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MPmissions keep downloading

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Problem: MPmissions keep downloading

Cause: Either due to different file or timestamps

Is there any chance of the "latest" original offical MPmissions being released in a small fix pack ?

Of course if the server files are outdated they will need updating. The same for the clients.

One "fix" is just to remove the original MPmission files from all the clients so they download and are in sync with 'fav' server.

I am running a CRC32/MD5 comparison over 2 sets of files and will post the differences.

It is confusing alot of new players, and just plan wasting time having to wait for some people to download the original MPmissions.

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These are the 19 MPMissions I am aware of that commonly differ from client to server, and get downloaded by some clients every single time.


FAILED CRC32 1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Abel.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Abel.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-16_Cooperative.Noe.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-16_Cooperative.Noe.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-4_C_ShadowKiller.ABEL.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-4_C_ShadowKiller.ABEL.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-6_C_LostSquad.ABEL.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-6_C_LostSquad.ABEL.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-7_C_OilWar.EDEN.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-7_C_OilWar.EDEN.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-8_C_DesertAmbush.ABEL.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-8_C_DesertAmbush.ABEL.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-8_T_DemolitionSquad.NOE.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-8_T_DemolitionSquad.NOE.pbo

FAILED CRC32 1-9_T_Conquerors.cain.pbo

FAILED MD5 1-9_T_Conquerors.cain.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-10_C_WarCry.Noe.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-10_C_WarCry.Noe.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-11_T_HoldCastle.Noe.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-11_T_HoldCastle.Noe.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-12_T_CaptureTheFlag4.Noe.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-12_T_CaptureTheFlag4.Noe.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-5_Cooperative.Eden.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-5_Cooperative.Eden.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_HoldCity.Cain.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_HoldCity.Cain.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag1.EDEN.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag1.EDEN.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag2.CAIN.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag2.CAIN.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_T_CastleConflict.Noe.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_T_CastleConflict.Noe.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_T_CityConflict.ABEL.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_T_CityConflict.ABEL.pbo

FAILED CRC32 2-8_T_RealPaintball.Intro.pbo

FAILED MD5 2-8_T_RealPaintball.Intro.pbo

FAILED CRC32 3-9_C_ReturnToEden.EDEN.pbo

FAILED MD5 3-9_C_ReturnToEden.EDEN.pbo

38 checksums failed

Which version of the files should we be using on both server and client ?

I know there are "various" ways to patch to 1.96, depending on what you start with, and which patches you choose to run, but I do not think the patches modify the MPmissions.

Can anyone clarify this ?

If a fix pack is not going to be made, just let me know which files should be used (on both client and server), how to identify them (pref by CRC32/MD5) and I will create my own fix pack for this long standing 'problem' then notify the OFPwatch authors so it can be implemented mass scale automatically after we test it on Australian servers for awhile.

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there is a thing called the search button


most of usedont worry about it, I think the avon lady has the info in the FAQ

i think it has to do with patch releases for which OFP ppl run, GOTY, RES you name it, it gets more anoying for those with this problem prior to patching sad_o.gif

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