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Bad AI

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I mean, they take cover in every single bush
They take ages to actually do what i want if they do at all
Many oficial and non-official maps have really bad pathfinding
I'm doing something wrong here?

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Welcome to BI Forums!


When your able you should review my AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

it will help you get a better idea of what the ai are doing and are capable of.


Path-finding depends on where they are going whats in the way, buildings, bridges, hills, ai need space but they can manage if they are directed right,

so theres various factors involved.  Here i would recommend to use an ai enhancement mod for commanding AI, can be found on my other

compilation list here: All Arma 3 Steam Workshop AI Mods Compilation List

    Look under AI Command Category one of many i recommend is C2 - Command & Control

2 hours ago, Zootaxy said:

I'm doing something wrong here?

It could be a matter of how your directing them and what mode their in, for instance if they are formation with you,

they are essentially free, their not bound and their mode (behavior) is at default which is aware. From here they should respond to most

open commands, once you direct them to a point they go to then they become bound to a position or action to a degree.


     What i've found is when you tell them to 1,1 return to formation they are responsive, as for taking cover at every bush or position you might have them

in a mode where they are doing that, setting them to careless will make them not do that because there is no danger to them.

    I have a video tutorial dedicated to the subject of commanding AI maybe it will help?

Overall more details on your experience of the ai would help get a better idea of what your dealing with, ya i agree that

ai sometimes have trouble finding their way around, it can be frustrating but there are ways to do it.

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