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(Pretend it's Friday)

Okay, finally the Beagle makes it to beta:


Has pilot and gunner (bombardier) positions. No tail gun as

yet. Main textures in place - detail textures in the cockpits

need some more work. Open the bomb bay to drop the

bombs wink_o.gif

I don't usually release over the top of current addons, but I

thought SeaDemon's excellent Fulcrum needed an opponent,

so here's an F-16C beta:



A2G version - 6 Mavericks, 6 Mk82, 2 AIM9


WW version - 2 HARM, 6 Mk20, 2 AIM7, 2AIM9 - Italian roundel


AA version - 4 AIM9, 2AIM7 - Danish roundels


Cockpit - moving pitch ladder - I'll put 'something' in the MFD's

in final (possibly RWR display and moving map).

Currently has:

Auto flares and RWR launch tone

Auto canopy (with engine on and off)

Semi-auto drop tanks (pilot can drop them, but they'll also

come off automatically at 60% fuel)

Roundel capable

Still to do:


Animated nozzle

External decals and numbering

More skins - any favourites out there?

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Do you plan to update your MIGs and Su-27?

Can you make Su-22 and Su-24?

Best wishes, Peter.

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Hmmmmm ..... LECKER!  tounge_o.gif

I like the color of the canopy! Cool plane!

"Runway 4 clear and ready for take-off!" biggrin_o.gif


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nice beagle and f-16 m8 nice too see you back wink_o.gif

You think it is possible to add a 2nd machinegunner in the beagle rock.gif

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brilliant, this is the finest f16 model for ofp i´ve seen so far smile_o.gif

looking forward for the final version!

some feedback:

*you can run through the most parts of the model (but you sure know by yourself)

*the f16 only has one front wheel

*maybe some LOD- glitches? i put 2 f16 in the editor, the other one flew about 50m infront of me and (it looked like) the last LOD would have been displayed.

*maybe add a turkish and dutch roundel

keep it up footmunch, your aircrafts kick ass!

hm, is there any chance that we will see a f16b (doubleseater) with pure A2G loadouts? wink_o.gif

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Hey, could you change the AIM-7's to AMRAAM's?   The F-16C model rarely uses the Sparrow unless it AMRAAM's are in short supply or the F-16C is owned by a country who isn't allowed the purchase of AMRAAM's.

I'd REALLY like to see the an AMRAAM loadout on you're F-16C addon, that's my only thing really that is really annoying about this F-16C addon right now. Other than that, until I get the time to full test it, it looks great.... (Better than Vit's F-16's.)

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Just flew around in both for a while - very nice aircraft. The only bugs I found have already been mentioned, LODs on both, and the IL-28 I think has 23mm cannons and the F-16 has a 20mm Vulcan. Both have 30mm guns right now.

Otherwise, I'm very fond of them and eagerly await the final versions. smile_o.gif

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Oh, is there a way we can get an F-16 is a more neutral color scheme? Right now it looks kind of weird to fly in one with Dutch roundels and a California Air Guard decal on the tail. crazy_o.gif Maybe we can see one that is exactly like the version now, but with no tail markings? Or just some generic lettering/numbering?

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Havoc -

For the 'running through' - the GEO lod is accurate, but it's

just at the wrong height where the clipping happens with

the soldier model. I'll adjust it slightly and try to stop it


I put Sparrows on cos that's what I had to hand (from the

F-4). I'll put AIM-120's on the final version.

The LOD thing is just the game switching down to the lower

lods for speed reasons. You can either turn up the detail

settings (especially the 'auto-drop-down' in the configurator),

or have some lag. I'll add some more lod levels to try and

counteract this, but it does seem to have become more of

a problem with the 1.9+ patches...

Front wheel - D'oh, my bad.

There are Turkish, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Italian, Israeli,

Spanish, etc. roundels in the roundel pack at:


Download rktroundels.pbo and to apply them, put

this setobjecttexture[0, "\rktroundels\r_denmark"]

in the init line of the plane in the editor. The full list of roundel

names is at the homepage as well.

Extraction -

If the Beagle gets a rear gunner, it will be automatically

controlled only, I'm afraid. There are ways of adding turrets

to planes, but they aren't really very effective, IMO.

Hellfish -

Yeah, the tail _will_ be more 'neutral' in final. Hopefully, I

can add some more 'roundel' type coding that can switch it

in and out, but the default will be a blank.

