Mandatory Add Ons (@General)</span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>1.1) Gameplay & Graphics Tweaks</span>

gmJamez' "Sight Adjustment (Windage + Elevation)"

Simulates functional windage and elevation knobs on your rifles! Very essential add on as it makes long range sniper combat far more realistic and interesting. If you want to run this with "rangecards" in a non-default folder, you must adjust the .pbo according to the thread. I made the necessary changes for "@General" here.

Add on files used:

GMJ_SightAdjustment.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Note: SightAdjustment_AutoInit.pbo should be used (see 1.3)

Mondkalb's "Cartridge Addon"

Proper, automatic shell ejection on all guns (rifles & vehicle-mounted)! Need I say more? Oh yes, the casings remain on the ground indefinitely - it may not be for the weaker of systems but think of the visuals!

Add on files used:

mbg_cartridges.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

HeinBloed's "Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG-7", "Workaround for flipping Tanks", "GDTModHelicopter" and "GDTModTOW"

Three, no, four elegant fixes brought to us courtesy of HeinBloed. Specifically, the first one enables proper sight presets for the M136 and RPG-7 AT missile launchers and the second one effectively prevents the miraculous "vehicle flipping" bug. Very useful indeed! Last but not least, GDTModHelicopter will fine-tune the chopper controls and flight behaviour to convey a more realistic pilot experience.

Also consider using his excellent "GDTModHellfire" which we decided to exclude here for now, due to ai limitations. It is, however, an excellent addition to any Warfare or PvP mission!

Add on files used:

GDTModLauncherIronSight.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

gdtmodtracked.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

gdtmodhelicopter.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

gdtmodhelicopterqg.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

gdtmodtow.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Maddmatt's "Effects Mod"

Essential add on to boost Armed Assault's palette of effects and get a great atmosphere going. Truly helps immersion, good job! Make sure you use the right loading order.

Add on files used:

MatH_ArmAEffects.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

MatH_Rain.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

DMarkwick's "JTD Smoke Effects"

This neat addon will take extra special care of all ingame smoke effects. It adds some nice scenery to the game and also tweaks gameplay against AI: Enemy NPCs are no longer able to look through thick columns of smoke!

Add on files used:

DMSmokeEffects.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on ".../Armed Assault/Dta/DMSmokeEffects_config.hpp"</span></span>

DMSmokeGrenadeVB.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on ".../Armed Assault/Dta/DMSmokeEffects_config.hpp"</span></span>

VictorFarbau's "VFAI - AI Extension"

Makes the AI behave much more autonomous. They will make use of smoke grenades (particularly interesting in combination with "DMSmokeEffects.pbo"!) and independently drop empty weapons and pick up new ones if available within their vicinity!

This addon comes with its own control panel; refer to the readme and its thread for details!

Add on files used:

VFAI_ControlPanel.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

VFAI_Equipment.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

VFAI_Smokeshell.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

NonWonderDog's "Realistic Ballistics", "Tank Fire Control Systems" and "GLTD II Range Finder"

What can I say? NWD is a legend - ArmA wouldn't be the same without his contribution!

Note: For additional rifle reticles refer to BigDaddy5's "31st meu replacement reticles". Tank models & load-outs have been replaced by zGuba's Compact Fix, the Range Finder has been superseded by Spooner's SPON Rangefinder, see next entry!

Add on files used:

NWD_7xBinoculars_WideScreen.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

NWD_Ballistics.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

NWD_RealDispersion.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

NWD_RocketBallistics.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

NWD_ScopeFix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

NWD_SightAdjustmentPlugin.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

NWD_TankBallistics.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Spooner's "SPON Rangefinder", "SPON Map" and "SPON RearView"

Expert scripter Spooner provides us with a gold mine of cunning enhancements: a vastly improved laser range finder that is fully compatible with above NWD's sight add on, free-hand drawing on the tactical map and a working rear mirror view on most vehicles!

These add ons require "SPON Core" as a basic prerequisite - while you're there, check out Spooner's work collection!

Add on files used:

SPON_Core.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SPON_Map.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on "SPON_Core.pbo"</span></span>

SPON_Rangefinder.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on "SPON_Core.pbo"</span></span>

SPON_RearView.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on "SPON_Core.pbo"</span></span>

Q1184's "Sharper Recoils & Real Rate Of Fire"

Excellent addition to NWD's Ballistics (see above)! Re-adjusts the timing on recoil of the barrel and the rate of fire of assault rifles to more realistic values.

Optional: Also consider using his "Wind deflection" add on.

Add on files used:

Q11_RealROF.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Q11_Recoils <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Durg's "Vegetation Fix"

Vastly improves the possibility to use vegetation as concealment during AI encounters. To combine this with Kegetys' Lowplants 1.1 refer to their respective instructions!

