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Von Rundstedt

Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

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In celebration of the 90th independence day of Finland FWW2 - Finland At War 1939-1945 moves officially to ArmA.

FWW2 mod for OFP was founded at June 2004, the idea was to bring three wars that Finland went through during WW2; Winter war, Continuation war and Lapland war.

First two were fought against the Soviet Union and last one against the Germans.

We will make three seperate main releases featuring each war and patch them up if required in between.

We have a small but hard-working and dedicated team. Despite that now that we have moved on ArmA we need to add our quota.

We are recruiting new members, both permanent and freelancers.

We of course welcome models or other 'items' as donations if someone wishes to do so.

Currently we are looking for:


-This includes mapping


-Basic understanding of RVMAT

Map-maker/Island maker

-preferably at least small knowledge on modelling and texturing


Sound/voice editor

-requires to have decent skill (to surpass current ones we have)

-Capability to be resourcefull is required (meaning being able to provide sounds that are not ripped straight off from other games)

Those wanting to join should contact us via e-mail (see end of post) or with PM here or at our forums.

Here's some WIP pics and couple of vids.

Click thumbnails for larger picture.

WIP Finnish soldier in winter camo


M/27 Pystykorva Infantry Rifle and M/31 Suomi submachinegun



M/36 AT Mine


Explodes only when the tank threads go over it (or when shot).

Feature non-scripted except for the explosions which is a spawned shell.

M/36 AT-Mine vid (4Mb, XviD)

Pipe mine


Explodes only when an object 'crosses the line' (or the mine is shot).

AP-mine Pipemine vid (11.1Mb, XviD)

T-26 LOD1.0


You can visit our forums here.

Our homepage is currently under construction and server change, it will be opened as soon as we have moved to a new server.

Contacting us can be done by e-mail: fww2staff@(NOSPAM)hotmail.com or by PM to Von Rundstedt or h-

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nice! lookingforward to any WW2 mod for ArmA. I actually bought a Suomi M31 parts kit. Heres a picture of it just for fun. Its not complete obviously, and i also cant build it due to the BATF being a bitch about it.


i decided to save up and get something else.....



keep working on this mod, its interesting to see a different side of WW2 than british and America.

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Thanks for positive feedback.

Oh and m4r1ne nice to see somebody is seeing trouble to get Suomi SMG in pieces and very nice PPSh41 too wink_o.gif

We also try to serve something special soon as possible, that is when we clear up few technical problems

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tätä mie oon elämäni odottanu! inlove.gif


this is what I've waited for my whole life! inlove.gif

inlove.gif gotta love this...

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Looking good smile_o.gif. Do you intend to model Russian and German troops as well?

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Do you intend to model Russian and German troops as well?

Yes we will. Germans wont be around before R3.0 (Laplands war) or some later patch for R2.x (Continuation war).

Russians will be there from beginning, I didn't show them because model isn't done yet, even thou we hoped to show it in this promo confused_o.gif

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Good to see you guys working over arma.

Iv been long thinking of retexturing M05 for arma, but iv been too lazy.

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Nice to hear about a new mod for ArmA smile_o.gif

Good luck with your work!

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It has been silent in here for so long that its about time that some update would be in order. Reason for silence has been lack of mod members, three aint that much so it is only reasonable that work is coming along bit slower... however its coming along at sure and steady speed.

We need more people to commit in our cause, especially modellers, texture artist, scripters and island makers. Also freelancers are welcomed. If you think you can contribute to us, be sure to contact me with PM wink_o.gif

Now some progress pictures, more of promotional ones this time, but we hope to show some in-game picture soon.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture

Finnish M/27 & Soviet M/1891-30 infantry rifles


Slightly remade M/31 Suomi & WIP PPD-34 Submachineguns


AVS-36 Simonov automatic rifle & T-26 model 1933 tank


We hope to post some more screens soon and maybe some clips too wink_o.gif

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Here is few in-game screenshots, hopefully it stirs up a bit more intrest than last patch of pictures icon_rolleyes.gif

Anyway I am not good staging screenshots, but I hopefully you like them smile_o.gif


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From where I'm standing, those models are looking ace biggrin_o.gif What island is that you're using? Mhmm, winter.



