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SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

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Latest update version: 1.1 final on Aug. 16 2007, please see below for links and install instructions.

Hi, I have decided to release what I have been working on for a while, the SLX replacement pack, mod, and addons. There are many features so read on to find out all about them or just download and install to try it out for yourself!

There are three parts, the replacement pack, the mod configs, and the addons. The first part is the replacement pack which replaces default OFP content and should work with absolutely any mod. The second part is the mod configs which come with GL3 and SLX Wounds scripts added by default, along with many gameplay changes. The third part is the addons, which are individual features in themselves, but can also work together with each other and are combined and used by the mod configs. The addons are Global Group Link 3, SLX Wounds, SLX Cloudlets, SLX Vehicles, SLX Melee, SLX Grass, and SLX Grass CWC Islands. You can read the included readme's to learn more about each one.

The replacement pack:

The pack adds new effects and replaces default content with different versions. The pack replaces buildings, foliage, cloudlets, skies, moon, sun, light flare, muzzle flashes, atmosphereic lights, and various other objects. Most replacements are things from Resistance, some are just copies of stuff in Flashpoint, others are modified or made from scratch. Most buildings are replaced with entereable ones. Some of the bushes and grass in the replacement pack use a technique that works as concealment. It can be shot and walked through, but AI's cannot see through it. The islands Everon and Malden with SLX Grass replacing some bushes and grass is included and used in the config.cpp. The included config.cpp uses different cloudlet effects to make use of the new cloudlets. It also has a supersonic bullet crack sound and includes GroupLink 3 effects for all units which include the SLX Wounds effects. Also includes various gameplay changes and Sanctuary's DMA UNIGEN animation pack with the DMA leaning and rolling mod. Includes vehicles with get in animations, with units opening doors climbing in and then closing the doors, and opening and closing the doors to get out.

Models and textures replaced:

Cloudlets/particles replaced with high resolution effects. The fire is from Call of Duty, the same as John's fire and smoke effects uses. cl_basic and cl_water has animated curling cloudy smoke, animated in 3D Studio Max, base texture is from Call of Duty. The cl_basic cloudlet was designed to fit almost all places it is used(vehicle dust, smoke, drop effects, etc). Textures are stored in SLX_Cloud.pbo.

Sky textures replaced with very low resolution textures for smooth gradients. Smooth weather transitions work and don't slow down. Because they are very low res they have a smoother gradient blur and you can't see any graininess even when you zoom in. Sky model replaced with a version with 3D Studio UV mapping made from scratch so there's no stretching or warping at the top just a smooth gradient all the way from one horizon to the next. Sky model is made of triangles to minimize "tearing" or flashing in the sky.

Sky clouds replaced with higher resolution textures from Call of Duty.

Moon replaced with more phases to represent the phases of the moon. Only half of the phases are actually used in OFP, the other half of the lunar cycle is just flipped upside down. Moon textures are all from high resolution pictures so you can even see the shadows of the craters on the moon at different phases.

Forests replaced with modified resistance versions. The forests have shadows, geometry in bushes so AI's cannot see through them, canopy geometry to give concealment from AI's on higher terrain or in aircraft, and have optimized geometry for faster AI pathfinding while on foot.

All trees and bushes replaced with resistance versions.

Most grass replaced with larger tall grass that can be used as concealment.

Muzzle flashes replaced with one flash and two blanks so that only one third of shots make a muzzle flash. Unsuppressed and six pronged flash suppressed flashes replaced with unsuppressed muzzle flash. Suppressed/compensated side muzzle flashes added. M16 five prong birdcage flash suppressor and AK74 muzzle brake front muzzle flashes added. Suppressed and unsuppressed side muzzle flashes made from high quality muzzle flash pictures.

Some rifles modified to have the pilot LOD as the first resolution LOD so the details can be seen in third person. AK74, AK74 w/ Launcher, AK47, M16, M16 w/ Launcher replaced. M16's and AK74's use flash suppressor/muzzle brake muzzle flashes. M16 front texture modified to make holes in flash suppressor visible. M16 optics have suppressed muzzle flash. AK74 optics with muzzle brake flash added.

Replaced bullet hole on wall/vehicle model so CraterOnVehicle can use the model entry to display bullet holes on objects. Texture is very transparent to try and camouflage bullet holes where bullet holes should not be but sometimes be visible where they should be.

Night vision optics replaced with a larger, circular view.

Many unenterable buildings replaced with enterable versions. Makes it more likely that Group Link 3 will be able to pick a building for a squad to garrison.

All roads replaced with resistance versions. Dirt road modified to be more visible, modified end of dirt road to branch out so it looks like dirt is rubbed in different directions that vehicles left at.

Civilians replaced with resistance civilians.

Helicopter rotors replaced with 3D Studio rendered motion blur.

TOW missile modified to have flight engine exausts on the sides.

Various object models replaced with anything that had a resistance counterpart.

Volumetric lights replaced with less visible versions.

