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Evolution V3.x : Tips & Tricks

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This thread is for the masses that play KilJoy's EVOLUTION 3.x series, but may not have thought of, or realized, some of it's features, and various tricks.

A lot of these may be obvious to some. I'm sure there's some things even I haven't though of.

Feel free to add your own.

1. The Engineer is the best role to play, currently, because you get all the weapon slots, and the ability to drop down a FARP (repair pad) anywhere. The pad allows you to repair/rearm/refuel any vehicle/unit in the game - and you get points for it.

If you're the "fixing" type, all you need is a support truck around you to create your pads. You need to be roughly ~5-6 truck-lengths from a truck to drop down a pad. Once the pad is dropped, you don't need the truck anymore.

2. Is the KA being a pain at the airport and you don't have the ability to drive the Vulcan yet? No problem - get a Hummer, go into the hanger and drive into the back of the Vulcan till you push it out of the hanger, then get in as gunner and solve your problem. If you do this, go heal yourself at the M113 because you'll be a bit woozy and your aim off from all the ramming. smile_o.gif

3. Did you know that if you leave a single AI guy at the airbase, you can command him (using "Action" in the menu) to recruit other AI guys for you? When you do that, the AI guys you recruit will "parachute" on top of where you, the commander, are.  Chose F-Key, then ACTION, then RECRUIT.

4. If your playing with only a few buddies on a map, destroy the communications tower as soon as you can, because it calls in reinforcements. Also, keep 1 AI guy somewhere in the woods in the vicinity of the city (grey area), that way when all the humans die, the city won't "repopulate" or "restrengthen" it's forces.

At Paraiso it's easy, put a guy in a vehicle on the side road of the airstrip and sit him there.. because the road is part of the grey area but far enough away from the action.  I don't recommend anything but a Hummer, less of a "KA" magnet for "shoot me please". smile_o.gif

5. Got a BMP2 upside down that you wish you could have back? Easy, get a human buddy to help you, and use 2 strykers and you can flip it back over really easy. Strykers are needed because of that shape of their noses on the front end.

6. Got a friendly (West-Side) vehicle that your AI won't get in to/drive? You're gonna have to blow it up and repair it to "recycle" it. ArmA bug. If it's a captured enemy unit (Shilka, UAZ, T72, BRDM, BMP2, etc) your SOL.

7. Got a buddy that needs points? Did you know that the person sitting in a vehicle as "Commander" get's all the kill-points? Yep.

What if you're working good co-op with someone, and you want to share the points more evenly without playing "Ok, now let me be gunner" back and forth?  EASY - just have the driver jump into commander seat real quick sometimes why the gunner is firing, and you'll spread them around. The gunner won't mind, it will make the vehicle more "steady" smile_o.gif

IE - Gunner seat gets the points unless there's a commander - then the commander seat gets the points... so if a driver and gunner are 50/50 on points, and want to share, have the gunner stay gunner and have the driver swap between driver and commander seats during battles.

8. When it's time to take Corazel, the bridge city - do this:

Have one human playing engineer take a Shilka/Vulcan and a repair truck (AI drive it) from the Airport to that little island-type area just before you reach the bridge at Corazel. If you sit on that little outlet area in your Vulcan, on a FARP/repair pad (for ammo reloading purposes), you can shoot down all the KA's protecting your allies, and do some serious damage to enemy troops and tanks while your allies try to capture the mini-base camp there (the one with the M1A1's, repair trucks, etc, by the water).

There's a few trees to your right of the mini-base that are tall and will annoy you - but you can "shoot them down" literally, from a distance. Just fire a bunch of ammo into them, and they'll go down, clearing your view even better.

The little "outlet" area I speak of is on the water, just before you reach the corazel bridge, and sitting there you get a full view across the water to the mini-base. It's a "great" place to play "ANTI-AIR" and kill tons of men providing support for your allies, all while not even having to move around or worry too much about getting killed... and the mass amounts of virtual unlimited ammo doesn't hurt either. smile_o.gif

9. Kiljoy says that now the guy doing the laser-designating targets for the AV8's now share's the points 50/50 as stuff is killed. That's great - but remember, if that AV8 bombs friendlies, you share the negative points too.

10. Eyes in the skies! If you've got all the AA down, you can put an AI in a MH and have him fly above your head around in a city and spot enemies for you. Lot of people just never think of that. smile_o.gif

11. Did you know that M113's can float/swim? Yep. If you ever get a enemy BMP2 you wanna save stuck in the water, you can use a M113 to "push it back" to shore. Also great for flipped over BMP2's in Corazel - you can push them off the ramp at the mini-base (that funky ramp that makes you flip over when you get on it) and then go out into the water with your M113 and push them back right-side-up to shore.

12. Did you know that it's easy to make BRDM, BMP and Shilka's empty their guys easy with a trained rifle?

It's an "ArmA" thing, not an evolution thing - but it's great for getting more vehicles. Simply get into a position where you can empty a full magazine (or 2-3) and shoot constantly at the tread on the unit at the very front or very back, the part right above the ground where you can see "the links". When you do that enough, all the guys will "abandon ship" and jump out.

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Good summary.

"Tips & Tricks"? Some of those are more like "Legit ArmA Hacks" tounge2.gif

#3 doesn't apply anymore in 3.x. Leader can remotely recruit from anywhere himself using radio menu.

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3. You can do this now by radio command no need to leave an ai at base as of 3.0 radio command 0-0-5

7. It does not matter what the position is who ever is first in or last in a vehicle scores the points for its kills. if you want the other person to score the points in a vehicle with 2 people in it and you are currently scoring , simply get out and get back in. If from base you want for instance a friend to get points and you can fly cobra, ask them to get in gunner when they are in , only then get in pilot. now the friend will score. Its a bit messey when it comes to reloading.

1. land at the farp/base

2. pilot & gunner exit vehicle

3. pilot gets in guner position

4. pilot exits and goes into pilot position.

5. cobra rearms.

6. pilot exits cobra

7. gunner gets in gunner

8. pilot gets pilot seat

9. fly away rearmed and with gunner making points for kills.

same goes for other vehicles with gunner positions.

This is not an evolution thing its the same for all arma missions.

wether you use an ammo truck or scripted rearming.

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Great stuff. Could you throw in a screenshot of #8 for me? I'm not sure where (exactly) you mean.

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Has anyone else besides me killed themselves trying to push a Vulcan out of the hangar? confused_o.gif 5 or 6 good pushes is all you can take in a hummer before you need to repair it, or else it's boom, respawn icon_rolleyes.gif

It's better to use the 5T truck I think

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Its very basic, but There are two buildings In the Northwestern part of Pariso, (in the original radio tower complex), with nice high accessable roofs that are perfect places for picking off enemy soldiers and armor. You can park an AI medic inside the safety of these buildings as well to 1. provide healing, and 2. keep a man in the grey zone preventing enemy respawns.

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