Add on files used:

plants.pbo (created by Durg's Vegetation Fix .bat installer) <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Proper Mod Team's "Proper Add Ons"

We found the following add ons to be particularly useful but it's recommended to browse the site and see for yourself what's in your flavour. There's a lot of them!

Add on files used:

PROPER_Effects_Damage_And_Sea_Texture_Replacement_Sakura_Chan.pbo (Must-Have) <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

PROPER_Gameplay_No_AT_Use_Vs_Men_By_AI.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

PROPER_Gameplay_RadioProtocol_Fixed.pbo (recommended) <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

PROPER_UI_B_Side_Fix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

PROPER_UI_Speedup_Gear.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

PROPER_UI_Speedup_RscMapControl.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

rg7621's "TrueMods - 3rd Release" and "TrueGameplayMods"

Two very essential packs brought to us courtesy of rg7621. They add a lot of immersion and are very useful gameplay-wise, too! GUI, gameplay & AI tweaks, higher realism standards - the list of features goes on and on and in fact exceeds the limited space I have here to describe it all.

Attention: The files listed below are a personal choice. TrueMods is wholly modular and combines very well with sickboy's SIX addons! Do not use truegameplay-weapon-sway.pbo as it decreases the AI's engagement radius for some reason. Check out the two threads for details!

Add on files used:

#trueui_overrideqg.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truecrosshair-veteran.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truefov-accurate.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

trueheadmovement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

trueingameui.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

trueintro.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truemovementsound.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truenvgoggles.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

trueradar-veteran.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

trueui.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truevehiclenoise.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truegameplay-ai-engagment.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-ai-hearing.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-ai-radar.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-ai-spotting.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-animation-movementspeed.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truegameplay-animation-transitionfixs.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truegameplay-survivability-helicopter.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-survivability-man.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

truegameplay-vehicle-offroadspeed.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

truegameplay-vehicle-steeringsensitivity.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SNKMAN's "Group Link 3"

"The Ultimate AI Enhancement", it says in the description. Ever since Operation Flashpoint many people have worked hard to enhance enemy AI behaviour, especially in long-range and close quarter squad combat situations. GL3 currently forms the pinnacle of these endeavours.

You can modify the files to be used with "@General/AddOns" but it's more convenient to just use the author's original "@GL3" folder structure. Refer to the excellent documentation to see how to implement it into your missions. It's worth it!

Add on files used:

@GL3/AddOns/GL3_Config.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>don't forget to add "@GL3" to your ArmA.exe target location i.e. ".../ArmA.exe" -mod=@GL3</span></span>

@GL3/AddOns/GL3_Core.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

@GL3/AddOns/GL3_Sound.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

@GL3/GL3_Settings.sqf <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>configuration file</span></span>

Parts of sickboy's 6thSense.eu Add Ons: "Pack 1", "Pack 2" & "Pack 3"

One of the major add on packs for Armed Assault. It adds a lot of immersion by fixing major issues with AI behaviour. For instance, long range fire fights are now properly implemented and possible (make sure you adjusted the difficulty settings as seen in 0)) and vanilla tracers are substituted by more realistic tracer effects.

Highly recommended to be used in combination with TrueMods. Note that due to possible compatibility issues "six_sys_ai.pbo", "SIX_UI.pbo" and "SIX_Repl_WeaponSway.pbo" have been disabled.

Add on files used:

SIX_Misc.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SIX_Repl_Reloadtime.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SIX_sys_suppression.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SIX_Tools.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>relies on ".../Armed Assault/Dta/SIX_Tools.hpp"</span></span>

SIX_Tracers.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:grey'>relies on ".../Armed Assault/Dta/SIX_Tracers.hpp"</span></span>

solus' SLX Mod

SLX is an ingenious modding effort courtesy of solus. It adds a vast palette of features and in this thread we do not do his work full justice. I'd suggest (just like with A.C.E.) you check out the mod for yourself and test all of its features. For now, we are only using the "wound/blood/drag feature" system which user Kroky was so kind as to find a way of isolating!

As Kroky made a very elaborate description how to initialize the desired features, I took the liberty of quoting him here - please note, that we only use the actual wound/drag system but as far as I could test it, Kroky's optional steps are working just fine, too. Here we go:


ok here as promised my info about how I got wounds/drag system from SLX to work standalone:

- First: all credit goes to Solus for making SLX and providing the files modular for wounds/drag.

- Second: download all the new files that have been uploaded from Solus to Filefront. (files from 10th Sep 2008) Make sure you are using ONLY these files!


- Make an addon folder like @SLX in your ArmA directory, inside this folder make an addons folder.

- You need only these files to get to work wounds/drag system:

- SLX_Wounds.pbo

- SLX_Cloud.pbo

- SLX_Arma_Voices.pbo

- SLX_Shout

- SLX_NetCode.pbo

Additionally make sure you have the latest Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo installed in any modfolder as an addon. (right now version 1.9 is up to date)

You don't need any Bin folder or Data folder installed from SLX, to get to run wounds/drag system. It should work as a standalone without error. At least for me it works!


