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Sector Wars II

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I wasn't going to release this but thought i might as well after being nagged at. Its a single player mission that goes in your MPMissions folder. Its 1 player and 1 playable west soldier against ai east units and armour. Please note i made this for fun, and there are more east than west, the way i like it. And i may release my other missions depending on how this mother does.

The Mission


You Have to capture 3 sectors to score points. The more sectors the more points. Ai will attack and hunt you

down like the dog you are. They will call in artillery if your spotted. So keep moving or your f*ckin' dead.

The soldiers will throw smoke when attacked/injured. Heli's on both sides will try and destroy your ass. Weather

changes throughout. Added KaRRiLLioNs ammocrate GUI, and an artillery GUI for your own personal artillery calls,100

rounds max. Various time settings and various weather and daytime parameters at game start, dusk, dawn, noon, fog,

and overcast to name a few. Vehicles respawn when left or damaged as does the ai. Dead bodies removed etc etc. And

damaged buildings repair when damaged after you enter any sector area. I think you get the idea.

Added weapon select in gear section of briefing. (Click on weapon pic to select.)

Added Doolittle's quick getin/getout script.

Added Doolittle's vehicle respawn script with a fix thanks to Dooie. (I nagged him)

Added player marker script borrowed from Doolittle's mission.

Added Gummi's weather script.

Added General Barron's cool wiggle script. (I love that one)

Added Keycat's MP armour battle fix.

Added KaRRiLLioN's GUI ammocrate. (Excellent)

Added the excellent spawnman scripts by various people. (Thanks guys)

Added artillery GUI by unknown. (Useful Gui, cool)

Added sector markers from KaRRiLLioN's mission. (Edited a little)

Added Toadlife's weapon respawn. (Cool script)

Added killed script. Removes dead bodies.

Added Hakon's place satchels to vehicles script. (Cool)

Added repair damaged buildings. (Only sector buildings, not whole map)

That will do as i'm bored now. Serously though, thanks guys. biggrin_o.gif



I wish to thank all the script writers out there that have written some truely excellent scripts.

Too many names but i wish to thank doolittle for his help in the past. I can't write scripts but i

can sure rip/edit them to suit. And to BIS for a truelly addictive game even years later i'm still

playing it. And thankyou to all the forums/websites out there keeping this game alive. And a final

thankyou to all mod/addon makers out there. Some f*cking awsome stuff out there ;-)

Download link: http://www.badongo.com/file/448374

Oh i forgot it requires Resistance 1-96 to be safe and the two addons are supplied. InvTargets and EditorUpdate102.

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Glad you liked it, but wouldn't designate it as funny, LOL! You can play it as a single player but due to the scripts used it has to be put in MPMissions folder. And i'm adding some east players that are playable and maybe more stuff. But like i said i originally made it for fun so i could muck about offline when i got the urge. I suppose it could be a west co-op mission, will add some more playable players if people are interested.

Jon wink_o.gif

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