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Project Alien

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Mr.Duck,how's life?

It(real life)still gettin in the way of your project?

Or you back for another go at it?


I think I might have that pack somewhere on

my hard-drive.I'll take a look.

In the meantime,I've made some progress,all

be it,small progress.

The ammo counter is now working on the pulse

rifle.Haven't fully tested it yet,as regards AI.

But as far as the player goes,it seems to work

very well.

The "bad" news is,because of how it's done,it

will only be available to properly modified units.

in this case,the marine.But it can be applied to

any model.Also,the resetting of the counter,on

reload,needs some work.It was a pain in the

ass to get it to this point btw.

Anyway,here's a short clip.If the marine looks

odd,it's because I've been re-arranging my

file structures(texture paths,etc).

PR Ammo counter demo

Bloody sound doesn't work though.


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I see you finally got a working counter to well , work. Very impresive + you managed to fill the pulserifle's ammo clip 4 with more bullet's than on Bastlers gun.

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ok people little update. WE ARE NOT DEAD! were busy alot smile_o.gif

and snowball has some personal problems so dont expect anything from him soon. just so you know.

from me: well i let pics speak for themselves biggrin_o.gif


pic above: its an airlock similar to the lv426 colony smile_o.gif smaller then the original i think but its changeable. well see biggrin_o.gif


same airlock but from mair perspective. (not to heigh, altitude problem i didnt fix yet. textures from Macser!

i working in a warehouse everyday whole day long so its logical im not in the mood to create addons when im tired biggrin_o.gif

anyways. something to keep you warm smile_o.gif

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Very nice job on that airlock thing , it looks like you imported the model and textures from AvP 2. tounge2.gif

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looking slick people, keep it up.

besides just being there, do you have any functions working or planned for that airlock? (which looks great by the way, don't get me wrong)

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the plan is atm to let it be a staticobject for the time being. just to have something to play with and MAYBE later on add some corridors and rooms and all smile_o.gif we will see biggrin_o.gif

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So it looks like The Marines , Dropship and APC are done...Any hint on the first release of these wonderful wonderful addons? It would make all the orphaned children ever so happy. smile_o.gif

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Hello Red,

Well I could release what I have,right now.

But I think that would be somethin of a spoiler.

Although the Dpship and APC work as standalone

vehicles,I haven't had time or skill enough to get

em functioning together.As in,for actual "drops".

The marines are pretty much the same.They're

workin as you would expect.But I'm tryin to

concentrate on gettin the content of a group

together.In other words with whatever units

you would expect to find in a "squad".

And I've also got to tidy 'em all up,visually.

Rest assured,we're still working hard on this project.

If it's taking a while,it's because we don't want to

release a load of rubbish.To be honest,we don't really

have a release schedule,so I can't say when to

expect something.And as regards screens and video,

if people express an interest in seeing them more

regularly,I'll gladly post 'em.I just don't want to

be "teasing" people too much.But at the same time,

I'd like them to see where we're at,and maintain some

form of contact.

Anyway,I hope the above makes some kind of sense.

Thanks for lookin in.



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I personally think you should take time on finishing those addons whatever they may be. Because a finished mod/addonpack is always better than unfinished.

Take your time for the good working addons and you guys should not hurry on the release. Good working mod always takes its time.

Good Luck.


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Yes I agree , you should take your precious time to complete this project at all your own paces. Don't rush on my behalf , Oh no! Better to release a wholesome quality mod than anything at all.

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Still busy refining existing units,adding to the

list as I go.There's a couple more not shown here,

as I'm still drawing a lot of textures.Such as the

SmartGunner,Ghillie sniper,Medic and Pilot/gunner.

Been tryin out GateBuilder.Very handy,once you

get used to it.





Standard Marine with "hideable" patches




M78 Marine with Power pack


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Looks very good man, no comments so far (although I slightly fear for the polycount of the standard marine...). What's this gatebuilder what you are talking about?

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i liked this AVP mod for OFP biggrin_o.gif

i made some stuff for ARMA, if you are interested just contact me biggrin_o.gif


here is link to APC screens model of that can be given to OFP gamers if you like, also there are other models like M41, M56, VP70, and Sniper rifle from AVP2 game

models are optimized, so it has no 10 000 polys like 3ds models available from web sites, such models will only cause lags, OFP engine is much weaker than other games of ARMA

so if you want to use some ARMA models to OFP and make your work easier, just contact me, i really like AVP biggrin_o.gif

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Looking excellent Macser. thumbs-up.gif .I can't believe out of all the mods that have been done for OFP Aliens is just started.

And Vilas your ArmA Aliens mod rocks but I can't help wonder why you've decided to give the M41A Pulse Rifle only 35 rounds of ammo instead of the standard 99 you see elsewhere? confused_o.gif

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Hello guys,

Thanks for lookin in,we appreciate it.

Now,in reverse order.


Thank you.

Well,I guess we'd like to go out with a bang,so to speak.

So now that most people have decent/good machines,

it's a good time to push the detail a little.And personally,

I didn't have much time before now.Which is probably the

case with the others.Better late than never though.



As a matter of fact,I've looked in on your progress from

time to time.You're doing some nice work over there.

So we definately appreciate you offering to use some

of your gear.As far as the APC goes,that's already

constructed,as is the Dropship.I just have to catch up

with the infantry models first,before I attempt to get 'em

workin together.But don't be surprised if we drop by to

grab some of yer stuff.