Aditionally you can install these pbo's without the need of the Bin folder, to get SLX vehicles to work:

- SLX_Veh.pbo

- SLX_Veh_c.pbo

Optional 2:

Aditionally you can install these pbo's without the need of the Bin folder, to get SOME functions of Group Link 3 to work:

- SLX_gl3.pbo

- SLX_ai_dispersion.pbo

- SLX_findcover.pbo

- SLX_misc.pbo

- SLX_xms.pbo


Edited by Kroky on Nov. 03 2008,23:51

For a many additional features, please read the full post on page 24.

To ensure an optimized game flow use the latest "official" files and make use of zGuba's optimized zSLX which he kindly provided for the community.

Again, many thanks to Kroky for his efforts and information! ..and my apologies for being so very, very late in including this to the first post!

Add on files used:

SLX_Arma_Voices.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SLX_Cloud.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SLX_NetCode.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SLX_Shout <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

SLX_Wounds.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

... & optional files ...

Raven_72nd's "RVN Compass Mod"

As we will be using the compass a lot in veteran mode when there's no GPS around we should use the best compass available. Raven supplies us with just that!

Add on files used:

RVN_Compass_Mod.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Karaya1's "XtraMod for patch 1.14"

Extra units with new loadouts and mostly subtle yet effective gameplay tweaks, such as reworked reload times and proper missile maneuverability. Very recommendable!

Add on files used:

Xtra_Air.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Xtra_Infantry.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Xtra_QG.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Xtra_SAM.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

Red_153D's "Red's Fix"

A thoughtful and quite large compilation of many gameplay and engine tweaks and model fixes. Red put a lot effort into this one, take a look at the changelog to appreciate the many details!

<span style='color:red'>Compatibility issue: Currently conflicting with Infantry Weapon Replacement Pack - many infantry weapons are reverted to their vanilla models!</span>

Add on files used:

red_fix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

zGuba's "Compact Fix for ArmA 1.14H"

Another set of effective gameplay fixes: Changed rate of fire, weapon loadouts and designation for some vehicles, adds flares and ejection seats to aircraft and IR nightvision to vehicles and - most noteworthy - tweaks AI infantry vs. armour/aircraft engagement beahaviour. Great work, mate!

This is a vast, modular add on collection. Refer to the thread for details and a lot more features!

Add on files used:

ZGB_CommanderFix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_Flares.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_Launchers.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_Magazines.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

ZGB_MES.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_ModelFix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_OFPEC_Lightbulbs.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_Vehicles.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

ZGB_VNV.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_WarfareSoundFix.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_WarfareTrucks.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ZGB_Weapons.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

s_Hole's "Fixed Range Nightvision"

A more realistic approach on night vision by disabling HDR and adding more visual homogeneity regarding range and depdendency on brightness.

There are still some (minor) issues but it's very recommendable. Also adds up nicely with "TrueNVGoggles"!

Add on files used:

S_NVG.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

teaCup's "Puny Animation Pack"

Don't let teaCup's modesty fool you: This pack isn't puny whatsoever!

It will enhance the game by something many of us have been waiting for ever since Operation Flashpoint: Being able to climb and/or jump over obstacles in the game.

To implement this to the regular game content william1 brought us yet another nifty replacement pack!

Note: william1's replacement does not require teaCup's original file!

Add on files used:

TCP_AnimPack_v0.1.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

TCP_AnimPack_REPLACEMENT.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span> <span style='color:grey'>stand-alone! Does not rely on "TCP_AnimPack_v0.1.pbo"</span></span>

Q's "Proper Interior Vehicle Volumes"

This mod will set the acoustic isolation effect of vehicles back to a more reasonable level.

The author also notes these settings can be defined in any sound configuration file, so it may overlap with some of the currently available sound modifications (see 2.5). Refer to Q's thread for details.

Add on files used:

PROPER_Gameplay_Vehicle_InsideSoundCoef.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

andersson's "andy_binoculars"

Finally equipping binoculars won't disable your freelook option! Allows for a much more flexible (and more realistic) use of the binocs - must have!

Thumbs up to andersson who by the way also made "andy_mags", see below.

Note: The included laser designator free look mode currently conflicts with Spooner's SPON Range Finder but both add ons do their job just fine, it's merely a display issue.

Add on files used:

andy_binocular.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_laserdesignator.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andersson's "ArmA Crows"

Yes, that's right. Crows. With optional sounds by MarkXIII. I grew very fond of them and wouldn't want to miss them, especially during a forest / spec op coop on a grey November morning. Lovely!

Add on files used:

andy_crow.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow_porto.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow_rahmadi.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow_sahrani.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow_southern_sahrani.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow_united_sahrani.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

andy_crow.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>1.2) High Quality Weapons & Character Files</span>

Cameron McDonald's "1st Infantry Division"

Top-notch U.S. infantry soldier models by mister McDonald. This is art. There's nothing to add.

