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Kronö island Beta v0.1

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thanks for answering, i don't really mind, i leave the 2nd week in october for training until next december, so who knows, maybe flashpoint 2 will be out by then, but i'm doubting it. either way, nice island, i'm enjoying it.

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looks like the 0.8 version will be out today just wayting for Redkid to fix the Demo mission for it

some new pics

Armoured Regiment


Old factory


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Kronö version 0.8


Quote[/b] ]


This is version 0.8 of the Island Kronö

fixed for this version is alot cant count them all :P

ther is allso alot of new objects made for it all objects named H85_

is made by me all Textures are by Instructor, MIG and me

config by granQ

and The Shadow on beta testing

Special thanks to

Swedish Forces Pack http://www.swepack.tk/ (use the forum)

Mapfact http://www.mapfact.net/

Instructor (dont know if he got a site)

Bistudio http://www.bistudio.com/

MIG from Farmlands MOD

Addons needed

Finnish Building Pack [10,5 MB]



Military Objects pack [3,7 MB]



Mapfact barracks V 1.5 [3,69 MB]



Demo1 COOP mission (By Hornet85) Needs SFP 3.0 (30mb) ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/SFP_30.zip

The objectiv is to get out alive your truck have ben attacked by a enemy Hind and ther is

only 4 survivurs get to the last helikopter and get out of ther alive (you are behind enemy lines)

all objects by me can be edited with out asking the rest of the stuf is copyrighted© to ther makers

Henric Sandqvist Aka Hornet85

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Ok, some criticism:

-The objects look too clean.

-The objects look like they have just been painted, or that the infrastructure has been in place for less then a day. Some damage (like scratches and dirt) and some fading of the paint couldn't hurt.

Using buildings and other objects from another pack doesn't mean that you can't improve them (with permission of the author of course) wink_o.gif

yepp but i dident get premission to edit them (the House pack that is)

the Mapfact stuff i dont know

Sgt Eversman sorry forgot abut it  whistle.gif

Of course you can edit the textures if you want to. I gave you permission to "use" them, and that included modifying and separating them from the rest of the pack.  smile_o.gif Just not the buildings.

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Finarvas most of Sweden is realy flat but yes ther will be some hils and things like that to

I'm swedish too :P And it's not that flat, even in Skĺne. That said I only mean you could add some more rolling terrain, so it's not 90 degrees flat.

I love small, lag-free islands so this is great, keep up the good work!

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