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Realistic Mission Making Resource Thread

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Sorry If I am wrong, but I think that original thread changed to information source about doctrines, tactics and so on, no more TDG...

So please don´t post your solutions here, it would make a bit chaos here.

Hellfish - is it possible for you (as a moderator) to make unsticked TDG thread and transfer all posts that are related to TDG to new thread (and delete here)?

Anyway when I write this message, I will comment the solution from my viewpoint (not soldier, just "military airsofter").

You left very suitable defensive posts even before enemy seen you. Note that enemy is much stronger than you and the "deadzone" is too small - you kill some soldiers and rest hide in orchard. Enemy have mortars and I believe it to be used against MG position at least. Enemy will have good chnce to flank east (in cover of forrest) and your MG would be trapped and crossfired (orchard and east forest). However, at least you have good withdraw route for rest of squad. I dont belive this tactic to have ideal delaying effect on enemy.

It may work better than Gandalfs plan as he have too few force to advance - I am not sure but the rest two teams are blocking points or what Im not sure if that means squad.

However - theoreticly its not bad idea since he make much space to continuosly delay and withdraw. But I wouldn´t belive he would make these positions in time and also the red team should be seen.

I would stay with my plan wrote at begining - it would crush the front of enemy column and make good chaos to enemy commander. Also, enemy wouldn´t have good covering positions which would endanger me.

I would belive enemy fo fall bit back, taking cover, find what happend and then use mortars and flank.

I would keep my positions and firing enemy until he gets to cover and than withdraw - one part to West forrest, second to east forrest. This will mean that enemy will fire mortars on empty positions (from his position he wouldn´t have good watch to me an my moves) and since he tries to flank, I will be ready - continuosly slowing him in forrests or firing from forrest to open ground and than withdraw bit back to avoid mortars. Note that space in middle is covered and enemy shoul expect that.

We can debate that trough PM until the new thread is estabilished.

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Excuse me !

We understood ourselves wrongly. Naturally one cannot keep the positions eternal here. The enemy can have mortars and thus is delay only possible tactics from my view. The enemy is on the crossing under fire to become thereby it into the orchard and to the north withdraws itself. Without sufficient support (artillery, helicopter, airplanes or reinforcements) one knows this combat (from my view) but does not win only self-towards troops the time to provide. A 3rd (probably improves) possibility gives it however still. The mg would have to take temporarily a position right from own position and the course takes position in the ditch at the northeast end of the orchard and attacks the enemy. The mg would not have to then secure however direction the east (forest) with it the enemy the own course to can go around. As said - without support however no 30 minutes can hold themselves young there.

Gandalf has actually none it not times the tactical indications had recognized flat made there. Its routes were connected with positions and the course are however in orchard. It could also not go from there forward the enemy into its direction moved and thus remains oneself no time for the 600 meters there. The only possible is thus like avowedly either positions at the edge of forest prepares above, the enemy attacks and then again withdraws themselves or position immediately into digs and at the crossing (or in a house) takes, the enemy in the open area fires at (in the curve) likewise evade and then after some time by orchard.

Sorry for my english - its not my first language and this text is partialy translated with google. wink_o.gif




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I like to make realistic missions mostly after Ive watched the History Channel tounge_o.gif I can cook up some nice senarios after watching it.

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I need all about organisation (men,apcs) of US Infantry (Bradley) Reconaissance platoon and their tactics.

Can anybody help me ?


A Bradley recon platoon???  Earlier in this thread there is an excellant Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) displaying a mechanized infantry platoon.  

But even if you don't have military experiance, ask yourself how likely is it that an US infantry force would perform recon with M2s?

There a handful of alternatives.  All combat arms battalions, regardless of branch and organizations, have a scout platoon attached to the headquarters of the headquaters company (HHC) which reports directly to the battalion commander (Bn Co).

The scout platoon is generally lead by the top lieutenant in the organization and is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the Bn Co by conducting leaders recons to determine OCOKA and benefit METT-TC.

OCOKA: Observation and Fields of Fire, Cover & Concealment, Obstacles, Key Terrain, and Avenues of Approach

METT-TC: Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Time Available, Troops, and Civilian Considerations.

It sounds like you'd like to have an armor or mechanized force.  For an armor force, consider looking into the organization of a cavalry platoon or troop, who use M3 bradleys instead of the infantry's M2 variety.

