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Arma Linux Server

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I read that some people believe that the announcement of ArmA 2 could possibly affect the work being done on a linux version of the Arma server. I too, am fearful, fearful overall that the release of ArmA 2 could affect the whole franchise. Things are moving a bit slowly in the ArmA world compared to the addons, missions, islands, etc..that were constantly popping up for Operation Flashpoint. Sure they are coming out..slowly, but how much work is going to start or even continue in the face of uncertainty. Unless the addon structure (ie models, scripts, missions, etc..) in ArmA 2 is going to be identical to the existing ArmA, or BIS releases some sort of conversion tool..this release announcement spells trouble to me...

This just sounds way, way too soon to me, to be talking a sequel to a game thats only been out a few months here in the U.S. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe BIS isn't just trying to milk their loyal fans for all their worth. Perhaps they are just trying to make it up to us..it took sooo friggin long for a flashpoint sequel to arrive..they want to keep them coming fast and furious. Personally, I dont want to see my beloved flashpoint becoming the next Tiger Woods or Madden game...with ArmA 2008, ArmA 2009, ArmA 2010...buying a new version every six months so we can help them beta test their software.

Why has it taken this !@#$ long for a linux server to be made available? ArmA looks beautiful, but until I can setup the server in linux, my friends and I can't play together. How do we solve this? We play good ole' flashpoint. Maybe this is why things arent moving along very quickly in the addon scene, everyone else is too busy playing the original game as well...

C'mon BIS, give us some more details about what your plans are, and give us a Linux server. If I buy any future versions of Operation Flashpoint/ArmA/Combat Nausea/Whatever its called now...I'll make !@#$ sure there is a linux server available before I shell out my hard earned money.



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