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ArmA Demo

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ArmA Demo will be released on Fileplanet.com today 21st December, 9 AM Pacific US time.

I will update this topic with other download sources soon after the release of the demo.

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New "daily" ArmA Demo Update - build 5116 is available.

ArmA Demo 5116 from BI ftp server.



ArmA Demo 1.03 build 5116

January 10, 2007

Copyright © Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

See readme.txt file installed with ArmA Demo for more information.


-== www.armedassault.com ==-



ArmADemo Build 5116 allows to play the demo as a dedicated server host. In order to use this executable as dedicated server you need to start it with commandline parameter


See http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Armed_Assault:Dedicated_Server

for more information about usage of ArmA Dedicated servers.



You need to copy and overwrite the files in the folder where ArmA Demo is installed using updated files in this archive.



This update is intended for dedicated hosts only. However, it works also as client with some minor glitches and errors.



Note that this executable supports also German language based on your Windows settings (you can also set language in ArmA.cfg file stored in your windows documents folder). It's not recommended to use this exe to play the demo on game clients.



This update requires ArmA Demo 1.03 installed. See readme of the ArmA Demo 1.03 for more information.



5110 - Fixed: Dedicated server can use missions in addons now

5110 - Fixed: Voice recording did not work with some sound-cards/drivers.

5111 - Added: On-screen icons indicating bad connection quality or desync in MP

5111 - Improved: Multiplayer screens layout

5111 - Fixed: preloadCamera and preloadObject always return true on dedicated server.

5111 - Fixed: Dedicated server crash on preloadCamera (causing CTI crash in the demo).

5111 - Fixed: Tanks could fall through narrow gaps in some models.

5111 - Fixed: Command line option -netlog was still not enabled in 1.02 - fixed now.

5111 - Fixed: Targets are made known to AI once message about them is transmitted over radio. This prevents situations where AI gunner silently rejected a command because not knowing the target.

5111 - Fixed: Random DS crashes

5111 - Fixed: DS - Mission voting results show correctly localized mission name for missions in addons

5111 - Fixed: Failure opening custom files (face, squad logo) might be causing server termination.

5112 - Fixed: DS crash (for group with no waypoints)

5112 - New: Push to Talk actions for voice over net

5112 - Fixed: Keys 0,..,9 and F1,..,F12 are reserved even when combined with Ctrl key

5112 - Fixed: Crash caused by target handling change in 5111.

5114 - Added: functions createMarkerLocal, deleteMarkerLocal, setMarkerTextLocal, setMarkerShapeLocal, setMarkerBrushLocal, setMarkerDirLocal

5114 - Added: functions setMarkerPosLocal, setMarkerTypeLocal, setMarkerSizeLocal, setMarkerColorLocal

5114 - Added: functions markerDir, markerText

5114 - Fixed: setWPPos and setWaypointPosition now modifies waypoint position on all computers in MP

5115 - Fixed: Random crashes during reporting of targets (since 5111)

5115 - Fixed: MP session list - better sorting by the host name or the mission name

5115 - Fixed: DS crash after player disconnected and action command active for him

5115 - Fixed: UI - Enter no longer generate OK event when OK button not present

5115 - Fixed: MP - fire effects sometimes did not transfer (especially for JIP players)

5115 - Optimized: Somewhat reduced frame rate hit caused by bushes and trees on Normal, Low and Very Low shading detail settings.

5115 - Fixed: MP - show progress during mission transfer

5115 - New: Terrain Detail now controls grass detail as well (can be used to turn off the grass if you set terrain detail on very low) NOTE: in MP this is controlled by the server only

5115 - Fixed: Soldier movement stopped when firing in burst or auto mode or with an empty magazine.

5115 - New: MP - better progress indication during mission launching (work in progress)

5115 - Fixed: Terrain detail settings not working properly - could introduce holes on lower settings.

5115 - Fixed: Scene preloading could take long or never end with Shading detail Low or Very low

5115 - Improved: Reduced object LOD switching.

5115 - Optimized: General CPU optimization (only armademo.exe, it was already present in the full version)

5115 - Fixed: 9 Assign command added to the commanding menu

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