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in search for the iraqi war k.i.a's website.

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hey guys, there was once a website were you could see the information of all the american soldiers who were killed in action.

you could see the name, the date, and how he died.

help would be apriciated


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CNN List

Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties

Includes pictures, NAME, AGE, UNIT, HOMETOWN and DETAILS of death.

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Hi aviel

Coaltion Casuties in GW2

Here are the coalitions casualty reports


Total coalition casualties topped 2,000 a few months back US casualties currently stand at 1,980

Incomplete Iraqi Military and Police casualties in the insugency

The incomplete total Iraqi military and police deaths attributable to the insurgency are on this page


and stand at 2,121 in 2005 and 1,300 deaths for which there are records before then. So it stands at an incomplete total of 3,421 Iraqi Police and Military.

Estimates of Iraqi military casualties in the 6 weeks of "major combat" of GW2

Iraqi Military casualties in the war was not considered important enough to tally. There are various rough estimates for the total killed during the 6 weeks of "major combat" in March–April 2003

* 30,000 (estimate by General Tommy Franks)

* 6,119 to 15,925 (from a compilation of incident reports)

* 4,895 to 6,370 (one study's estimate)

* 13,500 to 45,000 (one journalist's estimate)

around 124,000 U.S. troops believe they killed one or more Iraqi combatants in 2003.

Take your pick as to which is correct

Iraqi Civilian deaths in GW2

The deaths of Iraqi civilians due to the war has never been considered important enough to gather official data on but the figures on this site are generally accepted as being a verifiable minimum of 26,661 and a reasonable maximum 30,018


There have been various attempts to make an scientific estimate of the body count of the total civilians killed in GW2 probably the one by the Lancet is best known (do a search) estimated 100,000 excess deaths (8,000 to 194,000 at 95% confidence interval), with roughly three times as many injured.

As I said, the coalition as the occupying authority has never considered registration of civilian graves and deaths in the war as a priority. Neither does the current caretaker government of Iraq.

Kind Regards Walker

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Shame we don't have some kind of "Iraq thread" for discussing all things pertaining to Iraq........

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