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Usage of PM's

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I just want to raise two points as I've received a couple of complaints with regard to how a couple of individuals are abusing PM's........

Firstly as you're all aware flaming isn't tolerated on the forums, we're striving to create a calm, happy, respectful community forum, some people have taken this to mean that they can send abusive PM's to people instead, this is something that we will not tolerate, just because it's in private it's still something that's being done through the forums and we don't consider it acceptable, people who persist in this will unfortunately have to find another forum to post in. If anyone receives a PM they consider abusive/offensive please contact a moderator and we will deal with the matter smile.gif

One other thing, what's sent in a PM should never be posted on the public forums, if the PM contains something you find offensive/abusive then as stated above contact one of us about it privately, I don't want to see any threads of the nature "Look what Jonny Fuckwit (made up name) sent me in a PM, isn't he a dumb ass" etc. Any such threads will be deleted immediately and the originator warned about their behaviour smile.gif

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