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How to continuously search for a position until parameters are met

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Im trying to brainstorm a spawn script but I’m running into some issues when it comes to locating a spawn position.  I’m trying to accomplish two things: 1) find a “safe” spawn position (ie don’t spawn tanks on top of a building) via BIS_fnc_findSafePos and 2) make sure the player does not see the spawn positions via checkvisibility.


However, I don’t know how to structure the script so it will continue to search for a spawn position if it cant find one on the initial search.


This is what I’m thinking:


_Go = [];


While {true} do {


                _Go = True


                While {_Go} do {


                _SpawnPosition = [Arguments] call BIS_fnc_FindSafePos;


                _EyeCheck = [objNull, "VIEW"] checkvisibility [eyePos Player, _SpawnPosition]


                if ( _Eyecheck > 0.75 ) then {_Go = False};


                sleep 0.25






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