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Is there a major bandwidth issue with CTF's?

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This related to a mission I've just made:


I used one of the CTF's included with ArmA as a basis for my CTF and after running it with two players we noticed that the mission is trying to upload an insane amount of data on the client side. For this two player CTF it was causing the client to upload at ~30KB/sec which was the limit of their connection, therefore they had a very large ping.

At first I thought this might be to do with the -server command being used, but the same results were produced with using the hosting function built into the game. I proceeded to try some of the CTF's included with the game to find out that they too cause the client to upload like crazy. Next I tried it with a computer on my LAN hosting the game via -server and when I connected and started a CTF it was uploading less than 10kbit/sec the entire time, often it averaged ~4kbit/sec and I also had desync.

The server has a dual core, 2.8ghz CPU with 1GB ECC memory so there's nothing wrong with the server which leads me to believe its something wrong with the game? Is anyone else finding this or know of any way to fix this issue? I'm running 1.01.

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