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Invasion 44 mod mission by me

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This should be in the mods section really thinking about it

but at least it'll be seen in two places instead of one...

THIS! Is my introduction for my upcoming invasion 1944( demo only sorry) Sp mission

it's, actually, very small but i wanna know is it good?

or is it poo enough to stop doing it now, right now

any suggestions post it here, i'll be checking it alot

You need the invasion 1944 demo ( check www.invasion44.com if you don't have it)

and you need resistance 1.75

(check your local brain surgeon if you don't have that)

to play

nothing else... except this:

http://www.geocities.com/tibbysmissions/counterattack.i44_abel.zip of course!!!

it is a sp mission so extract it to there, if you are newb check the readme for instructions on where to place it

have fun and enjoy!!!

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