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No problem, thx for the news update.  An F-15 or an F-16C just isn't a kick ass Air superiority Fighter without the AMRAAM.     biggrin_o.gif

My priorities:

1st:   Stick shoving, G loving combat pilot

2nd:  Modern Naval Warfare

3rd:  OFP

4th:  CounterStrike

See if you can get permission to use the CBU-87 system used on the F/A-18C pack.

Here are some labels that would probably be best to describe your F-16 loadouts.

"A2G" should have "F-16C Interdiction"

"WW" should have "F-16C SEAD"

"AA" should have "F-16C MIGCAP"

Don't forget, Dumb bombs are quite powerful if used accurately.  Make sure if your bombs hit 5 meters from a main battle tank like a T80 or an M1, it gets destroyed fast and immediately.

Mk82's, powerful but very dependent on accuracy when attacking armor.  Less strength than a Mk83, but powerful enough to destroy two tanks within 2 to 3 meters from bomb impact.

Mk83's can destroy an entire tank platoon if they are in close formation.  Get the Mk83 within 10 meter radius of center location of the tanks, kiss 4 of them goodbye immediately.

The Mk84, it's a damn tree cutter.  Anything within 50 meters of it's impact is turned into ash.  Heavy damage to vehicles at a max range of 100 meters from impact.  Explosion Shockwave can reach to about 150 to 160 meters, like on CoC UA when a 155mm shell hits in front of you and you get blown back but you don't die.

See if you can make the ECM function where you can disable ECM either for all F-16C's used in a mission or just a certain number of chosen F-16C's.  This would be a good idea, especially in MP DM Dogfighting.

A last request, if no one else will do it...  I was wondering if you Footmunch would build a realistic F-15E addon for OFP to replace the old F-15E by Deadsoldier and NAA US Marine.

Vit's F-15 just isn't accurate or realistic enough and doesn't look right.  If you could build the F-15E, it would definately get my stamp of approval and help complete the needed aircraft for OFP.

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Great to have you back in action Footmunch! The Beagle and F-16 is top notch!

Have you done any more work on your NH-90?



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Footmunch very nice work, this plane rocks biggrin_o.gif



BTW i tested it out on the Nimitz carrier and its wheel wre having problems there the gear kept going up and the therefore i couldnt take off with th plane without destroying it crazy_o.gif

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Wow Ace, those screenies don't even look like OFP. Very nice! smile_o.gif

Oh and thanks to Footmunch for a wonderful F16. Now make an F14/F15 of the same quality! biggrin_o.gif

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Every aircraft to be used for on top of carriers in OFP MUST have the landing gear controlled by a condition in the addon that raises gear for the player and/or AI ONLY when the aircraft goes faster than 250 km/h and higher than 30 meters.  If either doesn't happen, it won't raise the gear.

This issue was brought up when I made my CAT launch script by Pennywise.

This is the only way to solve the gear issue on aircraft addons in OFP deployed on carrier addons.

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Excellent F-16, deffinitely something needed! Comments from the peanut gallery:

-The AG and WW loadouts seem a bit too much, Im not sure but can the F-16 carry that big of a payload? I think the F-16 has the smallest payload out of all the current US fighters and your beta has more weapons than the other OFP planes. Maybe cut it down to 2 mavericks on the AG version, and two mk20s on the WW.

-not sure if its possible in OFP, but the airbrakes for the F-16 should be on the tail not the wings.

-maybe add some targeting pods or ecm pods on some of them?

Anyways glad to see your back in OFP!!!!!!

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Wow Ace, those screenies don't even look like OFP. Very nice! smile_o.gif

Oh and thanks to Footmunch for a wonderful F16. Now make an F14/F15 of the same quality! biggrin_o.gif

Hehe thanks munger biggrin_o.gif

Here are a few more for those of you who dont bother viewing th combat photography thread wink_o.gif




Footmunch dude do something about the wheel problem on the carrier its such a nice plane but cant takeoff from it sad_o.gif

Btw guys play it with ECP it adds flares to planes ... footmunch you didnt add any warning system/flare in it or did you?

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More skins - any favourites out there?

Would love to see a New Jersey Air National Guard if you could. Have a lot of good friends in that unit (177th FW) and can probably get some good pics for you if you want.


Unit's website


Nice shot of the tail art

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I don't think he's going to do every Airforce and National Guard squadron people ask for.   If it's unbinarized like most of his addons, I recommend that you check it out to see how he his textures and then modify them to make your now National Guard squadron by overlaying the real life pics over Footmunch's after a bit of editing and resizing in photoshop so that the pics (of the side and top) match the size and position of the original textures.  I did this with one of his Mig 21's and it came out rather well.  

