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How to make a briefing

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Hello everyone!So,I made a mission (MP),but I don't know how to make the briefing.I've read in the "Readme.txt" file,but I didn't quite understand how to make it.If anyone would be kind enough to tell me how to make the briefing (step by step) I would be very greatful!Thanks in advance smile_o.gif

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Search the forum for Chris's OFP Script Editor.

It is awsome for working with scripts and has many other usefull things such as Script Templates, Overview Wizards and Briefing Wizards and loads more.. Works with ArmA too of course..

[Done the searching for you.]

Chris' OFP Script Editor

Quote[/b] ]


This is a FULL COLOR OFP script editor and file creator. It also has built in WIZARDS for quickly and easily creating briefings, overviews, custom units, custom crates, and description files. Plus much, much, more! Check it out! Makes finishing and customizing your OFP missions a snap.

* Included File Wizards:

o Briefing Wizard (Creates single and multiplayer mission briefings)

o Overview Wizard (Creates a single player mission overview)

o Custom Unit Wizard (Create any unit you want)

o Crate Builder Wizard (Easily build custom ammo crates)

o Description Wizard (Easily add gear, respawning, sounds, and music)

* Current project files list allows you to quickly open any file from a working project.

* Save, create, and import text snippets.

* Labels bar makes it easy to find and jump to script labels.

* Contains a few of my favorite scripts that can be created with a click or traded for a few of your own favorite common scripts.

* Contains all Resistance upgraded weapons and ammo to 1.85.

* Toggle the Resistance features on or off.

* Contains the Official Command Reference Manual 1.85.

* MDI application for editing multiple documents at once.

* Enhanced text editing features.

* Easily updateable with separate data information files.

* Edit data files to add commands, weapons, and ammo manually from within the application.

* Built in HELP for all wizards, OFP files, scripting, and how to get started.

* Install is an official Windows Installer Package. Super-clean uninstall.

* MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Try it out!

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Links in both posts are dead. any other link available to download the script editor?

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One way to do your own briefings is to look at a mission that has one and then take their briefing ,

and edit it and then fill in the blanks with what you want it to read,

then try different stuff like deleting some thigns in it and see how it looks.

trial and error can give you an good idea.

theres also this:


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