Light flare replaced with PhotoShop lens flare.

Spent shell casing modified to have different geometry so they can stay on the ground.

Global Group Link 3:

Based on Group Link 2 by KeyCat and Toadlife

The purpose of Group Link 3 is to analyze the situation on the battlefield, make groups perform maneuvers according to the situation, make the AI appear smarter, more difficult, and more interesting, and to add additional effects. Any squad can be initialized into GL3 and will dynamically react to all other GL3 squads.

GL3 Features:

AI routines roughly follow Sun Tzu's "The Art of War." Calculations measuring strength: Morale (strength, skill of leaders, backup, etc), Weather(bad weather affects things, like aircraft and munitions), Terrain (higher altitude versus enemy = tactical advantage), Skill (of leaders, backup, units), Amount of Reinforcements/Support (supplies, arty, air, nearby squads, etc). Flow like water: Flow to low places(fight weak squads), stay and watch slightly higher places(wait and see), run away from high places(fall back and find a weaker spot).

Squads scan through all other GL3 squads to collect information about known friendly and enemy forces.

Squads pass information about enemy squads to each other.

The strength of a squad is based on the number of armed units, type of vehicles, skill of units, skill of leader, and strength of nearby squads.

Infantry squads rush weaker enemies using bounding overwatch. Squads split up into teams and try to stay in a small group when they are rushing while the other teams are laying down. By rushing in a team it's more likely that one of them will get a shot off when they run into an enemy, where as if they were alone they could be picked off one by one.

Squads take cover when overmatched. If there are enterable buildings nearby infantry squads will garrison the building and use it's cover for a while. If the player is squad leader and enters a building with formation set to "Vee" then the player's squad will garrison the building. AI squads garrison nearby buildings at mission start. All buildings can be garrisoned from mission start but only buildings placed in the mission work for garrisoning after loading a save game.

Squads call for backup when they need reinforcements or support.

Squads retreat when they are severely outnumbered. They use bounding overwatch to perform an orderly withdrawl.

Squad radios for communications. Default radio is SINCGARS (SINgle Channel Ground and Air Radio System), each side can be set up to have their own type of radio but only the SINCGARS is included as default for all sides, some modern Russian manpack radios may look similar to the SINCGARS though. If someone in the squad has a radio and there are CoC artillery available then they will call in artillery when they come in contact with the enemy.

Groups shout out relevant commands while performing most actions and maneuvers.

GL3 Effects:

Suppressive fire on squads. Rate of fire is determined from any known enemy, so two rifle squads could suppress if they are all firing. A unit can suppress by quickly firing a weapon at an enemy squad.

Some unit types can be configured to create a CoC artillery platoon near them. The unit can be of any side but it must be manned. The default artillery creating units are the ammo trucks for each side.

Working smoke concealment. Smoke can not be seen through by AI's but can be walked and shot through.

APC's deploy smoke when infantry is disembarking in combat.

Tanks and APC's fire smoke grenades when attacked or injured to make them harder targets.

Wind affects aircraft and munitions. Aircraft flying with a headwind will slow down but get extra lift, flying with a tailwind gives more speed but can lose lift and drop in altitude. Wind speed is tied to the weather, so the more windy it is the more affected objects are. Flying in inclement weather can be dangerous, be careful of cross winds and wind shear. To tell how fast the wind is blowing and in which direction, watch for visual cues such as smoke or dust blowing in the wind.

Munition effects. Firing munitions creates effects such as smoke around the barrel, muzzle, and ejection port, a faint vapour trail along the munition's trajectory, tracers, munitions are affected by wind, hit effects with debris and dust, and riccochets. Smoke grenades create actual concealment, it takes a few seconds for the AI's to lose track of you if you're already in their sights, and don't shoot while depending on concealment or the AI's will fire at you. If the AI's are not targeting you then they will never see you if you stay behind the smoke. The smoke screen is affected by the wind, so if the wind changes the screen will move with it. Smoke is hazardous to breathe in for too long, and being in a confined space with smoke can be deadly. Firing a lot of tracers or explosives can set things on fire. Grass can be set on fire with machine gun tracers. Fire flows downwind, so you can plan for where it might go, but beware a change in wind direction sending the fire somewhere else. Uncontroled fires can cause widespread destruction. Launched grenades are not armed until they reach a safe distance of 14 to 27 meters, but unarmed grenades can still ricochet and hurt things that they hit. If you are using a weapon with good optics and the conditions are right you can see the "trace," or vapor trail, of the shot even if it's not a tracer round. You can use the trace to make corrections to your aim.

