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AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator

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Read it:

Quote[/b] ]AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator: Super-Realism for More Enemy Kills in Battle

Posted on Thursday, September 08 @ 12:25:36 PDT by davidc

by David Crane


As a door gunner in an MH-60 helo, your crew is assigned a mission to locate and destroy escaping insurgent vehicles following an attack on a troop convoy. You look around the cockpit to make sure everything is secure before liftoff. Shortly, with the wind in your face and flying at 140 knots at tree top level, your pilot identifies and calls out an enemy target on the road ahead. You locate the target and begin firing your .50 cal at the escaping vehicle. Following your tracers and impact points, you move your line of fire onto the target. The truck carrying insurgents is destroyed. The pilot immediately calls out another target and you prepare to acquire it……Stop.

Where are you? Are you in the Iraqi battlespace/field of operations? No, you're not. But it looks, and sounds, and feels like you are because you're inside an...

The story is at:


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I do some reading on new technologies and I don't mind sharing it. I hope you like it.

Enjoy. smile_o.gif

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