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Kendo J

WWII folly

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As of 24/07/06 The mission has been updated with the Gameplay bug's fixed but no intro yet.....

Hey, I have made a mission using the I44 demo....

this started out as an experiment of writing some of my own scripts and going oldschool flashpoint with scripting...

Basically I have got annoyed with large scripts like DAC and snYpirs support pack with thier minor errors and things making life difficult in producing final version missions that have absolutly no errors.

This mission has some of my own simple written scripts and some modified already written ones from I44 (de-pbo'ed) and a few old sources.

Made on OFp 1.96

addons are

I44 demo


Normandy island


In this mission you are a Platoon commander of 82nd Airbourne. Your Battalion has landed at 03:00h on June 6th 1944.

After securing your primary objective of a Bridgehead south of Omaha beach you must destroy major German targets in your sector before helping the Allies to break through German defences on a newly established frontline only 2 clicks south of Omaha.

You will be involved in combined assaults, lone attacks on fuel and ammo dumps. and in the main battle to secure major crossroads along the german frontline.

Many of the scripts used have been stolen from a de-pbo'd I44 campaign, and other sources... all scripts have been modified by me so that they suit this mission. some have been written by me like the delete dead bodies script a surrender script and a few others to add atmospherics...

the only improvement I know I need to do is to increase the volume of mortars firing, add an intro setting the scene (a skill I have only recently developed) and to update the briefing... although this won't change much.

Hope you enjoy


here it is


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Looking forward to play it...but the link for the mission download does not work (I guess that ofpec is being updated atm).

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Here is what I need to do to the mission after beta testing by some buddies and myself

1. Increase the volume of mortars firing,

2. add an intro setting the scene

3.update the briefing

----------- stuff i identified while testing for myself last night--------

4.The reinforcement troops didn't join my squad when i finnished the first 2 objectives... they did when I first wrote the small script and tested in desert island..?huh.gif?

5.the end triggers are a bit crude it is possible for the mission to finnish while you are attacking one part of the frontline because the mortars and freindlies kill all the germans at anouther part..... this will give you the wrong debreifing and might cause you to loose points or your temper.....


I have a sequel in mind too....

after the initial landings in June the allied expansion was counter attacked and the germans held St-lo untill July 18 and Caen untill July 13. Not to mention anouther german counter attack southeast of Caen on july 20th.

This is a classic WWII German tactic that the Allies did not adapt to very well... By lightly defending thier forward positions and holding the main force in reserve further back A counter attack can be a far more effective form of defence. Especially when the allies rely on Artillery to soften up the enemy positions... if there are not many dudes under bombardment then it is just a waste of shells.

My mission will be a sequel because in this operation overlord mission you can take St-lo or Caen... However, the sequel will stage a repulse by german troops and you will have to retake these positions on a frontline running North-South rather than East-West (as in this mission).

-------- But first I will finnish this one off...



By the way I downloaded Ardennes map and the patches and was duley informed that i required Kegety's winter everon which i could not find anywhere...

I really want to use the Ardenne map as a following sequel to this (and possibly the next mission) as Operation Overlord (June 6th - July24) turns in to Operation Cobra (July 25 -August 27th) and finnally Market Garden (which i wish to avoid) and the advance on the west wall/seigfied line (the main defence of the german border)

In my opinion the Ardennes offensive is the most interesting of the western front.... I only made a Normandy mission cos I couldn't get the Ardennes map to work

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I didnt see winter everon on kegetys site, so heres an alternate link:


(if you dont have cookies enabled click on 'islands' on the ofp.info homepage and it should be on the 13th page, 8th one from the top)

I went through ofpec.com but on this forum there was not even a link for download.

I like the use of counterattacks or reinforcements in missions. I would suggest grouplinkII by Keycat (toadlife). I think you have used this on your 'Marine Expeditionary Force' mission. You can always modify it to best fit the type of counter/reinforcement, and it helps the randomization of the enemy units.

Hoping to download this at some point, good luck with the mission.

EDIT: needed to log in first, then the download link appeared. Testing now...

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Nice mission. Have a few gripes/suggestions after testing it:

Mods used:

-i44demo + normandie island loaded as separate mod folder

-Modsky (modified Modulsky).

AI placement: Imo you have put them in very good places, and I think your effort to create a large battle can be seen on this map. The problem is that enemies are really spread out, making it more of a nuisance to run there, shoot them, run here shoot them.... Id like to see more AI attacking/defending each town to make use of those well placed MG42s....but OFP has its limitations on how many AI can be on a battlefield (lag). My suggestion is to have a more CQB. The towns on Normandie are large and have very nice structures to place enemies in/around. I guess the artillery will need to be balanced to not make the map too easy.

Reinforcement/Counterattack: When I played this enemy reinforcements were often to late/too early to arrive. It didnt "feel" like reinforcements. My suggestion is, for example, to have a German half-track rushing in and disembarking troops.

Objectives: The mission had 5 objectives, with similar if not same type of attack. Liberate the town and defend against reinforcements. A little variety of objectives is my suggestion.

Id agree with everything you said on your beta test. The freindly reinforcements did not join my squad either.

I think that ECP would enhance this mission a lot although I didnt use it this time. I really like the realistic part of the mission, and how enemies are everywhere - you cant waltz through each town or even on the way to a town. My suggestions are mostly on gameplay. Overall, I think it has a potential of a really fun mission that should also be converted for multiplayer. Nice work!



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Hey Incubus,

Kendo's missions are great, I have all of them I think? They are pretty heavily scripted using DAC and can be a bit laggy at times. They play great in single player, I hope you can get it to work on your server.

I've been tweaking a couple of missions a bit that I'll send you shortly to see if you'd want to use them on the server.



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tx Zulu

sorry im really was here long time ago

anyway dont ya wanna join and help me to convert/fix missions to server?

i got dozen of missions whats need fixin'

we need a little advertisement and manage too ;)

feel free to join and help others too ;)


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After interest in the server dropped off I started to loose interest in WWII. I'd be willing to get back into it though. I have many missions, but most won't work with server addons and need to be reworked.

You might get WW2Weasel to help out, he's a nut for WWII. I've tried to get people from vetsquad and CiA to check out the server, but they haven't been around lately. I'm sure Worsen would like to play again, and maybe Yopo from recon.

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