Vehicle damage. When a vehicle is damaged an effect will happen relevant to the amount and position of the damage. Vehicle damage effects include munitions malfunctions, fuel leaks, fire, tire blowouts, broken glass, main rotor damage, tail rotor failure, and temporary engine failure. For example, if a helicopter gets hit in the tail rotor casuing too much damage it will fail and start to go down. If a vehicle is hit in the engine, fuel tank, or body, it has a chance of starting a fuel leak. If a vehicle is leaking fuel it is vulnerable to catching on fire if it gets damaged again. The extent of the fire is based on the amount of damage the vehicle has, starting out as a small fire and eventually consuming the entire vehicle, then burning back down before extinguishing. The fire does damage to the vehicle and nearby things, ammunition cooks off while burning, and sometimes nearby things get set on fire. Fire can be put out by repairing the vehicle, submerging it in water, going over 400 kph, or if the fire is small enough you can try using the "put out fire" action (which has a somewhat random chance of working) until the fire goes out. People disembarking from a burning vehicle have a chance of catching fire proportional to the damage of the vehicle. They can put the fire out by getting healed or by keeping moving. People on fire will automatically crawl forward prone to keep moving, you can also try rolling on the ground to put the fire out if you are using a rolling mod such as DMA's. People sometimes burn up into charred body parts after they die and SLX Wounds is active. Helicopters with main rotor damage become more unstable the more damaged they are, eventually tearing themselves apart and crashing if they are too damaged. When a helicopter with main rotor damage crashes it throws up lots of dirt and dust as the blades are smashed apart on the ground.

When getting in or out of tanks and APC's the crew will turn out and then turn in, to simulate having to open hatches to get in or out.

Commander machine guns on tanks that can shoot at low flying aircraft. Crew turns out when commander's gun is fired.

Vehicle lights are left on when ejecting from a moving vehicle.

AI's do not eject from damaged helicopters while in the air to increase AI survivability.

SLX Wounds:

Location based wound effects on people when they are hit.

Arms - Small chance of an accidental discharge of their primary weapon. Small chance of dropping primary and/or secondary weapon when arms are very damaged.

Legs - Good chance of falling down prone if legs are very damaged. No effect when already prone.

Torso - Good chance of getting knocked down and out of breath for a second if damage is over 50%. If the torso is over 80% damaged and overall health is less than 60% then the person is critically wounded.

Head - 30% chance of temporary deafness and a 40% chance of temporary deafness, disorientation, and falling down if head is less than 50% damaged, most likely caused by grenade blasts. 90% chance of temporary deafness and falling if head is over 50% damaged.

If the person is hit in the head, body, or legs and overall health is less than the "SLX_Wound" value then they are critically wounded.

Critically wounded :

The person drops their primary weapon and lays on the ground writhing and screaming until either they are healed or die. They are unable to shoot any weapons, but can still throw hand grenades, so watch out. Killing wounded people that pose no threat at the moment(haven't thrown a hand grenade) will deduct 450 rating points. So if you have 0 rating points and killing a soldier gets +200 rating points and you kill a wounded soldier you end up with -250 rating points.

Dragging wounded/dead:

Wounded or dead units can be dragged to a safer location for giving first aid, corpse recovery, or item scavenging. Be careful of moving heavily wounded people though, moving them might kill them.

Giving first aid to wounded:

Giving first aid is based on the skill of the unit giving first aid. If first aid is unsuccessful in stabilizing the unit's condition then you will have to wait for a while before trying again. Giving first aid gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the unit first aid is being given to.

Taking captives:

If a wounded enemy is healed they will surrender. They can be taken captive and you can tell them to stay or follow you. If the captive is too far from you they will try to escape and continue fighting. Taking captives gives you rating points proportional to the skill of the unit being taken captive. Killing captives suffers the same rating deduction as for killing wounded. For a zero skilled soldier you should get 200 points for giving them first aid and taking them captive, the same as if you had killed them, but if you kill them after giving first aid and taking them captive you still end up losing 50 rating points.

Moving dead/wounded or captives in vehicles:

Wounded, dead, and captive units can be moved into vehicles by using the Drag or Follow action when in a vehicle. Make sure the action is in your action menu when entering the vehicle or you won't be able to use it. There must be free cargo space in the vehicle for the unit to enter.

Dropped weapons:

Dropped weapons can be destroyed by using the action menu close to them or by damaging(by shooting, etc) them to 50%. They can only be picked up by the action menu. They are affected by physics and can get thrown into the air from explosions.

AI's helping wounded/dead:

AI's will automatically try and help wounded or dead units. They will attempt to drag them into a safer position before giving first aid or scavenging weapons. AI's immediately go into alert mode when someone is wounded or killed.

AI's taking secondary weapons and machine guns:

If someone with a secondary weapon or a machine gun dies then another AI from their squad will attempt to come and pick up the weapon.


If a unit is killed with a high explosive and their velocity is high enough then they will be torn apart. Can be disabled by setting number of gibs to zero.

Catching fire:

If Group Link 3 is active and a unit is thrown into the air from a high explosive but not fast enough to dismember them then they might catch on fire.

SLX Mod bin\Config.cpp changes:

CfgCloudlet effects:

The cloudlet effects are all based on videos and photographs of their real life counterparts.