Use ColonelSandersLite's Replacement Pack!

Add on files used:

CMCD_USA_1ID_Infantry.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Jonny's "Army Special Forces"

The very talented creator of the famous Marines comes up with a Special Forces pack! Must-have!

AimPoint's "Desert Weapon Pack" is required! Also, Mr Burns was so kind as to provide a neat replacement pack!

Add on files used:

joh_armysf.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:grey'>requires "amp_deswps.pbo"</span></span>

Brian M Haley's "Fidelis Marines"

Outstanding model details and a most accurate modern Marpat camouflage distinguish Brian's work. It is on par with CMD's 1st Infantry Division. Choose your favourite!

Complete replacement pack (infantry & special forces) included!

Add on files used:

Fidelis_Marines.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Fidelis_Marines_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Rellikki's "SLA Redux"

Based on superb modeling and texturing skills (see Rellikki's credits), the author delivers what should be called the new standard for SLA troops. Vastly improved textures, great models and it blends into the game like a charm, too!

Use all of the files below if you like but choose only one replacement pack! (See 2.3) )

Add on files used:

REL_DSSLA.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

REL_UBSLA.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

REL_WLSLA.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Brian M Haley's "Fidelis Russians"

The SLA variant of Brian's Fidelis troopers!

Complete replacement pack (infantry & special forces) included!

Add on files used:

Fidelis_Russians.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Fidelis_Russians_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Skaven's "RACS - 3rd Version"

Great add on pack with lots of high quality soldiers and weapons. Get them here.

Recommended replacement for RACS soldiers! User william1 wrote a replacement config file (see 2.3)!

Add on files used:

Ska_JAM.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Ska_Rac_Mercs.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Ska_Racs_Wp.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Dr. Rebus' "Italian Soldiers & Weapons 1.0"

High quality add on by Dr. Rebus, AimPoint, Arremba San Zorzo and, last but not least, Robert Hammer. We're only using the infantry weapons here but take a look at the whole pack!

Needed for our infantry weapons replacement.

Add on files used:

REBUS_EIweapons.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

Robert Hammer's "M4/M16" & "AKs" Weapon Packs.

These packs are a major contribution to Armed Assault, as they include animated high quality versions of many of the original weapons occurring in the vanilla game. He also made a great Pistol Pack. Check them all out!

We wrote a replacement pack for these (see 2.2)).

Add on files used:

rh_aks.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

rh_m4.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

rh_de.pbo (optional) <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>1.3) Supplementary (yet mandatory!)</span>

Solus' and Killswitch's "Extended Event Handlers (XEH)"

To be blunt, I'm too dumb to really understand what this thing actually does. Confugles some extend shwandlers or something.

It presents the key prerequisite for many superb add ons.

A lot of the add ons discussed in this list will rely on XEH to work properly!

Be sure to grab the SightAdjustment_AutoInit of the "Examples" folder in the .zip file. You will need it for gmJamez' Sight Adjustment.

Add on files used:

Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

(SightAdjustment_AutoInit.pbo) <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='color:grey'>... Scroll down ...</span>

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Quote[/b] ]2.2) Soldier Replacements


- Stavanger's

Infantry Replacement Pack

Will replace the vanilla BLUFOR soldiers with high quality versions by Cameron McDonald.

Sorry, its not from me. whistle.gif

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<span style='color:grey'>... Second Part: ...</span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>2) Replacement Files (@Replacement)</span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.1) Realistic Designation</span>

Yeb's "Realistic Designation"

This will replace pretty much every single weapon, vehicle and equipment name in the entire game with a more accurate, concise description. Kudos to Yeb for taking all the trouble!

Add on files used:

realistic_designation.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.2) Infantry Weapon Replacements</span>

andersson's "Unique models for different ammo drops"

Universal satchel drops, be gone! Good idea!

Add on files used:

andy_mags.pbo <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Custom V-War! "Infantry Weapon Replacements"

Created by Ryan and yours truly this pack will replace almost every standard rifle in the game with a high quality counterpart. It will not modify the sounds so you are free to combine it with any sound pack (see 2.5) you desire.

Add on files used:

weapon_replacement_ak.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

weapon_replacement_m4m16.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

weapon_replacement_mg.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

weapon_replacement_pistols.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

weapon_replacement_smg.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.3) Soldier Replacements</span>

<span style='color:grey'>BLUFOR:</span>

ColonelSandersLite's "1st Infantry Replacement Pack"

Will replace the vanilla BLUFOR soldiers with high quality versions by Cameron McDonald. Adds a lot of details to the US soldiers. Choose light or heavy gear - or both! Highly recommended!

