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Snake Man

PMC Joint Justice campaign released!

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PMC Joint Justice OFP Campaign

Large basic infantry combat campaign on all BIS islands. You play role of infantry squad leader in war against Russians. This campaign was previously known as "PMC JAM Appreciation" campaign. It feature weapons and team member status saved to the next mission. Many missions have additional support troops to back you up, including CAS and armored vehicles. This is now the first release to the public.

Required addons

JAM3 --------------------------- OFP.info and patch CAVS vehicles

Bn880 Tracers v1.24 --------- BIS forum topic

We are looking feedback from anyone playing this campaign, please post to the PMC Tactical Forum also check out PMC Tactical homepage.

The campaign itself, download v0.1 PMC_Joint_Justice_v0.1.rar - 494kb.

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