The explosion effects follow the basic descriptions of an explosion written in "U.S. Army Field Manual 3-50 Smoke Operations | Appendix G : Munition-Produced Dust"(http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-50/Appg.htm), the dust/fire ball, the dust skirt, the rising column of smoke, and some small lingering smoke. They are also based on videos of explosions of laser guided bombs, explosive ordinance disposal, hand grenades, aerial rockets and missiles, and improvised explosive devices. The fireball is usually very brief being usually a bright flash then mostly dust, but sometimes has a lot of fire. The dust skirt comes quickly after the dust/fire ball, it lingers for a while after the explosion before disipating. For larger explosions it spreads out over a large area but for smaller explosions it is just a single cloud and looks fairly good for the low fast appearing smoke from hand grenades. The smoke column rises after the explosion and dust skirt and drifts away in the wind, it is usually light grey and sometimes darker. Then a thin low smoke lingers near the crater.

The unguided rocket smoke is based on a videos of helicopters firing rockets, it starts off dark black and then thins out turning grey.

The guided missile smoke is based on pictures and videos of TOW missiles firing, a thin grey smoke that can be seen through, especially since some missiles are gunner controlled.

The water hit effect is based on videos and pictures of bullets hitting water, a thin plume of water.

The blood effect is based on videos of people getting shot, a small, thin, white, pink, or red vapour puff that sometimes lingers for a second.

The cfgCloudlets section can be copied directly over any other mod's config.cpp cfgCloudlets and should work fine. The same can be done for the WeaponGunClouds which are based on many videos of rifles and machine guns firing. Also, apparently due to the way OFP works the dust skirt and gun smoke blow in the opposite direction of the wind but the rest blow in the right direction.

Bayonets, melee weapons, and SLX_Melee.pbo:

All basic rifles have bayonets that can be used just by switching to them by changing the firing mode. Group Link 3 also gives armed units an always selectable "Hand-to-Hand" ability, and an item slot bayonet knife for each side(M9 bayonet knife for west and AK74 bayonet knife for east and resistance) that can be used as a knife, and for east soldiers, an item slot entrenching shovel. Item slot weapons can be used the same as the bayonets. Bayonets and item slot melee weapons should be used with the Group Link 3 shot effects active to make sure the "shots" don't fly too far. AI units are fairly effective with all melee weapons. Also, tanks and APC's are equipped with shovels and axes that can be taken from the vehicle and used.

Gameplay changes:

Higher AI rates of fire at longer ranges, higher man class armor for more wounding while still being easily killed, smaller grenades for more capacity, many changes to missiles to make them work with manual control smoke, vehicles don't deform when they are destroyed, spent casings stay around, less accurate aiming precision, no radar on tanks or APC's, ammo counter removed(only number of magazines or last bullets shown), and many more all listed with comments in the config.cpp.

There are still some things that have been left out but that's basically it! I hope you have as much fun playing around and looking at it as I had making it! :]


Contact info:

You can contact me by PM or send e-mail to: md-k at pacbell dot net

New release Aug. 16 2007:

Version 1.1 final:

SLX_Mod_1.1.rar @ FileFront.com 36.5 MB

Version 1.1 final Changes:

None, just the packed up last version.

Version 1.1 beta:

OFP.info Mirror: SLX_Mod_1.1_Beta.rar @ OFP.info

SLX_Mod_1.1_Beta.rar @ FileFront.com 36.4 MB


Version 1.1 Beta 3:


Version 1.1 Beta 3 changes:

Fixed some problems with Tonal Redux.

Version 1.1 beta Changes:

Changed grenade, RPG/LAW, and rifle bullet damage.

Removed windows from pub building so units can be seen.

Fixed XMS unable to use magazines.

Changed blackop pistols to suppressed glocks.

Made missile/rocket launch sounds longer ranged.

Added FFSX2007 config with full GL3 and SLX Wounds effects.

Added mod start .bat files to make starting mods easier. Added replacement pack check to make sure the replacement pack is installed and start the installer if it isn't.

Fixed damage type on flowers.

Disabled optics on AT prone movements and reload.

Made players able to quickly change stance with AT weapons using sprint back or forward. Thanks to FFUR for the idea!

Made tank track armor weaker for mobility kills.

Changed disposable LAW launcher reload animation.

Made regular FOV slightly larger and zoom in FOV slightly smaller.

Added thicker smoke for aircraft.

Changed some values for 30mm cannons.

Added string table.

Updated SLX_AT_Anims.pbo with changed rifle positions.

Changed helicopter sound range.

Removed speech for critical commands so AI's act faster.

Added DTA\LandTex.pbo with OFP:Resistance sand texture for intro island.

Updated SLX_Vehicles.pbo.

Added some tank tread replacement textures with transparent parts.

Added easier to see compass headings.

Changed muzzle velocity for suppressed glock and MP5SD to be subsonic.

Enabled firing while crawling.

Made some radio speech have less words spoken for faster AI response.

Changed tank wheel sides so they fit to the ground and rotate in the direction the tracks turn.

