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Snatched (SP)

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My first ArmA mission has been reviewed at Ofpec.com.

After losing my PC this mission has taken an age to get finished but now it's here.

Here's the lowdown.

Your mission is to rescue an American POW. He is being held on the island of Rahmadi. You will have yourself and seven other guys on the mission.


Comprehensive weapon selection.

Full script of voice acting.

Random weather.

Scripted enemy reaction.

Intro and outro.

Cliffhanger (If you played Deep Water for Flashpoint).


EditorUpdate_v102.pbo (inlcuded).

Read the Ofpec.com review here.


Get the file (Final 1.3 23/04/08) here.



Things you should know.

Due to the funny way that men behave in ArmA I have scripted a feature into the mission which will organise your team on the beach after you have left your boat. An action will appear saying "hide Boats". This will remove all your team from their boats and sort them out. If you don't select "Hide Boats", then you are free to spend 20 minutes trying to get your guys safely out of their boats, with their weapons and then try to get them into your team again.

There is an ERV option if your chopper has problems. Go back to the boats and simpy drive back to the main ship.

ArmA is not allowing all links to be highlighted in green in the briefing. Use your loaf and click on what looks like it should be clicked upon.


Change log.

Changed all "Say" commands to "Playsound" so as to let the player hear all voices at full volume.

Added Pistols to main character and enough in the armoury for all other team members. (I didn't give all members pistols because of the AI's tendancy to walk around armed with them instead of main weapons).

Helicopter evac reworked.

Added DM Smoke effects for more immersion.

Fixed missing sound and radio files.

Reworked briefing with extra sections.

Removed disappearing AI scripts.

Removed some barriers in town so AI can navigate. (Still may have problems due to ArmA AI pathfinding).

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Playing this for a while now, damned, it's harder than it looks (mostly due to my sub-par playing skillz, no doubt).


First I handed out all the M246's I could find, took the M107 for myself and liberally gave my guys Javelins and M136s, before continuing. After playing the Resistance Sniper campaign I'm just so in love with the M107, gotta love lethal leg-wounds biggrin_o.gif

Anyway, so I head up north from the LZ, wait until that four-man patrol walk past, and then divide the team into three. One stays on the first hill to the south that overlooks the enemy base (mgunner + M24 sniper), one team goes down west, closer to the airstrip, with the second M246 and a Javelin -> to take out the chopper. I then take the rest and head off to the east, overlooking the city from there.

Set everyone up...have one of the AI drop their AT weapon (otherwise the fools just waste them on infantry or static weapons >_<), and order open fire... thumbs-up.gif

Anyway, I'm stuck in the part where I actually trade in my M107 with a CQB weapon and head into the town itself to find those hostages. I keep getting nailed by those bloody coward static enemies. Ah well, best keep trying.

Nice work, mate, nice work indeed! Is it on purpose the Mi-17 doesn't fly off but instead sticks around and offers CAS as long as it has a gunner? Because man that was cool when it first did that, was quite literally dodging PK fire among the houses with that behemont hovering overhead... biggrin_o.gif



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hmm i wanna try this but neither download seems to work --

Have just downloaded the mission from his homepage. The second DLlink works for me.

Thank you for this mission, The-Architect. I will give it a try. It would be nice if you can put this mission also into www.armaholic.com.

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First of all, In the spirit of "REALISM" I must say... C'mon, why make a mission that is so unrealistic? I mean, really now, A Special Forces unit is sent in to enemy territory, by boat nonetheless, to rescue a POW. Next I bet you're gonna tell me that in real life the bad guys actually carry guns and fire bullets from those guns and may even torture the POW. Oh,Oh wait... let me guess, these bad guys would really shoot at anyone trying to free a POW and actually want to kill a US soldier. Since I strive for "Realism" I must say that none of this would ever happen in the real world.....

rofl.gif Sorry, total joke. I just read the Health Bar post and couldn't help it..

Anyway, congrats on an excellent mission!! It runs on max settings for me and not an ounce of problems.(There haven't been many user mades that will let me do that, for some reason.) I'm impressed and look forward to many more missions from you in the future.

So far I'm only roughly halfway through the mission and i'm about to get a little playing time in before the U.S. markets open and thus my work day begins. Once again, great work and much appreciation for spending your time creating this. Keep'em coming bud.

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Guest Ti0n3r

Just finished the mission, on the first try with no friendlies dead biggrin_o.gif

Maybe a bit too easy, and it didn't end properly. My squad got into the UH-60 at extraction but it wouldn't move (I assume that was the end part). But all in all a nice mission. Will definitely play your next one (:

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Cheers people.


