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Error when installing 1.96 patch

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When installing OFP patch 1.96, I get this:

Verifying Operation Flashpoint, version 1.91...

File Templates\1-8_D_FlagFight.Abel.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-8_D_FlagFight.Cain.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-8_D_FlagFight.Eden.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-8_D_FlagFight.Intro.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Abel.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Cain.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Eden.pbo is missing.

File Templates\1-10_T_TeamFlagFight.Intro.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Abel.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Cain.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Eden.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-12_T_SectorControl.Intro.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Abel.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Cain.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.EDEN.pbo is missing.

File Templates\2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag.Intro.pbo is missing.

One or more files in game instalation are modified or dammaged.

Reinstall game from original CD disc and try again.

Thing is, I installed it on C:\ too (the above installation atempt was for D:\) and haven't tampered with it apart from patching it up to 1.91 and it gave me the same results.

Why are these files not on my PC?

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Oops, looks like I downloaded the resistance patch, and not the GOTY one.

<- stupid.

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