Hey,long time no see.Looks like we sci-fi fans are a dyin

breed,eh?You still hangin in there?

Polycount,hmm.Well,let me put it this way.It's comparable

to one of Hyakushiki's infantry models.But it also has

enough Lods to offset the count.Trust me,if I can run

a good size battle under ECP,with decent FPS.Then most

people can.As my machine's a dinosaur.

And that's with the dropship tearin the place to pieces.

Which in ECP,can be demanding.But thanks for remindin

me to watch for overkill.

Oh,and have a look here for info on "GateBuilder",a variant of O2.You can preview

your textures internally,rather than externally.Which is where

those pics came from.


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my god i have been away too long i hat my life atm well sum good news im getting my computor back sumtime today WooooT so i can get back to doing sum work yay

great work guys absalotlutly ace this mod has come from the ashes and wow im shocked how far its come well ill be contuing my work on the enemy units and stuff and well watch this space

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NP dude, yah we're a dyin race... But I'm still hangin on. If I made some significant progress I'll update my thread with pics, am currently still struggling with the fighter, good thing that I have vacation now biggrin_o.gif

Thanks for showing the Gatebuilder, I'll see if I can do something with it. How's you dropship doing by the way??

I got this pic of Scifi-ish samurai soldiers, I dunno if they might bring some inspiration for some OPFOR for the USCM (since the USCM manual stated they fought against the Japanese?).

click for picture here

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Well,the Dship works,if that's what ye mean.

At least as a gunship.Visually everything's

there.Anims function,missiles fly off the racks

and launcher's empty out.All 64 of 'em.Causes

quite a bit of destruction,but it's not invincible.

One AA strike will seriously damage it.

But there's still quite a bit of work to do.LODs

and such,to make it as tidy as possible.

Interesting pic you posted there.What's it from?

Although I was thinking along the lines of somethin

more "identifiable",if that's the right word.

Here's a quick sketch I did,a while ago.Not much to

go on,but maybe a possible direction.It's open to

interpretation I suppose,as there isn't any pictorial

reference for the "BeBops" that I've seen.


Oh,and I've also obtained permission to use,or at least

attempt to use the BAS cargo scripts.Thanks to DeadMeatXM2

for that.And of course credit will obviously be given,

providing I can get it working.That's the hard part.


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good to hear u have the permission smile_o.gif good luck with that smile_o.gif

nice scetch smile_o.gif looks a bit like the marines but dont they all look alike? smile_o.gif


What did you do to your sig macs? its different... let me know!



on my side of the addons wont be anything soon i guess. i work in a warehouse everyday and its quite exhausting smile_o.gif

and mr.duck, good luck with your mod too!! biggrin_o.gif

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Aye, thanks for the encouragements both of you. smile_o.gif


I got the pic from an artworks forum cgnetworks or something. I could be wrong but I think they we're suppose to be some kind of corporate soldiers making a final stand (attacked by coalition soldiers, I have a pic of those coalition soldiers too if you want it).

I didn't know you were good with the pencil too biggrin_o.gif

The bebop looks cool. Although "52c" might be replaced with some genuine kanji characters wink_o.gif (tried to post kanji character, failed...)

Anyway, I was also wondering how extensive you planned this mod to become. Is it only dropship standard marines and APC? Or are you also gonna make other stuff from the manual (Ridgeway tank? Fighters?)? How about making marines in spacesuits for combat in hostile environments (moon, mars, etc. etc. There is some documentation for that I think, a picture)?



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Cgnetworks?Sounds familiar.I think that's one of

D@nte's favorite haunts.If we're talkin about the

same place,I may have a look later.

As for the pencil,I'm more of a sketcher.Ye know,

quick work up to visualise an idea.It can be very

handy for deciding to keep or dump somethin.

That was one of a few sketches I did with somethin

else in mind,but I thought it could be a starting point.

We did indeed intend to add those vehicles/units

you mentioned,particularly the tanks.Like the

longstreet/ridgeway and Jackson.

Same with the air units.I'd definately like to throw

in some more.Like the "cougar" and "stingray".But I

think the "Snakefighter" heavy dship would end up

being just eye candy.Still,nothin wrong with eye


And yes,I'd planned to add an enviroment suited

marine too.But for now I'm going to focus on the

more familiar units/hardware from the film.


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hi guys just dropping a line to say good luck with this , i am a concept artist/ texture/ graphic designer, and i am in the middle of creating a board game on the film alien i, have loads of refrerence metrerial, on the subject , including floor plans of the the nostromo, plus tons of other stuff weapons , refernce time line links background info , mostly on the film alien , but i also have the alien quadrillogy nine disk boxset and alien vs predator film , if you need anything give me a click wink_o.gif

regards neilreed101

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Hello NeilReed101,

Thank you for the encouragement,I'm sure we could

use any help we can get reference wise.I don't know

how far reaching we can be,but it'd be good to make

things as rich as possible.I'd love to work in some

reference to the corporations,their personnel and

hardware.If it would fit the time line,something like

the Nostromo would be a nice addition.

But in the meantime,I'm going to concentrate on the

Colonial marines.If nothing else,we'd really like to get

them and their gear out there,for people to enjoy.

If you've got any reference material for them or any

hardware/Personnel,other than what appears in the

CM tech manual,then that'd be great.

Anyway,I'd like to wish you success with your board

game.Sounds like a big undertaking.

Thanks again for lookin in on us.Drop by any time.


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