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(rubble_maker:) bis pleasefix the getdammage bug!

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My scripter (who somehow cant use this forum himself), has this important message to say:

------------------------- Email from Rubble_maker ----------

Could you [bIS] please fix the "getdammage" multiplayer bug? This is a SERIOUS one because many nice addons out there have scripts that display certain effects whenthe vehicle

is damaged (warning messages, sounds, smoke, fire, blood, etc). However all this doesn't work reliable in MP because of this damn bug! "getdammage" works okay as

long as the unit is not owned by a client. Once it is local to some client, it no longer

works (it then returns the damage value that the vehicle had at mission start).

I guess this has to do with some optimization to reduce packet size, because you surely don't send the damage values across the network all the time to keep each client

up-to-date. But AT LEAST ON THE SERVER this command should work!!! Its totally idiotic that even the server-side scripts cannot detect damage!! This means that the effect is

effectively useless in multiplayer (unless in some special cases where the unit is never local to

a client). And the "damage" command is no better; just another name for the same bugs ;) And the "Hit" and "Dammaged" eventhandlers are buggy and useless as well so please do something to fix this.

Here's my test scenario: One M2A2 with the player as commander, another player standing nearby, and acting as the server. A script runs in the background

on BOTH machines (executed by init.sqs) displaying the getdammage result. When firing at the Bradley with a machinegune, nothing changes. I can cause it to explode without the damage value changing at all! Both on the server and client side, the scripts returns "0" all the time. However, when the M2A2 commander gets out and starts firing at the vehicle himself, the value starts changing (probably coz then its no longer local to a client).

- Rubble_maker -

(Posted by BRSSEB)

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bressb I saw that some days ago in OFPEC just a copy and past smile_o.gif

Quote[/b] ]Hi all,

Duke Dax from the "Clan of Dukes" recently spoke to Ondrej Spanel of BIS fame, about the Deletevehicle command.

Below is the excerpt in which Ondrej asks for help from all of us.

Duke Dax:

"All theese maps are using the "deletevehicle" and "createvehicle" -commands very often. In connection with "deletevehicle" i guess there could be a problem, if the server deletes a vehicle, and because of lag the client did not recognized it correct, and the client tries to use a command (maybe an internal command) on this vehicle."

Ondrej's reply:

"Deletevehicle could certainly cause a crash together with the drop command, as you already mentioned. There may be another similiar crash situation, but it is really hard to guess where and when. However there is one very simple thing you could to help me finding the reason of the problem:

What would help me very much is that each player who encounters any crash could send his context.bin and Flashpoint.rpt both to support@bistudio.com. We already fixed a lot of crashes based on reports like this during OFP developement and support. If you can send me those files right after the crash, it is the best, but if not, even older files can be helpfull.

If we will receive any crash reports within a few days, it is very likely we will still be able to include the fix in the upcoming patch (which, as you are probably guessing, is very likely to be the last OFP patch before OFP 2 release, or at least for very long time).

Thank you for your cooperation


So if any of you can help Ondrej and the BIS team prior to the release of patch 1.92, then please don't hesitate to take action.

hurry up m8 I hope they solve thats problem in 1.92 and thx for info about that bug.

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