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Very nice work notworthy.gif

Do you plan to make units equipped with skis, thereafter? smile_o.gif

Quote[/b] ]Good to see that your Mod is alive and kicking

Same thing here wink_o.gif

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Thank you all for intrest & support and then replies to questions:

Quote[/b] ]ooking good. are there russians too ?

Yes there are/will be soviet troops too, hard to have war with only one side in it wink_o.gif

Here is bit older WIP picture of Soviet soldier, fabric effect/wrinkles are quite heavy those will be smoothened they're there just to my benefit and for normal mapping when I get to there.


Quote[/b] ]those models are looking ace. What island is that you're using? Mhmm, winter

Mostly thanks to BIS :P

And island is CWR's Winter Kolgujev, we don't have island maker at the moment and we haven't had chance to try to convert old OFP island to ArmA.

Quote[/b] ]Do you plan to make units equipped with skis

Skis are planned and they will be used either proxies (if we figure it out) or as vehicle (more likely). Haven't had chance to take a look on them yet more futher than model base, unfortunantly.

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man, what it's based on ? smile_o.gif FDF comedy units ?

Budenny cap is very rarely used equipment. even during finish war. please, br more occurate wink_o.gif i recommend you to look at tyhis pictures http://rkka.ru/iuniform.htm

for ex.


Budenovka was the most common hat in soviets use during winter war, pilotka was too cold and ushenka appeared 1940, as far as my sources tell. And frontline soldiers defianently did not wear Papakha since it was quite rare even among officers. Helmet obiviously were quite cold at winter time so they wore something under it, mostly either Budenovka or "headsock".

Last real action Budenovka saw in winter war 1939-1940, but its service time was 1919-1941. Some soviet soldiers even had them in beginning of Continuation war at 1941 when finland attacked to gain lost territory.

I have looked on rkka.ru for details as well as photos, documents and literature sources that I have or been able to access. It is appearing on almost every single photo that there is of soviets during winter war, especially on pictures taken by soviets wink_o.gif

Oh and look at this

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ok smile_o.gif but still in combat helmet is 100% needed. hope it will be added just like on the reference fotos i posted.

i'm glad you like history. i just won't you to avoid fdf errors.  

btw this greatcoat... it can be hard to make it look good in game. have you tried skin the model already ? how it looks with animation ? also i'd like clothes to be a lot thicker. atm it looks like autumn coat, not like winter uniform. though maybe it's only my vision...due to no mittens and felt boots on the wip shot smile_o.gif) and khaki color of the coat is not a correct one - it's always grey (sometimes with little blue hue).

the same goes for finish infantry too... looks like summer camo retextured to white.  are they in winter equipment or not ? light cloth, no gloves and heads ucovered... i doubt they will last long in RL wink_o.gif

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Define winterequipment for finns wink_o.gif As troops could have complete set, like fur capped guys and helmet wearing guys in picture, or just cockade in their (civilian) cap or somekind mix in between. And as most finns at that time had to resist those same elements in their daily work they probably had better winter equipement in their homes than Army could give them. Basically all they needed was cockade, weapon, bounches for bullets, skis (if not brought from home) and snowsuit.

And by photos it seems that Von Rundstedt has got facts right when it comes to authetic gear (some well equiped by army) finns wore at that time. And i don't see any problem with gear finns wore in those pictures i've seen. After all i wore almost same clothing during my service in arctic heights and during one of the coldest winters in last century. We didn't wear high-tech clothing, but based or clothing on same princibles than also men during winterwar did.


-Yes: Cloves are not necessarity. It's better to have good pair(s) of mittens and learn to use them always. Cloves are good thing sometimes, but not necessarity, unlike mittens. Then again ArmA doesn't support (creative) use of mittens.

-Yes. Most likely all troops didnt' have issued helmets. Mostlikely all troops didnt' even wear helmets issued to them (same during -41 by some infosources). Troops might sometimes wish to see and hear better instead of getting insufficent protection from rifle's bullets.Again Arma doesn't support switching heltmes on/off.

-Yes. Clothing might seem to be light, because that is what it is: Warm and light. Greatcoats are only usable during long freezing nights, when you are in your guardpost and trying to remain somewhat still.

Besides winterwar had different conditions at different times and locations, ranging from minor -10 to extreme -40-50 celsius.

EDIT: I'm not participant of FWW2 project. Just paying keen eye.

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