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31st MEU - Marine Entrance Program

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This group of men is based off of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit out of Okinawa, Japan. We currently have approximately 15 members from the ages of mid 30's to late teens. The Unit (not clan) has been around since September 1, 2005 and has played Battlefield 2 before Armed Assault. We are currently in the process of moving all of players to this new game.


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Our Unit is set up like the real 31st MEU in that we have infantry, air, and logistical operations. Our Infantry section of our Unit is the 2nd Battalion/4th Marine Regiment with a 1st Force Recon Co. Attachment. In the Force Recon attachment we have a Scout Sniper Platoon. Our main infantry in the 2/4 is mixed of infantry and armor support. Our Aerial portion of the Unit is the Marine Air Group-36 (or MAG-36). In that it has two divisions, one division for all of our chopper operations Medium Marine Helicopter Squadron 265 (or HMM-265 rein.; "Dragons") and the VMA-513 ("Flying Nightmares") for the fixed wing attack squadron. The Unit is headed by 1stLt Mabes (BLT 2nd BN/4th MAR) and 1st Lt. Dickerson (MAG 36). The final section of the Unit is the Combat Logistics Battalion-31 (or CLB-31). This section of the Unit is where all of our training is coordinated and posted on our forum. A few NCOs and officers will coordinate the training from the 2/1. The CLB-31 is only for logistical purposes and plays no part in gaming.

Now the information that is really important to new prospective members is, "How do I join up?" Well it's as simple as going to our forum at www.31stmeu.org and registering. After you register a name (your LAST NAME), look through the enlistment steps in the "enlistment" section and follow them.

You will have to complete a 2 week trial period of casual gaming with the Unit to be accepted into our training program. The training program is based off of that of the Marines' called Marine Corps Recruit Training (or MCRT). This will be a one day (2-3 hour) program designed to get any prospective member into the Unit smoothly with no problems in the transition. You will learn basic combat maneuvers in a fire team, squad, and platoon size, communication procedures, logistical Unit information, weapons familiarization, and the chain of command.

From MCRT you will go onto to more specialized training, either the School of Infantry (or SOI) or flight school, depending on which branch you go in to. We also have (when there is a need for more) a Navy Hospital Corps School (or NHCS) for training corpsman. Completing one of these schools will finish your transition into the unit.

Once joining the Unit all members will have the ability to gain rank within the Unit and learn detailed information about the military and its strategies and overall tactics. Once gaining rank members will have the ability to move to different parts of the Unit and take command of other members. Competitions with other Units or clans will warrant medals and accolades which will be awarded by the command staff. Never again will you want to join another clan or play lone wolf. This Unit will change your gaming experience once and for all!!!

Our Teamspeak server can be found at (PM 1stLt Mabes for the password)

Our game server (running 1.09b) can be found at

The type of players we are looking for need to be:

-ACTIVE (play every other day at least)


-easy going


-relatively knowledgeable of the US military or interesting in learning about it

-having a relatively mature and older sounding voice

-relatively educated

-wanting to learn more

-able to follow rules and/or commands in game play

-able to contribute something to the overall skill of the Unit (rifleman/tanker/pilot...)


What you need:

-Armed Assault

-computer capable of running Armed Assault

-DSL or better connection (preferably cable)

-download Teamspeak client 2


-headphones (speakers are ok but headphones are preferable)

If you have the above qualifications, please, come on our Teamspeak and chat with any one of our members. We consider your first visit to our Teamspeak server your interview, so be prepared to answer a few easy questions and listen for more information. Semper Fi, make ‘em die!


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We now have a 32-Player server running on 1.09. We generally play cooperative missions but will also load up Berserk and other PvP missions to have some variety.

We're always looking for mature and moderately serious players, hop in our server and join our teamspeak ( if you're interested in joining (PM me for our TS password).


Provided By GameTracker.com

-1st Lt. Mabes

2/4 E Co, 1st Rifle Plt Com

31st Marine Expeditionary Unit

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Our server is now running the 1.12 Beta...come on over and check us out @ www.31stMEU.org

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