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A question about destructible and non-destructible prop items?

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This my be a silly question. 

Prop items can either be destructible or non-destructible. Some of the destructible items do not have destructible animations for example. If an item is destructible with no animations when the item is destroyed the yellow icon for the item is greyed out when viewing from Zeus. I know to add animations that will take some bit of code scripting.


If an item is non-destructible is there a simple code to put in to allow damage true. I attempted allowed damage true ect... 


Thanks for the clarification in advance Avibird 

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You are definitely getting your degree as "Explosives Specialist"! 😁

I know that, since a year ago, Quiksilver has dealt with a lot of such stuff while upgrading and adding that kind of effects into his "Invade & Annex" framework, especially because he figured it out and created a system in which destroyed vehicles become wrecks, and such wrecks receive some special fire and/or smoke, and thus they can be towed back to base to be restored.

I don't have the slightest idea about how he made it, but in case you wanna try and ask directly to him, he's still active on his Discord - not THAT much active, but he usually answers within a few days.
He also has a specific topic for the framework here in forums, but I don't think he visits this place anymore.


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What I did for my BLAST & FIRE module, FIRE & EXPLOSION part:


- I created an array of p3d objects (models) to explode, selecting those which I wanted to be destroyed despite any coded destruction by engine, example : "fuelcan.p3d" or "fuelstation_01_workshop_f.p3d"

- for fire, I had to apply "hit" or "hitpart" event handler because I managed possible damage in regard of caliber (not mandatory here), then apply fire and smoke (with a duration along with model)

  at the end of the fire, models which can be destroyed are destroyed (damaged by fire or setDamage) , the other ones are hidden (hideObjectGlobal remote executed on server).

- for explosion, I created an 'helicopterExploSmall' or 'helicopterExploBig'  explosion, then hide object.


In other words, you need to prepare what effect you want for each model you want to interact on,  for each mod and DLC if needed (I made it compatible for that).

then add explosion or fire, then hide each object you can't destroy (no wreck model).

getModelInfo is more reliable than typeOf  if I remember, the reason why I worked with model rather than type.


small example:



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