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VBS1 for the US National Guard

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Virtual Battlefield System 1 (VBS1™) will be deployed by the US National Guard.  VBS1™ will augment the training of the Guard’s Enhanced Separate Brigades (ESBs) in garrison and while deployed overseas giving the National Guard a proven successful, fully interactive, three-dimensional software training application that uniquely addresses the Guard’s  escalating force protection threat.

VBS1™ is a modular, scenario driven, and deployable synthetic training system with photo-realistic terrain, user-definable mission scenarios, inherent military doctrine, client-specific symbology, and variable environmental conditions.  

Built on the BIS game engine, Real Virtuality™, that is found in the award winning Operation Flashpoint™ product line, VBS1 is designed and customizable to meet  military, law enforcement, homeland security, and first responder training  requirements.  Deployed on laptops, desktops or through the Internet, VSB1™  delivers the most cost-effective solution for worldwide interactive training.  

Currently, VBS1â„¢ is fielded to multiple locations within the US Marine Corps and being used by the US Army, US Navy, US Secret Service, and many others.

VBS1â„¢ is a joint venture between Coalescent Technologies and Bohemia Interactive Studio.

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