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Sanaj 1337

Arma 3 can't find SQF file when creating a mod

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I'm trying to make a simple SQF mod, but arma can't find init.sqf for some reason after packing PBO. I tried everything and it still doesn't work. I don't know, maybe i doing something wrong, but i've been followed guide about creating simple mod and it still not working

The mod root folder has:



class CfgPatches
class M1337OPS_craters
	units[] = {};
	weapons[] = {};
	requiredVersion = 1.0;
	requiredAddons[] = {"Extended_EventHandlers"};


class Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers
 TAG_myAddon_Post_Init = "M1337OPS_craters_Post_Init_Var = [] execVM ""\M1337OPS_craters\init.sqf""";


systemChat str ["Hello world!"]


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init.sqf is an event script made for mission. So, place it at the root of the mission folder, wher the mission.sqm is.

There is an initialization order and probably, you can't see the systemChat occurring too soon at start. init.sqf is scheduled, so you can start by a :

waitUntil {!isNull player};

before your test.


A mod doesn't need an init.sqf in its files.

If you want to start a code:

- you can preInit or postInit a function (so the sqf) for an automatic launch;

- you can also run your function from init.sqf (or initPlayerLocal.sqf) if your mod doesn't need to run automatically, but according to your scenario.

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