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are you pro russian??? or pro american???

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hi i would like to remind that we are europeans and not american...

beeing allied with RUSSIAN is our future!!!!!!

we are for example developping a new GPS system....

we europeans falled in euro...

the union makes us stronger.

CZ should be a little more for russian i think.

cuz you know only WATER are between us and americans...

these suckers don t care of what happen down here in europe.

if they helped us during WW2 it was to avoid germans attacking them if they won...

we, europeans had several bills to pay back to americans too...

the only thing americans wants is to have the europe to stay dependant of them...

the americans are pretty safe where they are... only see surround them....

imagine an invasion of usa... we would have to disembark them... and before crossing the sea!!

you must notice the growth of the chinneese population...

they are a real big superpower.

think about it.


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I'm not particularly pro either of them.

I prefer Russia to a slight degree mainly for the fact that they are not buggering up such a large part of the world as the US is doing.

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Was this post solely to have a bitch about the USA and start a flamewar?

Either way IMO it was a rather dumb post, how can you be for or against a nation? There are good and bad sides to every nation, just like there are good and bad sides to all people.


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