But what is even more likely than organic calvalry assets at the battalion level is a platoon of mounted infantry or cavalry (who often dismount close to the objective) using HMMWVs.  Equip them the HMMWVs with 3 soldiers per vehicle, and have the vehicles carry M2s, Mk19s, or M240s on top.

I hope this helped, goodluck with the mission and keep us posted.


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I know there's always talk of how to make a proper briefing. I can't speak for the other services, but in the US Army, there are two types of briefings. The Warning Order (WARNO) and the Operations Order (OPORD).

Both the WARNO and OPORD contain five paragraphs:

1. Situation

2. Mission

3. Execution

4. Command & Signal

5. Service Support

The WARNO is used when orders first come down from higher units. It gives subordinates time to prepare while leaders plan. OPORDs are the final product and full blown product.

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">WARNING ORDER #2

WARNO # 02                        DTG/ZONE: 251600JUL04                REF: MAP SERIES—USMA 1:25        PAGE 01 OF 02 PAGES




1.  Composition:  Enemy forces currently in AO WOLFHOUND consist of elements of the Palisades Liberation Army (PLA); PLA is composed of two light infantry battalions, the 91st and 92nd . Enemy forces also include a pro-Atlantican terrorist group identified as the Diablo that could affect AO WOLFHOUND.  Finally, the Atlantica’s People’s Revolutionary Army 25th Motorized Infantry Battalion operating in Atlantica. Disposition: PLA forces are currently conducting team and squad-sized recon operations.  Strength: PLA is composed of two light infantry battalions, the 91st and 92nd at 80% and 20% strength respectfully (100 troops and approx. 20 troops).  PLA soldiers from both the 91st and 92nd Infantry Battalions will wear uniforms composed of some combination of OG-107, desert camouflage uniform, or U.S. style BDUs. Their headgear will consist of bush cap or patrol cap. PLA forces share the same rank structure as U.S. forces. Capabilities: PLA forces will be armed with U.S. weapons captured from Cortinia. These weapons will include the M4, M249, and the M240B.  

              2.  Recent Actions:  PLA forces are currently conducting team and squad-sized reconnaissance operations against Cortinian forces.  Intent is to determine exact location, composition, and disposition of friendly forces in preparation for offensive operations.  Upon introduction of US forces in theater, PLA forces will most likely conduct similar operations against US forces.

3.  MPCOA:  Within the next week, PLA forces will most likely begin to conduct harassment operations against Cortinian forces, targeting logistics, convoys, and isolated units of squad size and smaller in an effort to undermine the ability of friendly forces to conduct staging and training operations, and to prevent friendly forces from being fully mission capable.  PLA forces have begun to interdict major road networks in the area, including Cortinian routes 87, 9W, 293, and Mine Torne Road using small unit dismounted tactics.   MDCOA: The enemy’s MDCOA is for the PRA to attack using mounted forces via Bear Mountain Bridge.  The PRA could conduct offensive operations into the Brigade AO within three weeks.  In the 2BCT area this attack will likely be comprised of the 25th Motorized INF Brigade, and possibly elements of the 142nd Airborne Battalion and 144th Airborne Battalion.  Follow-on forces will be led by the 32nd Tank Battalion.  

              4.  General Situation: Atlantican Airborne and Motorized forces east of the international boundary along the Hudson River are currently on alert for offensive deployment in the 2BCT AO.  Soldiers from the Atlantican forces will wear black BDUs. Their headgear will consist of stripped Kevlar.  Atlantican forces will be armed with U.S. weapons captured from Cortinia. These weapons will include the M4, M249, and the M60. Atlantican forces share the same rank structure as U.S. forces.    


Brigade Mission:  TF 2nd BDE / 7th ID (L) defends AO SWORD NLT 011300AUG04 to defeat enemy forces in sector IOT facilitate Cortinian Forces regaining control of the Palisades Region.

Brigade Intent:  


    PURPOSE:  Stabilize Palisades Region and return it to control of Cortinian forces


- Rapid entry in zone of operations

- Clear all PLA forces in sector

- Secure Coalition LOCs (ground and air)

- Identify and destroy PLA main attack in sector

            -  Disrupt PLA command and control and CSS systems through ambushes and raids

    ENDSTATE:  PLA forces ineffective in sector.  Atlantican Forces defeated and forces to withdraw back into Atlantica.      Palisades region stabilized and secure for handover to Cortinian Forces.  BN poised for follow-on operations.  