Made coaxial machine guns less accurate.

Updated SLX_GL3 to version 1.1.

Made some changes to GL3 script and suppressive fire script with ArmA GL3 changes.

Changed surrendering so players should only surrender when they have dropped all weapons and magazines.

Made suppressed animation interpolate with other animations so that weapons shouldn't change when suppressed. Thanks to MSMS_KDXer/Canukausiuka for the idea!

Changed some shot effect createVehicle commands to local camCreate and added locality checks for createVehicle.

Added timed grenade effect.

Made groups in safe mode not garrison buildings at mission start.

Changed smoke shoot script to remove use of game logic to try to prevent crashes.

Changed smoke launchers to only have one shot and have a sound when firing.

Made smoke launchers added to tanks at mission start and can be fired by players.

Made damaged tank parts not get repaired when on fire.

Made burning people use DMA prone rolling animations if they are loaded.

Changed give melee script to make binoculars the selected item model so the melee weapon isn't used with binocular animations.

Changed AI join so the player has to be group leader to take command of units.

Recoded supersonic bullet sounds with normalization to get rid of clipping and changed the range and pitch they are heard at.

Lowered speed needed for supersonic sounds so 380 mps pistols bullets will make sounds.

Excluded groups that shouldn't be called as backup if they are set to not fire, careless, or stealth.

Made radios given only to squad leaders with more than 1 person with them.

Made small groups of less than 3 people on foot not be called for backup from more than 1 kilometer away.

Made it nessisary for radios or vehicles to be in both groups for backup to be called when they are further than 1 kilometer apart. The backup will only be called after a person with a radio or in a vehicle has called and is still alive after 2 seconds.

Added disable maneuver setting.

Made backup groups set to a consistent formation, combat mode, and behavior when traveling so they will be able to engage enemies on the way.

Added dofollow leader command to end of maneuver scripts so group leaders should keep following waypoints and not get stuck.

Added check for radios so groups that already someone with a radio shouldn't be given another.

Added RTO unit in editor.

Removed most commented out code from scripts.

Made all known friendly vehicles added to ally strength so AI's shouldn't keep calling for backup when they know someone is already on the way.

Made commander machine gun less accurate.

Updated SLX_Wounds to version 1.1.

Made gibs created by local unit for MP.

Changed captive capturing so AI's shouldn't keep shooting at captives.

Added a check so AI's won't drag dead bodies if there's nothing worth taking. AI's should only drag dead people that have machine guns, secondary weapons, binoculars, or night vision devices.

Disabled weapons on surrender animations.

Made body parts stay around longer.

Removed weapon jam hit effect, possibly resolved crash.

Made captor's leader take over captives when captor is killed so the captives don't try to escape while surrounded.

Changed Dragging vehicle to make going over small steps easier.

Changed weapon dropping for surrendering and dragging enemies, possibly resolved crash.

More changes to drop weapon effect to reduce crashes.

To install the 1.1 version:

It's a full stand alone release, so you might want to rename or delete your old @SLX folder if there are any problems and do a clean install of it, but it shouldn't hurt to just extract it over the old one if you want to.

To install updates:

Extract the update content on top of the existing content.

I will update this post with more mirrors when they are available!

Thanks to Serial Killer, OFP.info, Q, ofpc.de, WGL, Lt.Chris, GOL-Clan.net, Jimboob, OFPFiles, and FileFront for hosting!

To install:

Extract the @SLX folder to your OFP directory, then run the "Start OFP SLX.bat" file.

To install mod configs:

Copy the mod+@SLX folder to your OFP directory, then run the Start SLX.bat file in the folder.

Using SLX effects/replacement pack with other mods:

Please read the readme for more information.

To use VTE or Tonal Redux config with GL3 and SLX Wounds with the mod's shout sounds:

Copy the @SLX\Mod configs\ModName\bin\ folder to the mod\bin\ folder. Then near the bottom of the @SLX\SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf file uncomment the appropriate line. Make sure you comment out the line before using another mod though.


Rifles and machine guns perforate a Ural and kick up dust and dirt.

A BMP on fire with the rear doors hanging open.

A burning Ural shot to pieces. The driver caught on fire and crawled away but was too wounded to put it out.

Rocket smoke, explosions, dust, and a UAZ on fire.

Wind blows fire from a burning BMP onto bushes and trees. A U.S. soldier drags a wounded russian away from the fire before giving him first aid.

Machine guns tear up a convoy with lots of dust downrange, dust from an RPG hit lingers.

You can see the shadows of the craters on the moon.

A ninja hiding in the grass, right in front of a soldier.

PK machine gun firing at a convoy.

The sun shines down from a clear blue sky with white puffy clouds.

Machine guns firing burning tracer rounds set vehicles, bushes, trees, and anything else on fire.

Anti aircraft fire hits an MI-17 in the engine which bursts into flames as it goes down.


Movie 1 by supershooter!

Movie 2 by supershooter!