As for the complaints about the aircraft carrier, first of all, the F-16 is NOT USED ON AIRCRAFT CARRIERS.   Second of all the easy way around that problem is to make an empty F16 and name it "plane1" and give it the appropriate setpos script.  

Then put a pilot on the deck naming him something like "p1" and again give him the appropriate setpos script so that he's on the deck and not in the water.  

Then you make a trigger with the time settings set to 2 and that in the activation box says:

p1 moveindriver plane1;

This way the plane will start on the deck with the gear up.  When the pilot gets in usually the gear stays up and he takes off.... well usually.  

But again it's silly cuz the F16 is not a Naval aircraft except when it has been used in the Top Gun school as an aggressor aircraft.  


One again YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!

Your Beagle will see plenty of action!!!!!

When I have time I'll give both aircraft a really good workout and then get back to you on any bugs or any other issues.

Edit: I just gave them a quick combat test... one thing that I noticed is that the handling could be improved on both aircraft a bit as the AI F16 pilots sometimes crash when taking off at Nogova airport (smack the hill on right side as they take off and turn to the right). Also the Beagle doesn't turn too well. I know it's a bigger aircraft but I imagine that it was still is somewhat maneuverable as it was an attack aircraft. At any rate the Beagle will make a great aircraft for the Tonal Airforce! smile_o.gif

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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Miles - They'll want an arrestor hook on it next biggrin_o.gif

Seriously, I'll look into the Carrier problems: if it's easily

soluble (like Havoc suggests), then I can fix it for final. Which

carrier in particular are people using?

FHP - I've been thinking about maybe having the red stripe

on the tail as default, and then having some scripting that

allows the user to set the 'name' that goes over the top. We

should be able to set up a list of ANG units and let you select

the correct text.

Thundermaker - In Falcon 4.0 (which I believe is correct)

these loadouts are allowed, but are at the 'heavy' end of

the scale. I think maybe it's a little over the top, and may get

adjusted down a little. The AN/AAQ pods are on the drawing


Ace - Thanks for the pics. Very nice work.

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Here are some really helpful suggestions for making your F-16C addon realistic and better overall:

Can you fix the LOD issue with your F-16C Footmunch?  I turned up my detail level to 9 on my OFP and still it would not show the weapon hardpoints or the weapons on the F-16C until I zoomed in on the aircraft.

Also, this F-16C needs about 10 to 15% tighter turning than what it is now.  (F-16C can easily do +9 G's easily)  I can dig up manuverability data of the F-16 if you want me to prove my case.

Finally, there are some blind spots in the 1st person cockpit view where the range of movement is prohibited where a pilot should be able to see.  (Back side corners, and up top above the pilot.)

The Mk20 Rockeyes look great being modelled, but I think you're going to have to create more powerful cluster bombs and create a script to spread them out evenly and randomly in a circle.  Mk20 Rockeye Cluster Bombs are the most powerful anti-armor cluster bombs made by the US, thus they should make short work of a T-80U platoon.  The Cluster bombs used by the CBU-87 in the F/A-18C are the perfect example of how they should work. (Not trying to over criticize this F-16C addon though.)

Good effort on this F-16C addon, there's always going to be issue with beta releases and hopefully you will impliment these need suggestions.  Good luck on getting it updated and take your time.  Make sure quality, functionability, accuracy, and realism is done well for this addon.

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Havoc -

The LOD issue is fixed already with the version on my hard

drive at home - so are the 'walking into the plane' geo LOD

problems, and the neutral tail and front wheel. Given the

problems posted here, I'll probably do a second beta early

next week for acceptance. Did you try adjusting the drop

down in the preferences program - IIRC it's under advanced

and LOD detail settings.

I'll be adjusting the flight model up a little bit - as you say

it needs a little more performance. The Burner should help

if you run out of energy.

Pilot view limits will be changed if I can get it working. If I

put in the straight up view, I'll add the canopy lines to the

internal glass as well.

The Mk-20 is a _little_ bit underpowered at the moment. I'll

either add more bomblets, or up the destructive power of

each piece. I agree that the RAD CBU is a _very_ nice

weapon, but I'm not sure that the 'circular' pattern is valid.

My Rockeye will produce a distribution depending on the

launch speed, so a high speed pass will create a longer and

thinner oval pattern of bomblets, and so on. If the bombing

'axis' is along the 'convoy axis' you'll acheive much better


Is your fighter campaign still going? Any news?

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