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ArmA Patch 1.07 status update

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We're finalizing patch 1.07 that will unify all versions of ArmA available, including the US release in all areas necessary to online multiplayer compatibility. Note that some of the features will remain exclusive to the US version ArmA: Combat Operations (most notable is probably A10 single player scenario and new cutscenes in the campaign made specifically for the US release) that was released by Atari yesterday.

We intend to release this patch as a public release candidate first before we move on full official release.

All fixes made for US version 1.06, see version 1.06 change log, will be also included.

Version 1.07 highlights:

* The Armory (already available in the US version)

* A10 addon

* Mission Blood, Sweat and Tears (already available in European version by 505 Games and the US version by Atari)

* Various other fixes and improvements across the game including:

Quote[/b] ]

1.07 - Fixed Very long MP mission name could cause crashes or freezes

1.07 - Fixed UI - Double click on listbox scrollbar does not launch the listbox action now

1.07 - Fixed Optics were deformed when using other than 4 3 screen ratio

1.07 - Fixed Tanks were having troubles driving up the stones

1.07 - Fixed Functions createGroup, createUnit now fully works in MP

1.07 - Fixed AI now gets in vehicles on the positions where dead units are

1.07 - Fixed Gear dialog is closed when player dies

1.07 - New Weapons - optics camera can have a different direction than muzzle direction now

1.07 - Fixed UI - Gear display - icons for empty slots

1.07 - Fixed Mission loading screen - missing text given in onLoadMission

1.07 - Fixed When failed to join to a locked server, the correct cause is shown now.

1.07 - New Mission editor - year control in intel dialog

1.07 - Fixed UI - Missing addons error message - show the list of missing addons

1.07 - Fixed VoN sources management to prevent some sounds not audible in multiplayer

1.07 - Fixed Tow missile weapons are guided after they are fired.

1.07 - Fixed AI - gunners was sometimes unable to fire simultaneously

1.07 - Fixed Functions getVariable, setVariable can be used for more object types now

1.07 - Fixed MP crash sometimes happened after deleteVehicle on some person

1.07 - Fixed Actions menu - drawing of arrows when scrolling is enabled

1.07 - Fixed Tanks were thrown in the air when colliding with some destructed buildings

1.07 - Fixed Gear action did not sometimes work in buildings (high over surface)

1.07 - Fixed MP - multiplication of magazines when putting them into a full crate

1.07 - Fixed UI - listboxes with texts of different color - color of selected text

1.07 - Fixed Game running in full screen had invisible but clickable window areas (close, minimize)

1.07 - Fixed Helicopters - state of hovering autopilot was not saved nor transferred in MP

1.07 - Fixed Touch off action available also in vehicles now

1.07 - Fixed Watch and GPS minimap forced not to be shown in cutscenes.

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Just a quick update on the patch status:

we decided to release the patch as version 1.08 and it's getting to last round of testing. We thank all who helped us to beta test the public beta versions. It helped us a lot.

We also managed to get few nice new improvements to version 1.08:

* voice over net is improved significantly

* Increased contrast of light for all weather conditions

* Bullet impact is now drawn also on objects and vehicles

* 2D optics now support wide screen and triple monitor aspect ratio correctly

* New texture detail "Default" that auto-detects the amount of VRAM (Recommended Texture Detail setting for users of cards with more than 512 VRAM)

* Reworked logic of teamswitch to make it more suitable for detailed manual squad command control

* Full support for multiple airports by AI pilots

* A bit faster and more fluent radio protocol

In total, since version 1.05 we made around 500 different bugfixes, improvements and tweaks made in the game.

We will update you on the patch release with specific date of availability as soon as the patch testing is finished.

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