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VBS1 not user friendly

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Many of you maybe know that VBS1 is heavy encrypted! VBS1 Core is practicliy unbrakeable!

Why did they protected it so hard! Its not like it contains tut "How to build 5Mt Nuke in your garage"! crazy_o.gif

And they said it is Military Simulation made for training soldiers! But they released it in public! I dont say that is

bad, i jut think it is all comercial! Anybody can now use VBS1 to train their own army in their garden behind house!

Dont get me wrong. I would buy it myself if it would be avilabe for buy in Serbia and Montenegro and if i could afford it!

So i thoght when they release it people would start to make addons for it! But because it is soooo heavy encrypted we cannot get any data from .bin files like in OFP-r! And why it is so expencive, its not you like get and M4 whit it!

Just think of what could we make for VBS1 when we could get our hands on VBS1 config files! Maybe we could understand how did they made AI so smarter and how did they made Harrier work soo good? It could help us understand some things and we could maybe improve OFP eaven more! When you look at that water reflection that Keg made! Wooow, i dont care if he had to kill 40 people, or to use wallhack to make that work! You see eaven BIS didnt think of that! I think that Bis is like now "We have them all in our hands while they wait for OFP2". I dont realy know why would they do something like that when they had our thrust!

Again, dont get me wrong. I would buy VBS myself! wink_o.gif

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