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Does terragen work with arma

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Yes it is possible. You need to convert the ter file to a hightmap. Wilbur does that.

I recommend 10m cellspacing in Terragen (going below that might give a performance hit). If you set up vegetation snowy peaks etc in Terragen I have no clue how to get that into Visitor.

Anyway, to get the hightmap into Visitor read the "Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial" (it's the sticky thread in this very section of the Forum), it explains a lot.

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If you are trying to generate random terrain, I suspect Wilbur would be better.

A Wilbur 1.4 example of getting a random map.

Open a new 1024x1024


Select >Recursive Subdivision (Plasma)

Press the Pre-view button

Bingo a map.

Can be touched up/painted in Wilbur itself

Different maps possible by changing;

Plasma rf: 40-400

Plasma irf: 0-3

RandSeed: Any number

Save the file as Long/Lat text mesh file.

Click >Set to Pixel

Change the Minimum Z to like -200 (meters, lowest point in the sea)

Change the Maximum Z to like 200 (meters, highest piont on any mountain)

Save and manual change the file name to .XYZ

Then just import into Visitor as XYZ file ...... piss easy.

............ hmmmm ... might write a tut.

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