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Nogova Crimes

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great job on the mission and addons, been tinkering with it in my free time, even got on the server for a game or two but got kicked due to high ping.. By one of the pubs. Oh well something to look foraed to once my deployment is over. Its a lot better than the old verssion I used to play last year thats for sure. Getting some of my friends from those games to give it a try.. Can always use more players who can RP. The missions without crap tunring into a lame DM mission cause all they wanna do is kill others.

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Its a lot better than the old verssion I used to play last year thats for sure.

Well, you just can not have played the mission a year ago. The first release was on 14th april THIS year. Don't know what you played last year... huh.gif

However the version we have now has many more features and less bugs, that's for sure.

That leads me to the reason of my new post here:

The newest Version has some new features again... (but still more to come though)

- new streets for Nogova... I did not change the cities very much, but I changed the most dirtways to better roads and added a few roads... just like I told you in my previous post. And the people playing it like it very much. Driving around is much more fun now. yay.gif

- Taxi-system

players are able to call a taxi, that takes them to the most cities... you can always stop the taxi or change the destination during the ride. But you should not kill the taxi drivers... and the cars are "safe" against stealing wink_o.gif

- Cops get rewards now for securing stolen cars and bring them back to their police departments.

- and as always some minor changes and bugfixes were done...

The highest player count we had is still 16 players... sad_o.gif

Sad but true... I don't know why there are so much players, that don't want to load our serverpackage. We have more than one mission that need it and there are always some players on our server. so, it's really worth it... But it seems they prefer to get kicked, instead of playing our missions...

Well, but it's their problem.

If you have Questions or suggestions... post them here or on

Our Homepage

If you create missions yourself, - especially Crime or other RPG-missions - feel free to contact us... we could upload them to our server, so you don't need to play alone wink_o.gif

We now have the fml_hp3 (Farmland Horrorpack 3) addon uploaded... missions will follow soon.

(But I think I gonna make an own config for those zombies, when I find the time. They should be more like in the movies... )

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it was a mission by that name, often run by twinks like I said. Good concept, shame it was most likely run by 8 year olds. That usualy crashed things by hackoring the game.. I've play yours ina lan it is a bit better and less laggy. I just have to wait a few more months to ship home and use a real connection.

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We don't because GG Allin is not funny, just mediocre and disgusting.

Did you even played the mission?

Please come with some constructive critics or some serious suggestion or ideas how to improve the mission.

BTW, we are still working on it and the performance improved a lot.

New things:

- a ranking system for the gangsters, that will give them a few advantages in the game.

if a gangster has reached a rank once in the game, he'll keep the benefits, even if his crimerate decreases again by being arrested.

- a gangster that runs over a cop with a car will be recognized as copkiller now

- crime-highscore (sum of the current crime-highscores of the gangsters): cops will get some things (weapons, vehicles, recruits) at a particular crimehighscore.

- gangsters may choose to start at their HQ or in a random town.

- some things have a nice dialog now... no more 100 actions in the menu

- cops can do razzias at bars and casinos

- cops get a penalty for killing "innocent" gangsters... (that have no weapon and a small crimerate)

- retextured buildings for the gangsters

next things we will add:

- ranking system for cops

- improved messaging system with a German and English version (perhaps some more languages, if we find people, who help us to translate)

and perhaps later:

- the possibility to hire an advocate for the gangsters

- different video-cutscenes for killed gangsters (depending on their crimerank)

- gangsterbosses for both gangsterteams who has special requests from time to time

Unfortunately our previous Provider has quit supporting online games... but there will be a new server soon.

Stay tuned.

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Hey guys!

I really want to try this Nogova Crimes business, looks real fun.

But I think these links are outdated or something, can you give me an updated one? Thanks!

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This mission sounds really cool!

I have some peeps I want to play with and they might like it.

By the way your link to ur page are down and I get a forbidden404 page.

I would love to play your mission. Coolio

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we need to assemble everyone who still plays resistance so teams like this who do stuff for us won't be let down by lack of participants.

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