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Radio idea

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Alright, here's my idea

Anyone played Tribes 2?

when you press esc you're taken to a lobby, with options and the lot...

Imagine, that in ofp2, to have a "un-gaming chat" you press, i dunno, f11 and a new screen comes up

in this you have a "everyone" box (from) and a "team" box (from)

you have 2 smaller boxes underneath these where you chat

with me so far?

well,  that;s the "un-gaming" chat

the "ingame" chat (eg. being shot at, you need to yell summat quickly)

needs a mike

if you're on Shout channel anything you say thru ur mike is shouted out into the game, like a gunshot

if your on talk, it's only heard by people around you but those dang VC can still hear you saying summat from 10 metres away...

if your on radio, your message is heard by everyone

maybe include other channels like squad, platoon or "airfield"

you could make it that you could make channels via the screen on "un-gaming chat"

making new channels requires you to select who can talk to you and vice-versa

also, as well as having your name you have a "role"

so if your role is " bomber pilot" and you are "scout", you could make a channel for you and your squad to talk to him, who could tell the other pilots the co-ordinates to napalm....

get me?

you like me idea?

of course only one person could talk on a channel at once

and admins could delete channels if too many are on...

i like my idea because if you decide to yell "go right and flank them!!!" on the shout channel, the VC could hear you and chuck stuff that way... or chuck stuff at where they heard the voice...

i know no american's can speak vc and vice-versa but they could hear a "voice" and shoot the "voice"

please tell me what you think about this...




Maybe make it so only your "radio" soldier could use the radio idea, and only he could yell for back up

maybe you could make it, so that if you press the "transmiton" key, and there's gunfire on behind you, then the other guy can hear it?

or will that make it lag alot?

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