Thanks for making these movies supershooter!

Video by plaintiff1

Thanks plaintiff1!

Thanks and credits:

Please read the included readme files for thanks and credits for each part.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped out in the thread!

Edited by Solus
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This sounds very interesting. I will give it a try today.

There are many features I really missed in OFP in terms of realism gameplay.

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Wow huh.gif

This looks like a gargantuan piece of work, clearly deserves a good try! smile_o.gif

I just have issues with compatibility with mods, as I don't launch vanilla OFP anymore...

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Hi, thanks for your comments! I tried to make everything as "generic" as possible so it could be applied to just about anything with as few OFP CWC specific stuff as possible. The only thing I can think of that would stick out especially would be the "shouting" that squads do when they perform stuff but that's easily modified by just redirecting the path to a mission folder and replacing the defines in the script. To do that, just extract SLX_GL3.pbo into a /users/userName/missions/missionName.intro/SLX_GL3/ and open up shout.sqs then modify the "_RUS_XXXXX = ["rusXX"]" stuff with similar sound files from whatever mod you're using. Then open up SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf in the @SLX mod folder and change the path setting to point to your mission folder. The same thing applies for SLX_Wounds, it has it's own shout.sqs but they should be the same so you could just copy the other over, and make sure SLX_Wounds_Path at the end of the settings sqf is changed too. You could also define specific ones that the mod uses and then put those together in the defines under the appropriate sections, but that's a little more work. So basically you could easily change the east shouts to german or vietnamese or whatever the mod you're using has. Also I haven't really cleaned up all of the scripts so there's probably a lot of commented out junk lying around, just ignore that stuff. tounge2.gif

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Wow...OK tha sounds like a handful crazy_o.gif lol

Well, I'll give that a try tomorrow. Need sleep tounge2.gif

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Just tested 5mn as i don't have the time for more now, but i am very impressed by the smoke that has nearly totally smooth transition unlike John's one , superb job on this.

The effects and features are nice, the sounds with the "ploc" are a bit strange in burst fire.

The knife combat and drag soldier features are very good additions to the game play.

I spotted a missing anim (sprint then go prone) bug that display the unit buried in ground during this missing anim is playing, it is not caused by the anim.pbo , but that is because of :

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">// SLX ADD : Requires Ninja_LLU.pbo addon.

class CombatSprintFToLying: Default

















You have not included the Ninja_LLU.pbo in the @SLX\Addons mod folder for this animation.

for people interested by this great mini mod, just get this ninja addon and drop the Ninja_LLU.pbo from the download inside the @SLX\Addons folder.

Very very good job with this mini mod and its tons of features icon14.gif

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Wow  huh.gif

This looks like a gargantuan piece of work, clearly deserves a good try!  smile_o.gif

I just have issues with compatibility with mods, as I don't launch vanilla OFP anymore...

I'm actually trying this mod combined with FFUR 2006 2.5 !!!!!!



Of course not all effects are possible since the config of FFUR overwrites the SLX config, but a lot of effects still work. Like grenades, smoke shells, replaced buildings, grass and so on.

My first impression:


AND SECOND THOUGHT: Thunderbird84 this is definitevely stuff that M U S T be imported into the next FFUR 2006 version. At least some of the stuff.

One question: After I get shot by the russians they heal me and drag away, but then they kill me. Is this a kind of sadism?


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One question: After I get shot by the russians they heal me and drag away, but then they kill me. Is this a kind of sadism?



Ahhhh excellent news! I'm so happy it works with FFUR!  yay.gif

/EDIT: Hmmm I can download the pictures but when I try and download the mod, Yousendit asks me to login confused_o.gif

The pictures totally made my mind up! wink_o.gif

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only let down:

when running @SLX and @ffur2006 i get really slow down on frame rates

fire and burning scripts are superb!!

concealment in bushes and trees is perfect!

death animations are great!

burning foliage is great idea!

Everyone should have a look at the pictures icluded in the @SLX mod folder

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After a short trial run with this it looks like it has some potential. The bullet hitting the ground effect is pretty cool, but theres a bit of a bug. Sometimes it causes a largre mound to form with what looks like gun ports and also when shooting laser like beams can be seen. Maybe some kind of tracer effect gone arye? Looks like lots of things have been changed will give it a more intense look later.

