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A campaign I once played... but lost

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For pre-Resistance OFP, I once downloaded this random campaign sometime between March and May 2003 which had some pretty decent missions I managed to have a lot of fun with. Basically, you played the part of a civilian who kinda made up his own resistance group against attacking Russians (not as grandiose as OFP:RES)... stuff happens yada yada... then right at the end, there was this long-ass unarmed mission where you had to escort the player's wife to a church or something. I can't describe it any better than that!

Oh, and it had the Desert island in one mission. Was really, really entertaining stuff. You had to camp out until a certain time of day, then sneak right across the island into an enemy fortification, at night, to blow up some hangars and return to the camping spot. I'd love to play that again!

No voice acting, just radio and subtitles for dialogue. Player was one of the brown-haired civilians, iirc.

Anyone remember it?

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