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US Demo Released

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Trying to launch the demo and get this message:

SecuROMâ„¢ has determined that a File/Reg Mon program is present is running in the background. Please close this program before you start the application.


I don't have any emulation software or any virtual drives. What could be causing this problem?

Here is a list of all running processes:

i think it's enough if You ONCE start Process explorer and You get this message ...

write complain to securom because WinInternals and SysInternals are now part of Microsoft Corp.

i get problem more often as lot of new games use this version of Securom ...

(hell even ALPHA test builds!wink_o.gif

I just downloaded the demo and get this same SecuROM message. A quick search on Google pulls up the following link...


Basically the Filemon and Regmod drivers remain in memory even after you close the main applications themselves. The same is probably true of the Process Explorer driver. As long as you don't have one of the SysInternals apps set to load at startup, rebooting should work as the drivers will no longer be in memory.

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