Adjacent Units:  

             North – 37 CA  

                          T:  Defends AO Black Rock  P:  Prevent enemy from bypassing AO Sword

  South – 22 CA

                          T:  Defends AO Bear            P:  Prevent enemy forces from bypassing AO Sword

              East – 25 CA

                          T:  Defend vic WL820808     P:  Prevent enemy AA down RT293  

  West – 1 BDE CA

                          T:  Establish CP’s in sector   P:  Monitor/control the movement of COBs in sector

LINE 2.  MISSION:  3-27 IN destroys PLA forces in AO WOLFHOUND NLT 011300AUG04 IOT allow Cortinian forces to regain control of the Palisades Region.



              PURPOSE:  Allow Cortinian forces to regain control of the Palisades region.

              KEY TASKS:

                 •Deliberate movement into sector

                 •Block all enemy mounted movement into AO Buckner

                 •Destroy PLA in sector

                 •Exploit raid OBJ for intel for follow on OPs


•Destroy PLA in sector

•3-27 has the freedom of movement in the AO

•Transition AO Wolfhound to Cortinian control

B.  COMMANDER’S GUIDANCE:  Critical Events: prep for combat, movement into sector, PZ operations, identification of main element, repositioning of companies within sector.  


     1.    Tentative Time Schedule


      25 1530 JUL LOGPAC Meeting @ CTCP (CO XOs)

      26 1600 JUL Battle Update Brief (BUB) @ BN TOC (COs and RTOs)

      27 1600 JUL BN OPORD and Confirmation Brief at BN TOC

    27 1700 JUL   AMCM at BN HQ’s (CO & XO’s)

                 28 1000 JUL CO’s Backbriefs at BN TOC

      28 1900 JUL BN Rehearsal at Buckner Theatre

    29 0800-1700 JUL Static Load Training at LZ OWL (A: 0800-1000; B: 1000-1200; C: 1300-1500; D: 1500-1700)

30 1500 JUL AMB @ BN TOC (COs & XOs)

    30 1630 JUL A Co. deploy to AA BULLDOG

31 0745 JUL D Co. establish PZ posture


01 1300 AUG NLT Defend in AO WOLFHOUND

     2.    PIR:  

Where are insurgent forces located that are capable of attacking?

              Where are insurgent supply points/logistics bases located and how are they protected?

              Where are insurgent training bases located and how many people are operating there?

              Where and at what stage of preparation are the Atlantican regulars?



Status of platoon leaders and above

              Report of all IEDs

              Report of all serious injuries

              Report of all accidental discharges

     3.  Rehearsal Guidance:  

All units rehearse the following tasks in addition to assigned mission NLT 29JUL04:  

- Mounted react to contact

- Onload / Offload Aircraft and Truck

- React to contact on Hot LZ

     4.  All companies will conduct hourly radio checks during Pre Combat training.


 A).  Class I:  All soldiers will deploy with 2 MREs and 4 quarts of water.  Ration cycle is M-M-M until main supply routes are secure.  

 B).  Class III:  A Co, 7th FSB will provide bulk fuel suppoprt using host nation hard stand vic AO Buckner/Natural Bridge (WL 773783).  

 C).  Class IV:  Units report the availability of CL IV already present in sector.  BDE ALOC has minimal CL IV on hand until contracting is established.

 D).  Class V:  All soldiers will deploy with 1 x basic load for their assigned weapon.  

 E).  Medical:  MED/3-27(-) contains one BAS (WL782785) and four FLA.  

F).  Chaplains


A).  Command

1. BN TOC is located at WL854781.  Alternate TOC location is at CTCP (WL82107850).

2. Succession of Command:  BN CDR, BN XO, BN S3, Co CDR’s A-D  

B).  Signal

1. One RTNS site has been established on Bull Hill.  

2. All frequencies listed in Annex H.  


VENEY                           WANG

S3                                   CDR





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Good thread, although (as Silver Falcon suggested) it would be nice to have it "filtered and reposted" so's to only have resources and not the TDG solutions.