The MI-17 is supposed to fly away. However, in ArmA careless doesn't mean careless a lot of times and he decides to do whatever he likes. If it added to the experience then good, but it was supposed to escape the area.


The extraction is a pain in the arse. ArmA doesn't seem to be consitent yet. Maybe a few more patches down the line. Right now though, there's a savegame just before you call the extraction so if it doesn't work, you can just reload.

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After enjoying the very professional cutscene, well laid-out briefing and very convenient "Hide Boats" action, I made my approach towards the village with a plan to attack it from the North-North-East. I left the sniper and the machine-gun man behind for supporting fire, while me and the rest of the team crawled our way to certain victory.

And that's when the major turn-off happened.

We took down a few guards (two by the bmp, one patrolling East), causing the Mi-17 to take off and other guards to run in our direction, when all of a sudden, my rear guard, namely the sniper and the machine-gun man, get killed. I turned around to seek and destroy the perpetrators, and what did I see (this is a summary of the discovery which took me several saves and reloads to find out)? An entire enemy squad conveniently popping right behind us only to disappear after wreaking havoc.

This is not right, this is not fair, this you must fix!

I'll be happy to elaborate some more about this traumatic experience, should you want me to: you have too much talent and the mission looks too good to be left with such a flaw.


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Havent played so much but i miss the teamswitch to

get special weapons from my ai-teammates.

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fun mission; i went up the west coast, set up a sniper on hill 22 looking NE at the heli/town, snuck up to the heli and laid a satchel, then went with my squad to the NNW of the town. the AI sniper was much more effective at taking out enemy infantry than i thought he would be.


i set my squad to "stealth" as we exited the boats, causing them to go prone in the water, which resulted in 2 deaths before i could tell them to stand up again (i guess that's more of a game bug)

thought it was strange how there were no infantry patrolling the coasts, as it isn't that big of an island (although it would make an entrance much harder, so i can understand why you didn't do it)

i'm experiencing a slowdown every few seconds as i begin to attack the town; it is very consistent (and very annoying) and i've never encountered a problem like it before (even on missions with more units), so i can't help but think it is script-related.

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Check out the top of the page for the final version of this mission. It has been reviewed at Ofpec.com.

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Gimme lookie! biggrin_o.gif I remember your first OFPEC mission; it's what got me interested in making missions in the first place... before I mutated into a modder. sad_o.gif

EDIT - Done!

*** SPOILERS! ***

Being the manly man I am, I chose a silenced weapon for everyone, wanting to do this right. I did, however, bring M136AT4s and the Javs along when stuff did go to hell, as well as a FIM92 toted by my #3 man.

I wasn't stuffed landing the boats correctly and instead took them along the south-western peninsula, making a landing unopposed and virtually perfectly; was quite pleased with the AI, for once, as noone lost their weapons.

I sent one Jav carrier and my Stinger minion to the southern end of the airfield, to keep an eye on the Mi17. I then maneuvered the remaining half-section or so all the way around the periphery of the island to the eastern overlook on the main town. Seeing a patrol moving north-south along the road, I designated targets to my dudes whilst I scanned the town, spotting one HMG (much to my chagrin later) and a couple of loons near the field hospital, southside and main shed.

I saved, and let fall the hammer. The patrol fell silently, and then I got moving on the loons in the town. Most died quickly, unfortunately, a well concealed DShK on the southside chewed up two of my M136 toters when they tried to kill infantry with their AT weapons... loons! Thankfully my Jav man was still alive when the BMP2 IFV showed up, and thus it died swiftly with a top-down hit.

About this time I realised the Mi17 was still alive, and was about to take off - I'd left my two anti-Hip detachment blokes out of range! I immediately ordered them north up the runway, and they engaged and eliminated a two man patrol on their way. Unfortunately, the Hip got off the ground, rendering my Jav man ineffective, before he could get in range. However, the FIM92 loon had just entered range, and put a well-aimed Stinger up its arse before it could go feet wet over the ocean, thus bringing it down in the drink. Ouch.

At this stage, things were essentially dead near the town, so I established a brief defensive harbour around the southside near the shed, and took out the POW's lone guard before slinging him an M9SD and stealing a conveniently placed UAZ, placing half my loons in the FAV for heavy support. I also ordered my two men on the runway to take a roundabout route to the evac point; didn't want any further contact this night.

We linked up about 5 minutes later at the evac point, and upon getting the POW into cover behind some rocks and establishing another harbour, I grabbed the LRR and called for evac. All went smoothly from this point on, though I felt a bit miffed for losing those two blokes at the town, and couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the loss - two lives for one.

A good mission, in all. Also liked the little UH60 cabin light touch. Well done!

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