Add on files used:

CMCD_USA_1ID_Infantry_Replacements_Mixed.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


CMCD_USA_1ID_Infantry_Replacements_Heavy.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


CMCD_USA_1ID_Infantry_Replacements_Light.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Alternative: Brian M Haley's Fidelis Marines: Great quality modern (2008 Marpat Camo) uniform retextures! Cheers for the link, acadiancrusader!

Mr Burns' Replacement Pack for Jonny's "Army Special Forces"

As a great addition to CMD's 1st Infantry comes Jonny's ingenius "Army Special Forces" to which Mr Burns made a neat replacement. Lets you choose a preferred uniform style!

Add on files used:

joh_armysfrepl_acu.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


joh_armysfrepl_bdu.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


joh_armysfrepl_dcu.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='color:grey'>OPFOR:</span>

Cole.cz's "SLA Redux Replacement Pack"

Makes Rellikki's SLA troopers appear instead of the original game content. Cole did a good job there, highly recommended!

Choose one replacement pack: Desert, Urban or Woodland styles!

Add on files used:

REL_DSSLA_Inf_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

REL_DSSLA_Especas_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


REL_UBSLA_Inf_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

REL_UBSLA_Especas_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>


REL_WLSLA_Inf_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

REL_WLSLA_Especas_Replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Alternative: Brian M Haley's "Fidelis Russians Replacement": High detail SLA troopers with a great camo pattern. Fits right in!

<span style='color:grey'>Independent:</span>

william1's "RACS Replacement"

Great job there! Replaces the standard RACS with Skaven's RACS troopers. Update: I slightly modified william1's script so it is only replacing models and causes no errors in ArmA.rpt. Thanks again to the author, who did all the work!

Add on files used:

RACS_REPLACEMENT.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

<span style='color:grey'>Civilian:</span>

- No Civilian Replacement used at this time.

<span style='color:grey'>If you have an idea, let us know!</span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.4) Vehicle Replacements</span>

Mateck's "CH M1A1 & CH T72 Packs"

Completely reworked M1A1 Abrams and T-72 tanks courtesy of Mateck. He put a lot of effort into model details and texture works. Additionally, the missing fourth crew position has finally been added ("loader", i.e. assistant gunner)!

Add on files used:

ch_m1abrams.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ch_m1a1ha_replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ch_t72.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

ch_t72_replacement.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>s

Sudden Death's "SPD Vehicles"

Fixes the muzzle origins on AH-6, Camel and Shilka. Great in combination with SIX tracers!

Add on files used:

sdp_vehicles.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Solus' "SLX Vehicles"

From the creator of the famous SLX Mod, this add on adds animations to ingame vehicles. Doors open, antennas sway while moving, mounted weapons have working parts, et cetera. It also fixes shadow calculations on window screens. This is a must-have!

<span style='color:red'>zGuba made an update to Solus' work which significantly improves performance! Get it here.</span>

Add on files used:

slx_veh.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

slx_veh_c.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.5) Sound Replacements</span>

One of many Sound Effects Replacements (weapons, explosions, supersonic cracks, etc.)

Recommended: Mark XIII's "HiFi Sound FX"

As this is the most subjective part of all the add on replacements you should give all of the following sound enhancements a try and then pick your personal favourite.

- Mark XIII's outstanding "HiFi Sound FX" could arguably be called the most realistic and consistent sound enhancement available.

It stays true to many of the weapons' characteristics and delivers a great combat atmosphere. We highly recommend it!

Amongst many others I found these sound mods to be of particular high standard*:

- "Yet Another Sound Mod - YASM" - don't be fooled by the name! This is one of the most recent, most up-to-date, most complete sounds packs and manages to create a unique flair.

- "Chammy's Sound Mod - CSM" - superb explosion & trailoff effects and realistic sound effects - one of the communitie's all-time favourites, I might add.

- "fromz' FFAMM" - great experience in particular for infantry as it creates a unique, gritty atmosphere. Recommendable!

- "FDF Sound Mod" - great original alternative to ArmA's vanilla sounds, adds that certain "shooter" feeling.

- "AACF Sounds" - takes some elements from both of the above and creates a well-rounded soundscape.

- "Symphony Of War" - a fairly balanced modification with a lot of bass.

* Although I might have forgotten to mention several more! There's a multitude out there! Keep in mind there's no such thing as a "best" sound modification - the same weapon can sound very different in real life depending on environment and ammunition. Armed Assault is - I can't stress it often enough - still a game. You do not want to hear what an M240 salvo going off right next to your ear would really sound like.

In order to support a more coherent approach on sound consistency we highly recommend HiFi Sound FX. Mark is showing a lot of talent and is trying hard to prioritize sound consistency in terms of quality, volume and atmosphere.

