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World Conflicts Clan (International Gaming since 2003)


Operation Flashpoint is your favourite game and your are waiting

to play Armed Assault online with the ultimate team experience?

Then the World Conflicts Clan is your choice!

We are one of the biggest Multigaming-Clans in Europe,

after the BF Series and COD2, we are going to the next level:

Operation Flashpoint + Armed Assault in our "Project Flashpoint"

Help us to form a strong Armed Assault team!

What you need:

- Being at least 16 years old

- Knowledge in Basic school-english

- A headset

- A original copy of Operation Flashpiont + Resistance Addon

- At least a 384kbit ADSL connection

- Living in Europe

The normal clanmembership is free, no costs!

No special skill needed, no trial-tests, we only check

ur behavior towards others for a week.

We will start with OFP1 in the next days, the aim is to form a

good working team that will start playing Armed Assault as

soon as it is released. So OFP is just for "Warmup"

Teamplay and Engagement is the key of success in the WCC Clan,

Personal skills are secondary, the skill of the whole team is

that what counts!!!

Register on our board and post under "Recruting Office PFP" if

you wanna join us.


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Um isnt this a Squads and Fanpages topic?

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Please look around before posting to make sure you post in the right place smile_o.gif

Moving to Squads & Fanpages.

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