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An OFP Movie

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Hey guys.., I been working on a movie on OFP. I need voices.

Not .ogg files. But .wavs. I need some english speaking Russian or any other foreign voices, that can speak english.

Also need a few Americans with a mature voice. Please help.

The movie will be played on Windows Media Player when I'm done. (Will be downloadable.)

Here is a summary of what the movie is about:

A highly classified spec ops unit. Is being sent in to Nogova to get a Nuclear Physicist, (Dr. Limpski.) that was shot down somewhere over Nogova on his way to Malden. The Dr. was being transport by the U.S. Navy. (The Dr. is working on a new kind of nuclear space transportation/exploration.)

This U.S. Spec Ops Team is so highly classified. That only a few people in the upper government even knows they exist. These guys war made up from all U.S. Armed Forces. Only by invitation, can one be a member. These guys do not follow the rules of engagement. If ever captured. The U.S. will not acknowledge their existent.

I've already started the filming the movie. I want it to be, where someone who watches it and says. "That was pretty good!"

I'm even gonna have a soundtrack in the movie. And a movie poster done up.

So what ya say..? "You wanna be a star?" If your willing to help. Please PM me here. And I'll send you your lines. I'll tell you who your character is. And add your name and who you are playing to the credits.

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

Sample of the first few minutes.

This does not deplict the final version of the movie. Also remember that, You Tube doesn't play videos as good as Window Media Player. I have not added any voices into the movie yet.

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I'm a brother, I'll give you a hand! Fellow Black Man!

Sweet..! I need a few more.

I'll send you a pm. When I get them finished wrote out.

I'll add you to the credits too.

I'm almost done filming the movie.

Then I'll be adding the voices.

I hope when it's all done.

Everyone who watches it.

Will say, "You know.., That was pretty good! I enjoyed it."

Thanks again man.

You'll be hearing from me real soon.

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

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Ok all.., I finished the filming of the movie. I just need to finish getting all the voice scripts finished wrote out. Then I'll send them to all who is helping out. (Which I Still Need A Few More Voices.)

The name of the movie is: "Out Alive."

I also added an alternate ending, at the end of the credits.

I hope to be able to release it here soon.

I esspecially hope, that you all will enjoy my movie.

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

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