Choose by your own taste and preferences, though. Anything is better than ArmA's original sounds (What the hell were you thinking, BIS? ;-) )!

nikietha's "Extended Voice Addon"

This mod is still W.I.P. but already adds quite a lot of atmosphere by enabling a more coherent radio chatter. It also makes the in-game radio system more efficienct and combines particularly well with ECS' and/or Wolfrug's dynamic voice system (see below) and is definitely worth a look! Refer to nikietha's thread for further infos!

Thanks to Vultar for the mention!

Add on files used:

eva.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

eva_voice.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span>

Wolfrug's and sickboy's "Dynamic Sound AI" (RUG DSAI)

This enhancement will enable dynamic speech on all NPCs. With an amazing love for detail and great versatility it will simulate a good deal of that "human component" the vanilla game was so desperately missing.

You can even choose between US English, Russian, Spanish and Arab for each army!

Please refer to the excellent Biki entry dedicated to RUG DSAI for further details and proper server/client usage.

Add on files used:

RUG_DSAI.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

RUG_DSAIGen.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

RUG_DSAIArab.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

RUG_DSAIENG.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

RUG_DSAIRUS.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

RUG_DSAISPA.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>2.6) Texture Replacements</span>

SenChi's "New Sky"

Bloody amazing! SenChi manages to completely replace both sky textures and cloud layers with detailed, high resolution artwork. No performance impacts whatsoever, superb transitions and a great atmosphere make this arguably the best sky addon out there! Use it!

Add on files used:

SenChi_Sky.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span>

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>3) Enhanced Configuration System (@ECS)</span>

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>3.1) Quick Introduction to ECS</span>

ECS stands for "Enhanced Configuration System".

Designed around project leader L. François (Joker) the mod will enhance the game experience by so many factors, it's difficult to summarize them. It is, in fact, a cunningly designed little game engine within Armed Assault itself!

The full version of ECS introduces a multitude of expanding features to the game and breaks the mould of just being a "regular" add on. However, to fully enable ECS, make sure you are using their dedicated server version and join with the latest ECS client!

The features we're most interested in are:

- ECS AI enhancements (server support mandatory!)

- ECS additional effects (fire, explosions, weather system)

- ECS sound immersion (radio chatter, environmental sounds)

Dispensable features, due to superior alternatives and/or compatibility issues, with regard to this particular add on thread:

- ECS weapon and projectile sounds (ECS_Armory.pbo)

- ECS "mute radio" system (ECS_Quiet.pbo)

- ECS tracer effects (ECS_Tracers.pbo)[/size]

<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>3.2) Proper Implementation of ECS in the context of this Add On Compilation</span>

- Download ECS from their site and install it. Mirror: ArmedAssault.info, thank you, ofpdeadeye!

- Also download "Themis compatibility fix" to make ECS run properly with XEH!

- Add a folder named "Disabled Add Ons" to your \@ECS\AddOns directory.

- move the following files into this folder:

- ECS_Armory.pbo, thus re-enabling a sound mod of your choice (Tested and works)

- ECS_Quiet.pbo, re-enabling radio voices (Tested and works)

- ECS_Tracers.pbo, re-enabling SIX tracers (Tested and works)

- Tweak the .hpp files! For instance, to disable the dynamic fog, open your ECS_local.hpp with a text editor and adjust this entry:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">ECS_local6[] = {false}; refer to the readme.txt for a detailed explanation of these values!

- Run Armed Assault with ECS as the first custom entry in your mod loading order, e.g.

Quote[/b] ]"...\Armed Assault\arma.exe" -nosplash -profiles=Profiles -mod=DBE1;<span style='color:blue'>@ECS;</span>@General;@Replacements

This last step is still of major importance to make NWD and Q11's ballistics and weapons tweaks work. Sounds will still depend on the removal of ECS_Armory but make sure you're using the right modfolder order! Thank you for your pm, eSkwaad, to clear this up!

Keep in mind ECS is quite modular and allows for a lot of user-specific configurations. Once more, refer to their site for more details and support for their latest version - which might very well differ from what's being discussed here - and also have a look at the BIS Forum thread.

Many thanks to Joker and Archer who took the time and effort to explain the ECS system to me!

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>4) Disabled or Optional Add Ons & Compatibility Issues</span>

These files have been disabled and thus should be put into a separate folder that prevents them from loading at startup; for instance ".../@General/Disabled Add Ons".

If you are 100% certain you will not be using them, you may delete them, of course, but it is generally recommended to keep them as backups.

This is a temporary list and still WIP.

<span style='color:red'>Please feel free to discuss this selection in the forums!</span>

- @General/Disabled AddOns:


NWD_TankLoadout.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span> (superseded by zGuba's "Compact Fix for ArmA 1.14")

NWD_TankModels.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>[unsigned]</span></span> (buggy without rangefinder - use optional!)

