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ArmA Browser Toolbar v0.7 released!

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ArmA browser toolbar 0.7 released!

This toolbar as first started by JerryHopper of Radio Sahrani.

In the future it will be continued by Radio Sahrani and ArmAmods.net...thanks Jerry...

Quote[/b] ]What does the ArmA-en toolbar let me do?

* Includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner

* Instant access to our site from any site on the web

* Search from anywhere on the web

* Get instant access to useful links

* Get updates through the built-in message box (RSS)

* Listen to online radio from the toolbar

* Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts


We had Sahrani Radio in the beta as well. It has been removed for now because it is ACC encoded and does not work correct in the toolbars radio player. We need to talk to Jerry about that I guess.


The toolbar contains links to several english and German ArmA sites as well as to editing sites and tools.

The links will be extended as the tollbar is getting updated.

You have a good site that is missing? Post it here and we get it added!!

RSS News:

You get the latest news from your ArmA sites now directly to your toolbar. As for the links the RSS sites will be updated as we go.

Got a site with RSS news that should be listed? Post it here and we see if we can add it!

Hot Info:

Over this feature you will receive the hottest news directly from us.

And you can reply to them as well over the toolbar network if you feel that we made a mistake or that you have hot infos.


You can use the toolbars MSN if you like and you don't even need to have Messenger installed on your system


Get the free toolbar now and test it!

(no tracking, no spyware, no adverts...before you ask)


And don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions here!!

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No offense, but you want me to install a toolbar on my box that allows you to open some port on my machine and send me data ?

You are aware how easily such things can be exploited by evil doers ? crazy_o.gif

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The only thing that could be send to you ise the "hot info" and that works as a RSS feeder. you get the message that their is new "hot infos" but you're taken to a website that displays the infos and nothing else.

If you would be a little more specific about what you think that is opened and where you can see any security risk in this for your system it would be very nice to share this information in some propper feedback. The above doesn't tell us anything.

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As this is a community released item linked to fanpages I think S&FP is more appropriate.

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