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Sanctuary: Whoops ! I totally forgot about that! I was going to comment that out before release with a note that it was an option to enable. I'll release a little patch with most excess comments in GL3 deleted and configs with that part commented out so it's not required anymore. (Although the quick dive is extremely useful when you're getting shot at and need to get behind cover quickly.) Thank you for your comments and link to the ninja addon! biggrin_o.gif

Kroky: There are still a few bugs with the taking captives part since it was kind of added on almost as an afterthought. Perhaps I will release an update with some work on that area. It's kind of hard to test that situation since you have to get wounded and not killed and then wait for them to come get you. What's supposed to happen is that they take you captive and you have to try and escape from them or wait until another friendly squad takes them out so you can keep fighting. I think the bug is caused by when they see you for just a second when you're between getting healed and being taken captive and they see you as an enemy and lock on to you, but when you get taken captive they are still targeting you and sometimes they fire. I think it might be fixable by putting a view blocking box around the captive so the AI can't see them while they're being taken captive, the same thing is done when people get wounded so they don't keep killing wounded people as often. I'm sure there are bugs like that all over the place but I wanted to release sometime before ArmA, so it's not perfect but most things should work for most regular situations. :]

As for slowdowns, is it when there's a lot of explosions and smoke in the air ? It's probably all the transparency being calculated, there's not much that can be done about that without affecting the look of things. One solution is to just have less particles and another is to have less transparency by making more stuff opaque and reducing any fade times. I might try some more tweaks to see if I can improve speed if it's possible.

Shashman: Hopefully the OFP.info mirror will be up soon, or maybe some kind person will be able to download and host it somewhere. :]

Zuku1: Do you mean the dirt debris effect ? It's supposed to be dirt getting kicked up when the bullet hits, maybe it's too opaque, or ? The tracer effect is ricochets from weapons with BIS "laser" tracers. You can enable GL3 tracer ricochets on the weapon by defining the weapon, magazine, or ammo type you were using in the tracers array in SLX_GL3_Settings.sqf and the ricochet will be different. Or you could put the weapon, magazine, or ammo in the explosives array and it won't ricochet but will still catch things on fire.

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Impressive Mod! I'm blown away by all the different effects that are included, the most obvious are the smoke and flame ones, but the scripting for the surrender,dragging and others are just awesome! For performance sake I'm going with 1.96 vanilla, sure it's the original BIS models, but the Mod sure gives it depth. Thank you smile_o.gif

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concerning the slowdowns:

it must have to do with running slx and ffur together because ffur for its self doesn't slow down that much and slx for itsself not.

it does happen when more then 3-4 units are in sight.

might also have to do with the high resolution version of everon. because I already have a modified everon, malden, kolgujev.

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sounds like a great mod... just waiting for a non YouSendit link so I can download..

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Shashman, BlackKnight777, and XCess: If you really want it now you could try registering there for free, you might have to wait until I can get another mirror though, sorry.

battle hampster: Thanks for your comments! Yes, the default BIS units aren't so bad when paired with all the effects, graphics aren't that noticable compared with more complex gameplay. biggrin_o.gif

Sniper Skull: Are you serious ? Because if you are... wink_o.gif Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you could try downloading the pictures if you want. :] I will try and put them up somewhere so they can be directly linked to.

Kroky: Hmm, I'm not sure of what might be causing that, I'll download the latest FFUR and see if I can reproduce it and find out what's wrong. Did you modify the config at all or just add ;FFUR in the -mod list ?

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Interestingly the fire and smoke effects dont cause the lag.

I had now a bis mission with the chopper shot down 10 vehicles they all still burn (I like that the vehicle burning stays much longer than in ffur) so it has to do something with the island changes.

I deleted the dta folder from @SLX mod folder and try now how it affects performance.

Love the grenades and the smoke shells!!

opening doors looks very realistic!!

Too bad that the drag, captive, scripts dont work with ffur.


The slowdowns come from ffur not from SLX. running OFP vanilla with SLX runs smoother than OFP vanilla with FFUR.

But there are still old vanilla OFP units.

So SLX is kind something like ECP. Great gameplay effects, bad looking.

If somebody could mix FFUR, SLX, ECP together then we had the ultimate mod.

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Solus, for direct linking of images try imageshack.us, I downloaded them ok, and it looks even better than before, but I can wait until ofp.info host it smile_o.gif

Also, does groupLink3 run automatically, like ECP's ai scripts or does i have to be enabled in the editor. It's n o problem if it is executed from the editor, but I can think of a few missions that would be improved with it.

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There are some pretty cool and inovative special effects in this mod. The drag effect is nice, in a group if you're wounded you can get someone to drag you out of danger and give you medical assitance or you can self heal as well. It looks like all ground troops can fire on aircraft (nice realism). The buring effect is very nice too, flames look realistic. A zoom view has been added to aircraft also.

Somethings I question would be with an armour group why does your crew keep leaving the vehicle? (makes battling a tank group is kinda difficult with no gunner). With a soldier throwing a grenade, it seems to roll off the the right of where you aim it to go. There is a bit of overall "glitchyness", maybe just too much with all the effects? Also when a tank rolls over your grass the whole grass area flattens out. Last the flight model seems to be more senistive, in a helo I keep finding myself flying backwards at a high rate of speed (maybe just takes some getting use to?)