NWD_GLTD_II.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (superseded by Spooner's "SPON Rangefinder")

NWD_GLTD_EADisplay.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (superseded by Spooner's "SPON Rangefinder")


Q11_Wind.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span> (use optional)

SIX Effects:

SIX_Blood.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (great add on! temporarily disabled due to lag minimization)

SIX_CRDS.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (too sensitive, overlaps with ECS)

SIX_Editorupdate.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (use optional)

SIX_Markers.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (the standard markers are plenty, especially since v1.14)

SIX_Repl_WeaponSway.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (compatibility issues with TrueMods)

six_sys_ai.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (compatibility issues with TrueMods)

SIX_UI.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (use optional, compatibility issues with TrueUI v1.0 (see below))


TrueIntro v1.0.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (use optional)

TrueUI v1.0 <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (optional, personally I don't mind the vanilla menu - use this or SIX_UI.pbo)

truecanlockonmissileonly.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (gameplay issues)

truegameplay-player-fatigue.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (gameplay issues)

truegameplay-weapon-missilecontrolandstability.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (gameplay issues)

truegameplay-weapon-turretrotationspeed.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (use optional)

truegameplay-weapon-sway.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (somehow weakens AI engagement)

XTra Mod:

Xtra_Munitions <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span> <span style='color:blue'>[@Server]</span></span> (compatibility issues)

Xtra_Tank.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (compatibility issues)

Xtra_Weapons.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (slight compatibility issues, use optional)

- @Replacements/Disabled AddOns:

Infantry Weapon Replacements:

weapon_replacement_launcher.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (compatibility issues with HeinBloed's GDTModLauncherIronSight)

- @ECS/Disabled AddOns:

ECS_Armory.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (refer to section 2.5) for some really great sound addons)

ECS_Quiet.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (immersion over efficiency)

ECS_Tracers.pbo <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>[signed]</span></span> (SIX tracers addon does its job incredibly well)

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>5) Thank you, Community!</span>

Thank you, the authors of the models, textures, scripts, ideas and stunning pieces of virtual craftsmanship, for what you shared with us. I tried to give credit as much as I could and probably didn't even mention a quarter of those who worked on the add ons here, let alone the number of quality add on makers in total.

You make this community thrive and you're the true reason why Armed Assault is indeed a grand game.

<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Thanks a lot guys!</span>

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Sounds good, I'm gonna give it a try  smile_o.gif

Edit: Oh these are just links, well I'll try out some of these links then biggrin_o.gif

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This sounds more or less like my addoncompilation smile_o.gif

Why dont you use RHS-soldiers for opfor? I also use RHS weapons for east as they are, if I'm not wrong, the only released ak74's.

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Updated, cheers!

@ andersson: Our squad is still sticking to vanilla SLA at the moment, as it makes more sense in most missions - We're trying to find 100% matches for replacements, you see.

But you're right it has to be mentioned - at the very least! RH's AK pack covers most used rifles with a perfect match so we kept to his weapons pack instead.

Glad to hear you're using a similar set up! I think most of the advanced players do - this is more a guide for newcomers who might want to get more out of the game but don't want to go through one and a half years of ArmA add ons development. biggrin_o.gif

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So there are ak74's in RH's pack?? As I remember there were only caliber 7.62 AK's, I must take another look!

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Too many add-ons!!! geez I added a bunch of these, now when I enter a server and begin to play my game crashes.

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Don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but you do realise that loading a whole heap of addons can seriously affect some missions.

Certain addons add extra global variables.

Just something to keep in mind wink_o.gif

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Quote[/b] ]Too many add-ons!!! geez I added a bunch of these, now when I enter a server and begin to play my game crashes.

Should disable them if you want to join a public server or they'll probably kick you lol. But it's awesom playing with people you know, I love the better looking models and effects. wink_o.gif

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Quote[/b] ]Too many add-ons!!! geez I added a bunch of these, now when I enter a server and begin to play my game crashes.

Should disable them if you want to join a public server or they'll probably kick you lol. But it's awesom playing with people you know, I love the better looking models and effects. wink_o.gif

Indeed... If OFP2 comes out first i'll be moving there, I dunno if I could handle an ArmAII if its gonna need this many mods just to improve the actual game...

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Too many add-ons!!! geez I added a bunch of these, now when I enter a server and begin to play my game crashes.

Many people agree after they tried the sound and model replacements alone they wouldn't want to switch back to vanilla files. Cheating and methods of cheating prevention on the other hand are issues for themselves and something had to be done by BIS. However not all servers will automatically kick you for these game-modifying tweaks.

As Ryan said: If you'd like to join a huge public server frenzy, just disable the add ons. Modfolders are great.

Indeed... If OFP2 comes out first i'll be moving there, I dunno if I could handle an ArmAII if its gonna need this many mods just to improve the actual game...

Although I'm even more skeptical about OFP2 it's worth a look, yes.

However, with all that marketing BS and younger and dumber target groups than ever before I don't think this "genre" (OFP & ArmA, namely) is going to be very popular unless they include pictures of naked ladies and the promise you don't have to understand the actual game to get the delusion of being "da gangzta".

