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Is Sir Alex senile?

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Even a single cell amoeba could see there is no logic to playing Rooney on the wing or Giggs on the right, when every time he finds half an opening then has to check back onto his favoured left foot, which loses the impetus of the move - it's not just the il-logic of playing players out of position, it's the Bullshit tactics of backing off and backing off when the oppsition get the ball. That is why so many wonder strikes have been scored against United this season, they back off and dare the opposition to have a crack.

When United were at their best they played pressure football not allowing the opposition time on the ball, why did they abandon these tactics? does'nt Fergie remember those days? does'nt he remember how they won those trophies?

Another issue is the tinkering, they used to call Ranieri the tinker-man when he was at chelsea, but ranieri's got nothing on fergie, Giggs has been rested recently to the degree that today against the Arse he did'nt even look quite match fit, and was obviously rusty.

Because of what has recently been happening to Chelsea, it's gone virtually unnoticed that United have started shipping goals. And why do we ask ourselves this is? A couple of weeks before christmas fergie stated his intention to mix things up over christmas and rest some players, well, well, well, what do we find happening? yes that's right United start conceding goals. So is resting players and de-stabilizing the team more important than winning trophies? surely united would be out of sight in the premier league if fergie just kept a winning team. Why not, when a player looks 'tired' take him off in the game that he fails in? instead of trying to pre-anticipate when they need a rest?

United might win the premier league this season, but is it still time for fergie to go? or does it just need somebody to have a quiet word in the senile old fools ear to remind him how they used to dominate?

This is not a knee jerk reaction to today's result against the Arse, the United fans who chant at old trafford ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! for the last couple of seasons will know this. I know united's tactics in the last couple of seasons have been frustrating a lot of united supporters, this season has obviously been an improvement, and fergie uses the excuse that the young players need more experience and that it's a young team, young team? Van der Sar? Giggs? Neville? Ferdinand? Scholes? Heinze? Saha? Larsson? young team? Bullshit.

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