Anyways, here is a good place to get usmc doctrine publications. Most are available online, but some require a DoD connection to download. A lot of it is sorta "higher level" doctorine, but if you go into the ground combat ops section, there are lots of pubs that can be applied to flashpoint.

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Good thread, although (as Silver Falcon suggested) it would be nice to have it "filtered and reposted" so's to only have resources and not the TDG solutions.

Deleted TDG solutions.


Thanks. smile_o.gif

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British forces:

Warning order is fairly similar to what Hellfish posted.

Two types of orders - formal orders and quick battle orders.

Formal orders typically planned far in advance and passed down. May get round to detailing them later.

Quick Battle Orders. (for a platoon)

Task Org. (what various parts of the platoon are to be doing)

1 sect : task (eg Assault section)

2 sect: task (eg Fire support)

3 Sect: task (eg reserve)

Pl Comd Gp: task

Pl Sgt Gp: task

Ground. (what the important points of terrain are)

Objectives. Obstacles. Forming Up Point. Route to FUP. Position of Fire Support.

(this is a very basic rundown of the ground, formal orders would have much more detail)

Situation: (what the human factors involved are)

Enemy Forces :




Friendly forces :

Outline of the company (1 up the command chain from yourself) plan.

Outline Fire support plan.

mission (what you have to do)

(typically) To sieze/ Destroy ....................... in order to .........

(The 'in order to' part is vital)

Execution (how it is going to happen)

Concept of Operations. (eg Platoon frontal/ left/ right flanking attacks, Fire support, where reserve goes, everything. )

Preliminary Instructions.

Order of Move to FUP

Route to FUP

Action in FUP

Actions on (eg flank attack, enemy seen, whatever)

Location of Line of Departure (usually the edge of the Forming Up Point)

Formation on crossing Line of Departure (ie when the mission starts, what formation to be in)

Order of Move (as sections)


1 Section-Mission...............(eg assault hill 63- NB this giving 1 SECTIONs mission, which may be different to the PLATOON mission mentioned earlier) Additional Tasks ....(eg provide fire support on next objective, hill 40) Limit of Exploitation ....(how far to fight through (past) their objective) . Reorg ... (Where to go and what to do when Reorg is called . )

2 Section- Mission (same headings, different missions etc)

3 Section- Mission (same)

Pl Sgt - (same idea)

51 mm (organic fire support mortar for a platoon - its mission)

Attatchments (eg a Mortar Fire Controller may be attached to the platoon - what their mission, etc is)

Actions on Effective Enemy Fire (signals on when to break into team fire manouvre, pairs fire manouvre, etc. Which team goes first etc. Not usually mentioned - usually left down to section commanders in their orders)

Fire Plan. (runthrough of the fire plan, which would be, say, on starting the mission a 5 minute barrage on the enemy position by 81mm mortars, which would then switch to attacking further enemy positions for 10 minutes. In military language, obviously)

H Hour (when all this stuff will start kicking off, starting.)

Summary (run through everything in plain english if time permitting, psyching up the men.)

Questions. (Anything anyone wants to query/ ask (eg checking grid references)

That is for a platoon quick battle orders, which would be delivered very quickly, not written down as formal orders. Its more of a run through of the main things to ensure the commander is bearing everything in mind rather than a dogmatic 'you will say this then this.' - not everything may be relevant.

Although they would just be given as verbal orders, in OFP it'd be fair enough to write them down as a briefing, depending on the situation, as everyone at an orders group would take notes.

Hopefully that is clear enough. I tried to explain everything that could be confusing with the bracketed comments. Feel free to ask anything.

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That field manual stuff ok great... but usefull for this game?. We need realistic platoon based operations (M1 tank platoon 2 game... sorry just bad example...) for operation flashpoint. Any fast way to control units (IVIS camera or better unit marking system for map?).

There is just too many small group missions without realistic (air/B-52! or arty) support.

look more what i mean:


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Reading what you just wrote gives me a headache. What are you trying to say? That realistic missions are bad?

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Ok i try short question:

We need more platoon missions with support units, possible or just big mess?

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Ok i try short question:

We need more platoon missions with support units, possible or just big mess?

