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I'm greeting smile_o.gif

For some time my and 101st Paratroop making a island. He didn't want alluded about it but I alluded because I know better ;] (sorry for my bad English...)

Now you have before yourselves first official info about mine production: Khauzar island being based on fantastic objects from IM:UC.

As for now writing at length above this map doesn't probably have the bigger meaning. A land is done and textures are put. There is also a done stone desert. Already I making roads and highway.

And what is for doing? In plans I have two big cities, completing the second desert and developing the rest of areas.

Of course I'm waiting for suggestions from you! Write what you would like to see on the map what your ideas, reservations and remarks are. I'm waiting wink_o.gif











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Critique on pics:

1. Don't go nuts on green areas. most of Iraq is not green and there are also VERY few hills or mountains accept up in Northern Iraq and a handful of other areas. The vast majority of Iraq is flat and either rocky or sandy desert.

2. On the last village picture, the store front is not facing the road. Generally speaking, store fronts of businesses always face the road.

3. On the village pics, again, careful with the hills. Most Iraqi cities are very flat with only a few having significant hills.

4. I recommend that you specifiy what region of Iraq that you are doing. (Northern, Central, Southern, Western, etc...)

This will help you make the terrain more accurate.

The nice thing about the small IM:UC Iraq map is that the terrain and layout of the towns (aside from not having any mosques) was extremely accurate and realistic looking as it resembled very much certain parts of the city of Fellujah.

I hope that helps.

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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@Miles Teg

1. Hmm... maybe that is right :P but I looking to many books, pictures and maps so I making a island like I saw wink_o.gif

2. This building have the same texture on two sides

3. We know that wink_o.gif I change terrain under the cities wink_o.gif

4. Hmm... Will see :P

thanks mate wink_o.gif

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Hey! Okay maybe it's tooooo late for that but i need to ask to you, is there any news about that island? 8 years later..

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