Overall I really like it, more realism then OFP has yet to see. In a fire fight you have the bullet and grenade effects going off all around you, bodies ignite sometimes, one shot one kill seems to be gone.  biggrin_o.gif

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Kroky have you tried the DMA version of ECP? It replaces the weapons and infantry, but not the vehicles (not that hard to modify though, if you wanna replace the vehicles yourself.I think I'll be doing this)

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Kroky have you tried the DMA version of ECP? It replaces the weapons and infantry, but not the vehicles (not that hard to modify though, if you wanna replace the vehicles yourself.I think I'll be doing this)

Yes I tried it. with DMAArmyPack. It improves a lot. But implementing all the vehicles into a config is quite lot of a work.

Not only this FFUR has some very good effects.

Please let me know if you made such a config ECP with DMA units and replaced vehicles. Would like to try it out.

There is a ECP compatible config in the SLX mod folder but not for the ECP DMAArmyPack

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XCess: Thanks, I'll upload them there after I try uploading the mod somewhere else. Group Link 3 can be enabled either way, which also inits SLX Wounds with dragging, etc. The GL3 init is built in to the config.cpp just like ECP so it's always on in every mission. There's more written about it in the readme, but in short here's how to add it to any mod: Just add the init event handler to the AllVehicles class. Here's how it looks in the default config:

class AllVehicles:All



// SLX ADD : Event handler for GL3.

class EventHandlers


Init="_this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs};";


// SLX ADD : Vehicles don't get funky vertex deformed on destruction anymore.



And for something that already has init event handlers like ECP or FFUR just add that little line on the end like this example from the included ECP config:

#define ECP_EH_INIT "IF (format[{%1},ECP_path] == {scalar bool array string 0xfcffffef}) THEN { ECP_path = {\ECP_Effects\}; _this exec (ECP_path+{ECPinit.sqs});{_c = _x camcreate [0,0,0]} foreach [{ECP_MKII},{ECP_M61},{ECP_M67},{ECP_F1},{ECP_RGO},{ECP_RDG1},{ECP_ANM8},{ECP_ANM83},{ECP_

M18Red},{ECP_M18Green}]}; _this exec (ECP_path+{init.sqs}); _this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs};"

So basically just add "_this exec {\SLX_GL3\SLX_Init_GL3.sqs}" to an init event handler and you're good to go. Also be sure that all classes that inherit from the AllVehicles class either don't have an init event handler or have the GL3 init added to them.

Zuku1: Thanks for your comments! I think the jumping out of tanks is caused by the "_unit doMove _pos" command that I used in some of the scripts, one place was the bounding overwatch script, but I think I fixed that one by making it "vehicle _unit doMove _pos" so that the vehicle they were in would go there instead of the tank crews jumping out then getting ordered back in and I haven't gone through and changed all the others to take that fix into effect. The bug is probably from them trying to go help a wounded person. An update will have all doMove commands using the vehicle _unit doMove and more checks to make sure people in vehicles aren't called for help. All munitions are affected by wind, even grenades, watch which direction and smoke or dust is blowing, that's the direction your grenade will fly in depending on how strongly the wind is blowing. For the grass getting flattened, it's because it has the view blocking geometry all over it and is set to destruct type tent, so the tanks knock it all down when they touch it. The grass is meant to be kind of a placeholder, I was hoping it would inspire others to make better grass. I like that the grass is destroyable since it adds to the complexity when all that concealment can be taken away from explosives or burning or run over by tanks and when it's destroyed the scenery kind of changes and makes everything more dynamic. A fix would be to make smaller patches of grass but then you need more objects to cover a larger area so it's kind of a trade off between how much grass and concealment there is with how odd it looks when it's flattened. For the choppers handling different, that's either from the rotor tilt setting in the config(watch closely when you pull back and you might see the blades move a little) or from the cross wind that GL3 uses on aircraft. The more the wind is blowing the more the aircraft is pushed in the direction. Flying into the wind will slow you down and flying with the wind will give you more speed. If you are trying to hover in a helicopter the wind will keep blowing you around, the auto hover feature in OFP will try and hold you steady but can only correct for so much, then you will start blowing away in the wind so you have to correct for it manually and steer the chopper into the wind to stay in the same spot. For the armor on people I tried to increase it just enough to make wounding more likely while still keeping them easily killed, a one hit kill head shot with most pistols is what I tested the armor for.

Kroky: Thanks for more comments! The config.cpp is commented with "SLX MOD" and "SLX ADD" like in the AllVehicles example above so all of those things could be easily searched for and replaced in any other mod's config. The "mod" ones are modifications of existing variables with the commented out old ones above and the new ones below, and the "add" ones are additions to the class with the new parts below. Just search the SLX config.cpp for "SLX" and then search the other mod config for the changed setting and copy the changes. Some parts might be a little confusing, like the guided missiles and carl gustav section, but most should hopefully be fairly understandable.

Edit: Here's a new download link, see if it works for you: Download

There's a little box in the middle right side to enter the confirmation code, then you can download.

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Those screenshots look REALLY impressive! Looking at them amde me want to replay the campaigns, and will probably tide me over until Armed Assault gets released in North America. I hope you continue your work for ArmA too notworthy.gif


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