This is why I am very grateful for what BIS has created here - in respect of all "ArmA is bad" discussion, some of which do also have their well-deserved relevance.

Don't want to rain on anyone's parade here but you do realise that loading a whole heap of addons can seriously affect some missions.

Certain addons add extra global variables.

Just something to keep in mind ;)

Yes, well, it's the very purpose of these addons to seriously affect some/all missions. In terms of gameplay! So far we didn't encounter a single mission that has gotten unplayable be it due to scripting conflicts or because of the increased difficulty caused by long range approaches of the ai.

I do admit many of the "old" "strategies" of vanilla ArmA are not applicable here (that is particularly true for "Evolution") but that's a good thing! ;)

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Nice thing.

Using some of this mods, too.

But won't there be a problem in MP using the RHS Russian Federation Units due to the weapon replacement?

I'm also useing Johnny's Marines as a Blufor replacement and Ebud's SoCom as a replacement for the SF Units.

MfG Medicus smile_o.gif

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As regards Opfor replacements, Vilas addons is surely a pool of goodies to choose from.

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Units is always up to what different people prefer. The thing I like with this thread is all the other immersionfactors that is pointed out. More "realistic" and immersive gameplay regardless of what units in use. I guess that is more important to tell people as it makes arma playable wink_o.gif

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True, maybe the first post could section off character skins / models as a "optional" section stating that for people new to it all.

Apart from the weapon replacement that justifies itself as immersion.

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The reason why we didn't include the RHS pack or Vilas' add ons is simply due to the fact that they don't fit 100%: SLA troops aren't Russian. They're great add ons in themselves and they're highly recommended but none of them fits as well as Cameron McDonald's 1st Infantry Division.

This is why RobertHammer's weapon pack is much appreciated - we tried our best to replace every available infantry weapon model in ArmA with a more detailed animated version and RH managed to deliver just that! I updated the replacement files to his latest version by the way, try it out! smile_o.gif

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Very good thread indeed!

i already use most of the addons mentioned here, however i've missed one or too so far. Integrating all those essential mods and replacements to the game takes quite a while. (I play about 10% of my ArmA time, the rest i try to integrate addons to a fitting system.) Any help with this will be most welcome, particulary as there are no overall improvement mods like WGL available yet.

As it is supposed to be informative to newcommers, you should think about puting it on a webpage, and get the news sites to cover it.

Maybe you should also inform about some of the sound mods.

EDIT: ps.: Skaven's RACS are an excellent replacement for the vanilla racs. They fit also well into the scenario.

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Note to anyone who's using the weapon model replacements:

M16A4 ACOG GL replacement doesn't work for now, you'll just see the default weapon.

I already told The.D about this issue and he's trying to fix it asap (There could probably be a conflict with the new version of RobertHammer's AK's pack, however this is not 100% sure!).

Stay tuned for more information.

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Thank you sdoc, I'll add the RACS models to the list. I didn't find a replacement file and I am too <s>dumb</s> inexperienced to write one myself, I guess.

The M16A4 ACOG GL is still there. For the same reason as above I'd greatly appreciate any help.

The config.cpp currently looks like this:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">

class CfgPatches {

class weapon_replacement_m4m16 {

units[] = {};

weapons[] = {};

requiredAddons[] = {"CAweapons3"};



class cfgWeapons {

class Default; // External class reference

class RifleCore; // External class reference

class Rifle : RifleCore {


class M4 : Rifle {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M4.p3d";


class M4A1 : M4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_m4.p3d";


class M4AIM : M4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M4aim.p3d";


class M4ACOG : M4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M4acog.p3d";


class M4GL : M4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M4glacog.p3d";


class M4A1SD : M4AIM {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_m4sdaim.p3d";


class M16A2 : Rifle {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16a2.p3d";


class M16A2GL : M16A2 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16a2gl.p3d";


class M16A4 : M16A2 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16A4.p3d";


class M16A4_ACG : M16A4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16A4acog.p3d";


class M16A4_GL : M16A4 {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16A4gl.p3d";


class M16A4_ACG_GL : M16A4_GL {

model = "\RH_m4\RH_M16A4glacog.p3d";



Every rifle in the list is replaced by RH's counterpart, except for the last entry - any ideas?

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Awesome compilation! Thanks for including my work.

Let me work on the Blood Effects and figure out what the poor fps is causing sometimes. We noticed it too smile_o.gif

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Quote[/b] ]3) Currently Disabled or Left-out Add Ons


SIX_CRDS.pbo (don't feel like using medikits)

yesterday i've looked more closely to that addon, and i've seen that healing can be disabled for CRDS. However i haven't tried it yet. Maybe sickboy can say more about it.

is there really no replacement pack for Skavens mercs? Maybe i'll bring mine to a state where it can be released. I'll be away next week however.

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