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How many respawn tickets should I give? Thoughts and feedback appreciated

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I am building several coop missions, some big and some small - and one of the things I am struggling most with is deciding how many respawn tickets player should get.


In the biggest mission I have made so far, I allow for unlimited respawns until all objectives are complete and exfil is assigned. Respawns then get disabled, and the mission fails if all players are killed before exfiltrating. 


For that particular mission, I thought this is a good way to ensure players stay in the game until the end, but I also fear that players might act sloppy since they can just respawn whenever they like.


As a player, what do you prefer? Hardcore one life only, unlimited respawns or a set ticket limit?


Any thoughts and feedback is appreciated; it helps me build more enjoyable MP missions 🙂




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Hi, to give you an idea i play with a coop group on sundays that i been with since 2015, and we use respawn tickets for when we play our missions.

    From what we've played over the years i think the number depends on how difficult the mission is, how often or how likely

is one to get killed. In our missions most are massive but it takes a coordinated effort to beat them, so we have up to 75-100 tickets, and that usually

with a range of 4-10 players, average is like 4-6.


   Another aspect to this is for players in general thats going to depend on who's playing, because if there is no coordination,

and an open ended type mission where any player can go off on their own and do stuff then it wont work, if the mission/s requires

players to coordinate their efforts then i think less is more.


Personally in a mission i built for coop, though it has respawn now,  you can play it singleplayer but through mp lan.

    What i did initially when i built the mission was give the player 6 lives, i set it up with teamswitch where when you died, you just switched to the next

unit that was back at base when you used them all up it was mission over.  

     Ya that made it more difficult but it also made you pay attention, and not be careless,  regardless the mission was designed with a more

intermediate/veteran player in mind anyways.


Since i changed that to respawn which makes it easier, only thing is they need to retravel back to the AO, so implemented a code where

they can self revive themselves as long as they have faks in their inventory. 

        So im just saying if the missions you built or are building aren't impossible, or very hard, and a player

cant expect to get killed constantly from enemy and not from their own retardedness then set the tickets to a limited number so it makes them think about

wasting their lives on stupid moves, tactics ect,.


   All if it depends on the size and openness of the mission, number of enemies, what the players have access too vs what the enemies have, and overall what

the tasks are.  Theres a balance there, if you played your own missions then i would go off of the tickets that you feel is appropriate with that, ya everyone is going to

have their preference but thing is if you make it to easy then its no fun.

       Make it to hard, then its definitely no fun, but if it has its challenge then the ticket number should reflect that

 if you designed it for new players well then more the merrier, intermediate players then a moderate amount, maybe less.


Veterans give them less but dont be dumb about it, for units, squads ect,. then less is good but just a few more because consider how many might be playing.

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Hi this is my two cents on this concept. I don't like to play with respawns for playable units. I agree when you play with respawns in a co-op mission players will become sloppy for sure.  My solution. I have modified 




I call this modification last Man standing. All playable units will never die only go unconscious and the mission will end if all playable units are unconscious at the same time. Team switch is enabled.  This ensures that players will try to keep alive all playable units due to unique layouts of each unit.  This makes all playable units necessary to complete mission. This is not recommended for open missions join in progress co-op missions because of team switch. You can always disable team switch if you like but I usually play solo or only with a few friends. I am not into the whole open join in games. Avibird 

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Rather interesting question 🧐
For my part, I choose to offer infinite respawn in my co-op. These are often missions where the AI is deactivated in MP, and the only units present are players. Adding respawn points in the middle of a mission is an asset that makes the whole thing more dynamic, without giving the impression of doing the same thing over and over again, even in SP.

On the other hand, I also played for a few months with a milsim team, and of course there was no respawn. The principle was always to reanimate your teammates, and if all units were dead, then the mission failed.

These two approaches need to be defined according to the audience you're targeting for your mission, I think. The trick is to define it well and communicate it to players, so that those who are looking for infinite respawns can find some, but that those who prefer the “no respawn” approach can also find what they're looking for!

I suppose that in the ultimate, it should be possible to offer the choice to players at the start of the mission, but this requires specific scripts and certainly a lot of work behind the scenes.

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