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Yuuno -fr

You have to wake up !!!!!

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Good morning,
I'm starting this new season and I've noticed a lot of bugs in the game which are more than worrying,
* Crash in a running game regularly (around 3 times a day)
*The empty expedition card must be closed and restarted to start an expedition. (already happened 4 times in 2 days)


But my biggest disappointment comes from the seasonal rewards being so repetitive and unappreciated.
Having the weapon of the season in gold is a good thing, I'm 100% happy with it.
But such an ugly helmet? an eyepatch which is already in 2 copies in the battle pass? For what ?
Where is the golden outfit that MANY have been waiting for?


I'm going to highlight 5 outfits that you might like and that players would look forward to having in a gold version.

If you have any doubts about what I'm saying, here's what I suggest, start voting on the next Seasonal Challenge Rewards outfit to have with 5 choices! and it is the community that will choose in a vote!





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