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List of weapon and magazine names?

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Hey there. I've been looking through the Wiki-thingy, but I didn't find it very user-friendly.

I'm completely at loss as to how to find the names of the weapons that I'm trying to equip units with. Seriously; is there absolutely no system here? What's the name of the magazine for the M16A4? It certainly isn't "M16A4", "M16A4Mag", "M16", or "M16Mag". How am I supposed to be guessing this?

Is there some comprehensive and simple list of weapon names and the names of their respective magazines somewhere? And if there is none; could you please tell me what the weapon/mag names of the following weapons are:

The BLUFOR/OPFOR Rifleman's weapon,

The BLUFOR/OPFOR Sniper's weapon,

The G36-thingy?

And at the very last: I'm sory if this came off as a little more obnoxious than I wanted it to. I'm not ranting or bitching, here; I'm just a lil' frustrated, is all.

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