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Server weirdness and file sizes

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Lo folks, I'm running a 24 player server for my clan/mates and it's usually fine except recently I've noticed that it won't run some missions. I select the mission on the list and it just thinks about it for a second then returns to the mission list.

At first I thought it could be a version problem, checked and it's 1.08 all round.

Then I thought it could be a mod problem, but the server has all the mods that are in use, and I'm pretty sure it has the same mods and versions of mods that I have, even ones I haven't used.

That said there is something odd in addons, I've noticed that some of the .pbo files in my versions are of a different size to the ones on the server, no idea what causes that, but I thought that could be a factor perhaps?

Could it also be possible that me copying the .pbo's from my addons folder to the server addon folder, rather than using them fresh from the .rar file could be a problem?

I'm not sure what's doing it, but I'd really like to rectify the problem is possible.

I'm probably going to reinstall and repatch the server anyway, but wanted to know how to avoid this happening again.

Any help much appreciated.

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