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Rebel Man

Buldozer loading textures

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Hi all.

I got this problem when i was convert all of my model to the new O2.

The pictures talking:

(Hope i didn't post big or 100Kb pictures)

Here one of my buildings, And this is the Face Properties:


And here is my building, WTF? Nothing happend:


And here my O2 Configs


"D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\ArmA.exe" -window -buldozer -noland

D:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\Oxygen 2 Personal Edition


How i can fix that problem, Thanks all

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And is Fallujah\Tex in P:\  ?


Yes its in P:\fallujah\tex

Thanks man for tray helping.

I fix the problem now:


Just don't selecte or disable the "show Wireframe", And everything will be fine:


Thanks for Linker Split, And Have a nice modeling all smile_o.gif.

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