That's very possible, and those missions are out there.  The Chain of Command Mod, as you pointed out, brings a new a more dynamic battlefield with some of its CoC scripts.  Likewise, its UA can add new components and tactics to OFP missions.

We may have strayed off-topic with the various SOPs eariler, but the purpose of this thread is to guide mission-makers in their design process.  Look at this example for instance; and mind you this is not an attack, but an example:

There is just too many small group missions without realistic (air/B-52! or arty) support.?

Now B-52 air support at the squad or platoon level (let alone regimental level) is a bit off..., especially if you intend to have a strategic bomber provide close air support to your unit.  Instead, there are a number of real-world platforms that might better suit the intent your mission.  I'm not a smart man, but I think that critiquing like that is the true purpose of this thread.

Anyway, if your impressed with CoC, commanding multiple units, and UA, try out the PMC Command Campaign

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How to select targets without map? That IVIS camera datalink system, fast way to handling single vechiles possible?

Ok B-52 (still missing) toobig tool for platoon missions (A-10), but just another good example what we need for realistic missions.

There is many historical vietnam missions (Sebnam mod) but still key elements missing, realistic?

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Wow. Let me know if I've answered your question or not.

You're looking for a way to select units by clicking them on the map screen. Correct? And although I don't know what you mean by IVIS (Image Visualization & Infrared Spectroscopy?), you made references to realistic unit map markers/symbols.

Well, both those features are present in the Chain of Command mod. CoC has a feature known as ALT-clicking, which allows you to quickly select units. You can also use ALT-clicking to place waypoints when applicable.

Now to use the CoC mod, you need the USMC Marker Pack. It has a number of map symbols used by all components of the US military.

By the way, you're on the right track with your air-support, but I'm afraid there were no A-10s in Vietnam. The first A-10A squadron was operational in 1977. Why not use a helicopter, such as the AH-1?


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Ok this is difficult question sorry. We need realistic camera and map view panels, no external camera jumping. Here is example picture from M1 tank platoon 2 game. This is IVIS system for all mechanised platoon units (tank, airdefence, antitank, and artillery).

Example picture (fixed link sorry):


Camera panel with controls, screenshot (not IVIS) from operation flashpoint game:


Map and camera IVIS panel interface (keyboard or mouse controlled) possible?

CoC mod: Unit, waypoint control and helmet camera system, good stuff.

What is IVIS? (Inter Vehicular Intercom System).

Just extra camera targetting and simplified formation/map control system.

IVIS would allow a tank crew to find out what other tank crews are seeing, and to tell those other crews what they see.

IVIS is basically an electronic battle map that sits in front of the commander.

Selecting vechile camera screen views and pointing targets for other tank crews, without orginal bigmap messing?.

Best field manuals site, direct IVIS link:


Old operation flashpoint topic:


And that plane stuff, we need those things for all kind missions.

Good time to help groups? :


NoLips71 is also making a B-52 Bomber


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well i try to make my missions realistic that's why i tweak my favorite units with sensitivity, what i can see my group can see. my enemy units usually hd ammo since i base my missions with mercs/terrorist/private military vs sof conducting covert or clandestine missions with only fixed wing cas or none at all.

ive been trying to read those manuals but they seem still too formal to me. i base my missions or get ideas from books and articles.

i'd like to ask whats the typical briefing structure. friendly units in area/ support/ intel. cause i haven't really seen official ones.

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Typical briefing structure is like the Warning Orders that have examples in this thread.

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Guys do you mean the sainte marie hill mission from Coc?

If yes i cant play it, every addon is missing and there are no links...

I think a B-52 is a bit overpowered for ofp. And usually they fly very high. And for the AI its really difficult to pilot such monsters (btw: there was a b-52 beta somewhere) maybe you'll have to script the whole flight...

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I love that game (Close Combat)!!! wow_o.gif One of the most realistic tactical wargames I've ever played. Didn't know that the Marine Corps officially shared my position smile_o.gif.

The main problem, though, is that CC is based on the use of cover and suppressive fire; while in OFP, those things are not available for/against the AI.

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The Whole Russian Army exposed and revealed!

I'm not sure if it's the right thread but I hope some of you might find these informations useful when making some realistic missions. Here you'll find these highly classified documents. But be quick and grab those files before FSB shoots the hole site down ;)

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