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Mouse moving very slow

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Q: I am running OFP with the highest resolution, with everything enabled and the graphics at full. The problem is that the mouse moves slows and it is hard to aim the gun. It seems that the higer the resolution the slower the mouse. When I lower the resolution the mouse moves faster. Is there any way to fix this or do I just have to lower the resolution?

A: If you have nVidia based card, the problem is most probably caused by driver bug, which enables too much prerendering. There are two known solutions:

Use lower resolution / bitdepth

Almost all users reported that this problem disapperred when playing in 800x600 resolution.

Disable prerendering

Note: using some advanced and non-standard tools is required to disable prerendering. Try this only if you are advanced user.

Use NVMax tool to disable prerendering (set option "Frames rendered ahead" in DirectX/VSync tab to 1). NVMax can be downloaded for free at

NVMax web site

You can also visit Slow mouse forum topic for related discussion.

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